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Keloid scars treatment after labor

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Many women are ashamed of their keloid scars after cesarean section. This is why finding out a keloid scars treatment after labor is the desire of all mothers, especially a method that will not affect their health in the long term. Let’s find out about this topic in the article below!

What is keloid scars treatment after labor?

In some cases, the baby can bo be delivered naturally, making the C-section the most optional method.

However, this will leave a long scar on the lower abdomen. This is probably the biggest keloid scar that any person could have had.

Although the incision will heal in around 1 month, the keloid scar it left behind will make the ladies lose their confidence dressing attractively during the hot summer days.

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Although it is rather easy to soften the keloid scar, we must understand the ways it can become more severe.

Trị Sẹo Lồi Sau Sinh Mổ
Keloid scars treatment after labor

The reasons behind the keloid scar after C-section

The causes of keloid scar after labor can be varied. It can either be due to the overgeneration of Collagen, leading to the protruding fibrous tissue. In addition, keloid scar after labor can also be caused by the following reasons:

  • Foreign matters at the wound: During the healing process, you should avoid having water, animal hair, dirt, etc. sticking on the wound after the surgery.
  • Infection during aftercare: As bacteria invade the open wound, it will create the condition for the fibrous tissue to protrude. The wound will be slightly higher, darker, and harder than the surrounding skin region.
  • Có dị vật ở trong vết thương: Trong quá trình làm lành vết thương bạn nên tránh những yếu tố lông động vật, nước, bụi bẩn,… bám dính vào dễ để lại sẹo lồi sau sinh mổ.
  • Keloid issues: the skin regions of the wound will protrude, spread, and become darker. People with keloid issues will have twice the higher chance of having keloid scars than an average person.
  • Skin pigments: According to multiple studies, people with dark-colored skin will have a higher chance of having keloid scars than a white person.

These are the popular reasons why ladies tend to have keloid scars after delivery. You should comprehend the reason behind your problem to have the safest, most suitable, and most effective keloid scars treatment after labor.

Top 2 types of cream for keloid scars treatment after labor

These are the 2 types of cream keloid scars treatment after labor that are highly effective nowadays. You can check out to see which one suits you the most.

Sodermix – The solution for keloid scars after delivery

In many cases, a keloid scars treatment after labor will cost you a fortune yet still not able to meet your expectation. For new mothers, especially during the breastfeeding period, the choice of cosmetic products and procedures must be made carefully not to affect their health.

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If you are wondering what products should you use, then Sodermix – the cream for keloid scars treatment after labor – is a wonderful choice that you should not miss out on. Sodermix is manufactured in France. It can be used for keloid scars treatment, rash, dark spots, etc.

Sodermix - The solution for keloid scars after delivery
Sodermix – The solution for keloid scars after delivery

Orlavi Scargel – The cream for keloid scars treatment after labor

Another candidate on this list is the Orlavi Scargel cream for keloid scars therapy after labor. This product is highly recommended by users. Orlavi Scargel cream is manufactured by Natureplex, a company with merchandise for scarring that exists on every shelf in the U.S.

Orlavi Scargel contains the following components to assist the keloid scars treatment after labor:

  • Allantoin: Extracted from daisy, common comfrey, wheat spruot, and turnip. This can help the body to generate new cells.
  • Hydrolyzed Collagen: This can help to create the elasticity of the skin and connect the tissue to soften the skin.
  • Sodium Hyaluronate and Panthenol: Moisten the skin to subside its roughness.
  • Onion extract: Prevent skin inflammation, hasten the wound healing process, prevent itchiness after delivery, and improve the color of the scars.
Orlavi Scargel - The cream for keloid scars treatment after labor
Orlavi Scargel – The cream for keloid scars treatment after labor

Keloid scars treatment after labor using advanced technology 

Scars removal surgery

For this technique to be done, the surgeon will expand the scars and sever the previously generated tissues, removing the stem of the keloid scars entirely. After that, the wound will be closed with sutures or skin grafting. Corticoids can sometimes also be used to prevent the scars from reappearing.

Advantages of scars removal surgery:

  • Can deal with large and persistent keloid scars caused by labor.
  • Offer a safe result with no side effects.
  • Can be done quickly in just one procedure, saving both the time and the cost.

Keloid scars treatment after labor using CO2 Laser

Another famous technique of scars removal is the CO2 laser keloid scars treatment. For this technique, the laser with high frequency will enter the scars and destroy the structure of them. In addition, it will also generate new cells to replace the old and deteriorated ones, erasing the scars and lighten the skin regions.

However, this technique also poses risks of severing the scars. To be more specific, the frequency of the laser will destroy the structure of the surrounding skin, preventing it from recover permanently. This will not only leave the scars untreatable but also spread them to the surrounding regions. In addition to that, the customers will have to choose a reputable facility with advanced technology to prevent implications. If you wish to have a keloid scars treatment after labor with laser technology, you should only seek Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital to receive a safe and complication-free service from our experienced doctors.

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How to take care of the incision not to leave any scar after delivery

to avoid having an ugly scar on your body after labor, you should follow the exact guidance:

  • Rest plenty after the surgery

After having a painful C-section, the body will need some time to recover and rest. According to our doctors, you should spend from 2 to 3 weeks resting, allowing the body to heal and the wound to closed quickly.

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  • Take care of the wound properly

To prevent keloid scars from appearing, you should take good care of your wound. Use a specialized disinfectant to sterilize the incision. If the suture hardens and becomes swollen, you should seek medical attention immediately to prevent infection that can lengthen the recovery that would increase the chance of having ugly scars.

  • Avoid having pressures on the wound

During the healing process, the tissues at the suture are weak and vulnerable. If you follow a new lifestyle and still exercise regularly, immense pressure will be formed on the incision. This can be highly dangerous as it poses a risk of reopening the suture, expanding the wound, or forming larger scars.

As soon as the wound is healed, you should apply the keloid scars therapy to prevent it from worsening.

These are the ways to deal with keloid scars after labor. We hope that you will soon find the proper treatment for your scarring problems and get rid of the ugly things on your body.

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