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What Is Keloid Disorder? – The Causes and Treatment

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Ugly keloid scars are the fear of both men and women as they can greatly affect the aesthetics of a person. One of the most common causes of keloids is the keloid disorder, which forms keloids regardless of how careful you are at taking care of the wound. In this article, you will get to know about keloid disorder and the most effective treatment for it.

What is keloid disorder?

In any surgery, especially those with great invasiveness, people with keloid disorder need to follow a strict aftercare regimen and diet. Keloid scars are formed because the body generates too much Collagen to heal the wound. Therefore, once the wound is healed, the scars tissues will overlap the injured regions, making the scars visible and tough.

In fact, this healing mechanism is varied between people. Not everyone will get keloid scars, however, the chance of people with keloid disorder having keloid scars after surgery is very high. In fact, a study on dermatology has shown that people of color have twice the chance of having keloids than white people. To know whether if you are having keloid disorder or not, you will have to get an injury and let the wound heal to find out. If you do not wish to have any scar, there are things that you must keep in mind after having an injury.

Keloid disorder
Keloid disorder

The causes of keloid disorder

For the most part, keloid disorder is still a mystery for us and there hasn’t had any treatment that can get rid of the scars 100%. Although there has been no study that points out the causes of keloid disorder, some known factors that we have already known are:

  • Age: people from 10 – 30 years old.
  • Skin color: the skin of Asians and Africans has twice the chance of having keloids than that of White people.
  • People with allergic dermatitis have triple the chance of having keloids than normal.

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Is treating keloid disorder difficult?

Keloid scars are a sensitive condition. To have them fully treated, we must first prevent keloids from spreading. However, to people with keloid disorder, it is inevitable to get keloid scars even if they have already taken care of the wound carefully.

With the development of technology and modern medicine, many techniques were made for treating keloid scars. Regardless, there hasn’t had any method that can make the keloid scars go away completely. In fact, people with keloid disorder have a much higher chance of having the scars reappear.

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How to treat keloid disorder effectively

If you wish to have your keloid disorder treated effectively, you must do it as soon as possible as keloid scars will only fade promptly once new skin is formed. If they are left for a long time, the structure of the keloids will be fully formed, making them more difficult to treat.

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Nowadays, there are many certified methods with great efficiency in treating keloids that many people have been applying such as:

  • Using ointment for keloid scars: If you don’t want to spend a great amount of money or are afraid of pain, you can easily get rid of keloids by using the ointment for keloids. These cosmetic products will help the keloids to fade away by days, making the skin tighter, more evenly colored. The products are also easy to use without causing any damages to the skin.
  • Having medication injection for keloid scars: Injecting Mesotherapy essence into the scars tissue will help to destroy the fibrous structure of the keloid scars, reducing their size and slopeness. However, as the skin therapy duration will last between 6 to 12 months and the cost will be very high, many people are finding it difficult to undergo such treatment.
  • Using CO2 Laser for keloid scars: This technology is considered to be a breakthrough in treating keloids.
    • CO2 Laser ensures 80 – 90% of the effectiveness after 3 to 4 treatments.
    • The laser can affect deeply the skin and will only affect the areas that need treatment. The intensity of the laser can also be adjusted to allow the laser to hit the correct spots without affecting the surrounding skin regions, stimulating the regeneration of the skin quickly and increasing the proliferation of the collagen to last for 5 months, getting rid of the keloids entirely.

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The CO2 Laser technology is currently being applied at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital. The customers will not have to worry about their keloid disorder as this is a place for safe and effective treatment. To receive a consultation and early treatment, head to Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital or contact our number 0901.666.879 immediately!

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