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What You Need To Keep In Mind About Jaw Reduction Surgery

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What you should know about jaw reduction surgery? The important thing about the success or failure of jaw surgery results that you cannot ignore. If you plan to have jaw reduction, you need to research clearly to ensure it is safe and effective as desired. Let’s follow this article now!

What You Need To Keep In Mind About Jaw Reduction Surgery
What You Need To Keep In Mind About Jaw Reduction Surgery

What is jaw reduction surgery?

Jaw reduction is a cosmetic method used to reshape the face. Through this process, the doctor will adjust the lower jaw to correct defects and create a slim and V-line face.

Jaw reduction surgery involves adjusting the length and position of the chin and jawbone. Through this process, the surgeon will create balance and harmonious proportions for the face.

Benefits of jaw reduction

What you should know about jaw reduction surgery? You definitely need to clearly understand the benefits you will gain from jaw reduction. Based on this, you will decide whether to have jaw reduction or not.

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Benefits of jaw reduction surgery
  • Create a slim and slender face: Jaw reduction helps adjust the lower jaw, and reduce the disproportionate size and shape of the face.
  • Improve facial proportion and balance: Through the jaw reduction process, the doctor can adjust the length and position of the chin and jawbone, helping to create balance and harmonious proportions for the face.
  • Correcting facial defects: Jaw surgery can correct defects such as too wide jaw, misaligned jaw, uneven jaw, and pointed or receding chin.
  • Increased aesthetics and confidence: By creating a balanced and harmonious face, jaw surgery helps enhance facial aesthetics and create a more harmonious appearance. This helps the surgeon increase confidence and feel satisfied with the appearance.
  • Improved jaw function: Jaw reduction can also improve jaw function, including biting, chewing, and talking, while also improving contact between teeth.
  • Improved oral health: By adjusting the jaw and chin shape, jaw surgery can improve oral care and hygiene, reducing the risk of infection and related problems with teeth and gums.
  • Creates long-lasting results: The results of jaw surgery are often long-lasting, providing aesthetic results and confidence long after the recovery process.

How to prepare before jaw reduction surgery?

Preparing before jaw reduction surgery is also one of the things you need to know when having jaw surgery. Because these things will help ensure your safety in the best way when reducing your jaw. And make sure your decisions are more carefully considered.

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How to prepare before jaw reduction?

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Consultation and evaluation from specialty doctors

Before deciding to have jaw reduction, research and consult with experts in the field of cosmetic surgery. From evaluating your facial condition, listening to your wishes, and providing detailed information about the procedure, benefits, and risks involved.

Feel comfortable and mentally prepare well

Before going for jaw surgery, make sure you feel comfortable and confident. Learn about the procedure and results of surgery, set your aesthetic goals, and talk with your doctor to better understand the factors involved.

Stable health and meets the standard conditions for jaw surgery

To ensure the safety and success of the jaw reduction process, make sure you are in good health. Have medical examinations and tests as prescribed by your doctor to ensure that you meet the medical standards necessary for surgery.

The jaw reduction process is effective and safe

The jaw reduction procedure is also something you need to know when having jaw surgery. Because following this process will help you understand the overview of the process to bring you the most beautiful and satisfying result. The jaw reduction process usually includes 6 specific steps as follows:

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The jaw reduction procedure standardizes what you need to know when undergoing jaw reduction surgery

  • Step 1 – Examination and consultation: The doctor examines and evaluates the customer’s jaw condition to come up with a suitable plan.
  • Step 2 – Computerized AI X-ray: Apply computerized AI X-ray technology to analyze details of jaw condition and display results before and after surgery.
  • Step 3 – Health check: Customers are given a health check and necessary tests to ensure they are eligible to participate in surgery.
  • Step 4 – Mark and anesthetize: Mark the jaw surgery location and anesthetize to ensure comfort and reduce pain during the procedure.
  • Step 5 – Perform jaw surgery: The doctor adjusts the jaw bone according to the previous protocol to create a slim and balanced jaw.
  • Step 6 – Care instructions after jaw reduction surgery: Customers receive post-operative care and receive specific instructions to achieve the best results. When stabilizing, customers can be left and continue care at home.

How much does jaw reduction surgery cost?

The cost of jaw surgery is also something that many people are very interested in. And certainly, the things you need to know about jaw surgery cannot lack the cost. Currently, the price of jaw surgery usually ranges from about 60-100 million VND and can be higher in cases of faces with complex jaw bones.

Where to get jaw reduction surgery that is safe, effective, and has good aesthetic quality?

The location of jaw surgery is an important factor in ensuring safe and effective jaw surgery results for you. Therefore, the address for jaw reduction cannot be overlooked what you need to know when having jaw reduction surgery. To talk about quality and prestigous jaw reduction locations Gangwhoo Hospital is a great choice for you.

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Gangwhoo Hospital is a safe, effective, and quality cosmetic address

Gangwhoo uses modern transferred equipment and machinery that complies with international quality standards and is recognized by the Ministry of Health. With the high-tech High-speed Aesculap machine, the jaw reduction process is easy and quick, decreasing invasion and bleeding.

Gangwhoo applies exclusive 3D X-ray AI computing technology, bringing outstanding progress in jaw reduction methods. This technology creates detailed 3D images of facial structures, nerves, and bones in the maxillofacial area after just a single scan.

In particular, at Gangwhoo there is a team of highly qualified and experienced doctors. Before proceeding with the jaw reduction process, you will be thoroughly consulted. With expertise and experience, we will bring safe and beautiful jaw-reduction results to all customers.

Furthermore, Gangwhoo’s space is designed to be spacious, luxurious, and solemn according to 5-star standards. When you step into Gangwhoo, you will feel the comfort and convenience of a beauty paradise.

Things to know when having jaw surgery, there are also related questions. These questions about jaw reduction will help you feel more secure about the aesthetics of jaw reduction.

How to take care of your jaw for quick recovery?

To recover quickly from jaw reduction surgery, there are some important care you can follow. Here are some tips to help you recover quickly after jaw surgery:

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What you need to know about jaw surgery is post-operative care

  • Follow your doctor’s instructions after the jaw reduction process.
  • Rinse your mouth carefully after each meal and use warm salt water.
  • Avoid eating foods that are hard, and hot and injure the jaw area.
  • Use painkillers as prescribed by your doctor and apply a cold compress to reduce swelling.
  • Get enough rest and reduce stress.
  • Follow a soft diet and drink enough water.
  • Monitor the condition of the jaw area and make regular check-up appointments.
  • Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol during the recovery period to make your jaw area heal.
  • Monitor your recovery and report any unusual symptoms to your doctor immediately.

Is jaw reduction surgery dangerous?

Jaw reduction surgery is dangerous, but this risk can be minimized if the surgery is performed properly and by experienced professionals. Choosing a reputable cosmetic doctor and following safety procedures is important to ensure safety and minimize side effects. Modern technology and methods have also helped increase safety during the jaw reduction process.

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Are there any complications?

Jaw reduction surgery can cause complications if you choose an unreliable location and a poorly skilled doctor. Some possible complications will often include the following:

  • Infection
  • Loss of sensation
  • Facial imbalance
  • Invades vital structures
  • Affects chewing function

How long does jaw reduction surgery last?

The jaw bone after surgery usually does not grow, so it can be considered permanent if taken care of in the best way. Once the jawbone is adjusted and a new shape is created, it will be maintained long.

However, it should be noted that the effects of aging and other factors can affect the shape of the face after jaw reduction surgery. To ensure the best and long-lasting results, it is important to maintain a proper care regimen, protect your jawbone, and have regular check-ups with your doctor.

Through the above article, Did you clearly understand what you need to know when having jaw surgery? Hopefully, the information shared in the above article will be useful and help you to have the best jaw reduction results. Don’t hesitate to contact Gangwhoo for advice and support as soon as possible!

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