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Knowledge for Cartilage Rhinoplasty

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10 people who have rhinoplasty using cartilage don’t achieve the same desired results. So the question is how to get a satisfactory nose shape with this technique? Please read along to know more about the knowledge for cartilage rhinoplasty from a specialist in the article below. This will definitely give you more useful information.

Knowledge for Cartilage Rhinoplasty
Knowledge for Cartilage Rhinoplasty

Frequently used cartilage for cartilage rhinoplasty

Cartilage rhinoplasty is a modern and safe rhinoplasty technique that uses a combination of two types of cartilage to correct the shape of the nose: artificial cartilage and autologous cartilage.
  • Artificial Cartilage: Used to enhance the projection of the dorsum of the nose. The two best artificial cartilages today are Surgiform cartilage and Nanoform cartilage because these two materials are easy to shape and have extremely high compatibility with the human body.
  • Autologous Cartilage: Autologous cartilage is taken from the person’s own body and is used to cover, protect and correct the tip of the nose. The most commonly used autologous cartilages are auricular cartilage (most common), costal cartilage, and septal cartilage.
    Knowledge for Cartilage Rhinoplasty That You Should Know About
    Knowledge for Cartilage Rhinoplasty That You Should Know About

Suitable candidates for cartilage rhinoplasty

According to experts in knowledge for cartilage rhinoplasty, people who are over 18 years old regardless of their age are suitable for this technique. However, the people who are most suitable are those with:
  • A nose that is relatively beautiful, slim, without too many defects.
  • A nose that has a thin nose tip that is not suitable for rhinoplasty surgery.
  • A nose that has a slightly rough tip.
  • A nose that has undergone failed rhinoplasty, making the nose red, exposed, or receding.

To know whether is your nose suitable for cartilage rhinoplasty or not, you should head directly to a reputable facility with a great rhinoplasty surgeon.

Is cartilage rhinoplasty good?

Theoretically, the technique of rhinoplasty with autologous cartilage to cover the nose tip only impacts the skin tissue area gently to place the cartilage without causing damage or affecting the nasal function system. Therefore, the risk of having rhinoplasty surgery is almost non-existent.

Each operation will be performed quickly and accurately by the doctor, which will help limit the invasion and allow the patient to recover quickly with the desired beauty results.
When the safety factors of rhinoplasty are ensured, the aesthetics of the nose is what helps customers be more confident and less self-conscious about defects of the nose.

Is cartilage rhinoplasty painful?

Before performing cartilage rhinoplasty surgery, the doctor will anesthetize the areas to be operated on. This will help prevent pain and discomfort for the client during the rhinoplasty procedure.
After the surgery is completed and the anesthetic has worn off, you will feel mild pain but still within tolerance. Your doctor will prescribe painkillers to help you feel more comfortable. This condition will go away after 2-3 days so you don’t need to worry too much.

Painless cartilage rhinoplasty procedure at Gangwhoo

How to choose a reputable facility for cartilage rhinoplasty

The knowledge for cartilage rhinoplasty that we need to know about is how to choose a reputable address among many established cosmetic centers.

A reputable and worthy rhinoplasty address for us to choose from must satisfy the following factors:

Has operating licenses

This is the first basis when assessing the quality and reputation of a beauty facility. You must definitely choose a rhinoplasty center licensed by the Ministry of Health.
Do not put your trust in spas or poor-quality cosmetic establishments that operate without licenses because most failed rhinoplasty cases originate from these places.

Has a good team of surgeons

80% of the success of a case of cartilage rhinoplasty or any other method of rhinoplasty depends on the expertise and skill of the doctor performing it. This clearly shows the importance of a good rhinoplasty surgeon to the results.
Therefore, you must go to an address with a team of good, highly-skilled, and experienced rhinoplasty surgeons who have successfully performed many rhinoplasty cases. Only then can you safely entrust your nose to that address without having to worry about any problems.

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Dr. Phung Manh Cuong at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital explains the knowledge for cartilage rhinoplasty

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Trustworthy results

“A picture speaks a thousand words”. You should only choose a facility with real images of their customers after having rhinoplasty. Do not choose a facility with little to no data or use photos on the internet to deceive their clients.

Images of customers before and after having rhinoplasty Gangwhoo

nang mui boc sun la gi bvtm gangwhoo 1

nang mui boc sun

nang mui boc sun bvtm gangwhoo 6

nang mui boc sun 1 1

nang mui han quoc boc sun

nang mui han quoc 1

nang mui nam

nang mui 2

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nang mui boc can 2

nang mui nam gioi min

nang mui min

Advanced equipment and infrastructure

Although rhinoplasty is not a complicated rhinoplasty technology, it requires the necessary equipment and is performed in a sterile environment. These conditions can only be met by reputable beauty establishments.

Spas and beauty salons, operating without any license, will neglect the steps that keep the clients safe to reduce the cost. That is why the rate of damaged noses due to having rhinoplasty at the spa is extremely alarming.

benh vien tham my gangwhoo 5
Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital with its modern and advanced infrastructure

Dedicated aftercare

Unscrupulous beauty establishments will often omit the stage of post-surgery customer care to save costs. However, postoperative care is extremely important because customers need to be visited regularly to monitor their recovery, as well as promptly handle any problems.

Therefore, the knowledge for cartilage rhinoplasty is checking to see if the facility has a team of customer service after the surgery or not.

Has warranty policy

A reputable, branded rhinoplasty address is capable of providing a warranty for its customers. Therefore, when choosing a rhinoplasty facility, you need to find out if this address has a warranty for the rhinoplasty services provided.

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Knowledge for cartilage rhinoplasty – Postoperative care

One of the knowledge for cartilage rhinoplasty that you need to keep in mind is post-surgery care. Here is the post-surgery care knowledge that you need to know:
  • Keep the nasal area clean: regularly change the dressing and clean the wound with saline.
  • Carefully protect the nose: Do not touch the nose, avoid bumping the nose into anything.
  • Moderate exercise: Exercise lightly, do not carry heavy objects, do not do intense sports.
  • Have a reasonable diet: Do not eat hard foods or foods that cause allergies, keloids. Have foods that are rich in protein, vitamins, and drink plenty of water.
  • Take medicine as prescribed: Absolutely do not use other drugs than prescribed without consulting your doctor.
  • Sleeping position: Do not lie on your side, instead, sleep on your back. In addition, when sleeping, do not put your hands on your forehead, do not cover your face with blankets or pillows.

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Final words

The article has just shared with you the knowledge for cartilage rhinoplasty that specialists recommend us to keep in mind. Hopefully, with these experiences, you will have a beautiful and safe nose shape!
If you still have any questions that need to be answered. Please contact Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital by leaving a comment below this article, or by calling Hotline: 0901666879, or by reaching out to our Facebook page.
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