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Keloid Scars Caused by Blepharoplasty and How to Deal with Them

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What to do when having keloid scars caused by blepharoplasty is the question of many people having this problem. So is there a way to deal with these problematic keloid scars? Let’s find out in the article below!

How are there keloid scars caused by blepharoplasty?

Keloid scar is one of the most common type of scars appearing on the skin caused by damage. Keloid scars at the eyelids could be caused by accident or burn, appearing after acne therapy or skin damage treatment. They could also be due to low-quality blepharoplasty.

Keloid scars are formed after the skin heal its damage. The sudden quantity rise of new skin cells and collagen make the skin more protrude, making the new skin goes beyond the damaged areas.

Keloid scars don’t have a specific shape, size, and position. In addition, keloid scars at the eyelid are usually asymmetrical even though they are on the same person.

Keloid Scars Caused by Blepharoplasty
Keloid Scars Caused by Blepharoplasty

1. The condition of each person

Keloid scars are usually form on people whose wounds are hard to heal or improperly cared for. It can be seen that some people don’t even have a single keloid scars regardless of the major operation that they underwent or the severe accident that they recovered from. However, some people will have keloid scars even with a tiniest wound.

2. Diet

For the majority of wounds, especially open wounds, a special care regime is required. The food that can caused keloid scars or worsen the wound like water spinach, glutinous rice, beef, etc. are to be abstained from if you don’t wish to worsen your keloid scars condition.

3. Don’t obey the methods to avoid having keloid scars

Some medicine for keloid scars are made from anti-inflammatory substance. If your wound is nearly healed, consult a doctors or a pharmacist. Remember not to get these medicine into your eyes.

4. Keloid scars caused by blepharoplasty failure

Blepharoplasty is a very popular cosmetic makeovers. It doesn’t affect the eyesight, cause no damage, or doesn’t require a recovery period.

What to do when having keloid scars caused by blepharoplasty?

Keloid scars treatment surgery is recommended to deal with large-sized keloid scars. However, it is not advised for people that can easily have keloid scars.

However, there are still plenty of factors that affect the position of the skin (over, under, or in the eyelids), the rate of reoccurrence, etc. A doctors must consider these elements before deciding which keloid scars treatment is needed.

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If surgery is required, the cosmetic surgeon will remove a part of the scar, place the new skin over it, then stitch it back as protocol. The entire process, depending on the body condition and the severity of the scars, can be applied along with medication injection to suppress the development of keloid scars caused by blepharoplasty.

This method has a very high success rate, however, the client must pay close attention to the care regimen to ensure the cosmetic results.

Things to keep in mind when treating keloid scars caused by blepharoplasty

Another important important thing to remember is that if your body get keloid scars easily, you should choose cosmetic methods that don’t require surgery. This is because the keloid scars are still easily formed regardless of the prevention taken.

In addition, there is no method that can improve the condition immediately, especially at sensitive areas like the eyes. Therefore, time and precaution are required for skin therapy.

Lastly, to avoid having keloid scars caused by blepharoplasty, the best way is to find a quality facility with skillful doctors to ensure that the services are done without any error.

Keloid scars caused by blepharoplasty
Keloid scars caused by blepharoplasty

Where to have safe treatment for keloid scars caused by blepharoplasty?

After having keloid scars caused by blepharoplasty, you can either treat them with surgery or injection. But where to have a safe and effective treatment for them? Gangwhoo Plastic Surgery Center is the place for you.

Placing your trust in us, we will help you to get rid of the keloid scars effectively.

  • A 5-star infrastructure that allow our clients to relax and recovery fully.
  • A new set of tool and equipment are used for every customers to prevent cross infection and dangerous diseases.
  • The operation room is sterile
  • A dedicated aftercare regimen.

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If you are in need of a treatment for the keloid scars caused by blepharoplasty, head to Gangwhoo right now!

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