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Keloid scars therapy using mugwort in just 3 weeks

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Mugwort is a very popular type of plant used in skin makeovers. It is a cheap ingredient that can be used for keloid scars therapy in just a few simple steps. This article will show you the simple DIY keloid scars therapy using mugwort.

The special ability of mugwort

Mugwort can be used to deal with amnesia, headache, or joint-related diseases like arthritis. In addition, you can also recover rather quickly if you use the herb when having a fever as all the toxins inside will be excreted quickly and efficiently.

The mugwort essence contains a large number of disinfectants which are considered to be the natural antioxidants for the skin. You can make good use of it to wash the wound, wash your face, and prevent skin deterioration.

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All the signs of keloid scars will be erased thanks to the essence inside mugwort. The skin will be regenerated and softened with the tissues quickly removed from the dark bruises from skin. A new layer of skin will be created and be much more beautiful than before. Moreover, people also use mugwort as a method of waxing.

Keloid scars therapy using mugwort in just 3 weeks
Keloid scars therapy using mugwort in just 3 weeks

Natural keloid scars therapy using mugwort

Keloid scars therapy using mugwort masks

Keloid scars therapy using mugwort masks is a simple thing to do at home. You can do it before going to bed as it will not only help to erase the keloid scars but also soften the skin.

  • How to perform keloid scars therapy using mugwort masks

Prepare 200 – 300g of mugwort.

Wash the mugwort with salt water and leave it dry for 20 minutes.

Put the mugwort into a blender and retrieve the residue later.

  • How to use it

Wash the skin regions with keloid scars that require therapy.

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Apply the mugwort residue directly onto the scarring regions.

Leave it for 30 minutes.

Wash away with water to wrap up the session.

  • The result

The keloid scars will fade away over time if you remain persistent.

The earlier you do it, the better the result.

For lasting/permanent keloid scars, keloid scars therapy using mugwort might not be effective.

Keloid scars therapy using mugwort water

How to do it:

Step 1: Prepare either of the ingredients

  • Fresh and hygienic mugwort.
  • Processed and dry mugwort (self-made or purchased)

Step 2: Process the prepared ingredients (You can skip this step if the mugwort is already dry and processed)

Step 3: Make mugwort water

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  • Fresh mugwort: After being processed, put it into boiling water for the final product.
  • Dry mugwort: Put it in a teapot and wash it once with a bit of boiling water. After that, fill the pot will boiling water and wait for the mugwort to steep the water before use.

How to dry the mugwort correctly:

  • Wash the fresh mugwort, remove the soaked and yellow leaves, and let it dry.
  • Take the washed mugwort to somewhere shady and windless.
  • Chop the mugwort and fry it in small heat. Keep frying until it produces a good smell or turns yellow.
  • Wait for it to cool down and bag it for perseverance.

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Is keloid scars therapy using mugwort effective?

The use of mugwort for keloid scars therapy has been around for a long time up until this very day. It would never have lasted this long without producing good results.

In addition to the collective knowledge from the past, the compositions of mugwort are also proven to be beneficial for keloid scars treatment.

Keloid scars therapy using mugwort will work. However, it will not bring about great effectiveness when treating moderate to severe cases of keloid scars as they would require surgery, medications, or laser therapy to achieve the best result. Therefore, you should only use this for mild cases of keloid scars.

Keloid scars treatment using advanced technology

Overall, keloid scars therapy using mugwort will do some good effects on newly formed keloid scars. For lasting ones, this method will not improve the condition greatly.

To treat the persistent keloid scars completely, you will need to seek advanced keloid scars treatment like CO2 laser treatment for keloid scars. This is the only technique nowadays that can deal with permanent keloid scars.

If you ever need any consultation with a dermatologist, dial 0901.666.879, and Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital will support and answer all of your questions about scarring and suitable treatment.

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