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The New Jaw Angle Surgery and Chin Bone Reduction Technology

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Jaw Angle Surgery and Chin Bone Reduction is the solution for the short chin. This method can bring about a natural and beautiful chin after just one surgery. Without further ado, Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital is here to introduce to you this service!

Jaw Angle Surgery and Chin Bone Reduction
Jaw Angle Surgery and Chin Bone Reduction

What is Jaw Angle Surgery?

A short chin makes the face less aesthetic. The methods of Jaw Angle Surgery and Chin Bone Reduction help you quickly and effectively solve this disadvantage. This is a surgical method to adjust the chin bone according to the standard ratio and fix the chin frame for a slimmer, more harmonious face.

Each customer with different chin defects will have different bone adjustment techniques. At the hospital, doctors carefully examine, plan the adjustment, and apply surgery accurately and safely with minimal invasiveness.

Chin surgery and chin reduction surgery are applicable to people with stable health. People with cardiovascular diseases, hemophilia, pregnancy,… should not participate in the surgery.

The advantages of Jaw Angle Surgery and Chin Bone Reduction

As a beauty technique chosen by many customers, the Jaw Angle Surgery and Chin Bone Reduction technology has many advantages such as:

– Effectively improve the disadvantages of an unsightly chin.

– Bring a new slimmer and more aesthetic look to the chin.

– The face is harmonious, proportionate, and sexy with contours.

– The process is quick, safe, painless, and leaves no scars.

– The effect is obtained with only 1 surgery. This result is long-lasting.

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The 5-star Jaw Angle Surgery and Chin Bone Reduction

Jaw Angle Surgery and Chin Bone Reduction technique is a surgical method of direct intervention in the sensitive bone and skin area, so it requires high precision. This process should take place in compliance with the safety guidelines set out by the Ministry of Health. Understanding this, Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital applies standard surgery procedures:

Step 1: Consultation

Check the chin condition after receiving customer information. Analyze, identify and advise customers on appropriate surgical solutions.

Step 2: General Health Examination

To ensure the safety of the surgical process, the client must perform a health check. The doctor will measure your blood pressure, heart rate, blood test, drug reaction … This proves whether you are healthy enough to participate in surgery or not.

Step 3: Meticulous Marking

Take a CT3D film to determine the current state of the chin bone. By using modern software, the new look will be simulated before the surgery could even take place. Customers can see this simulation and suggest adjustments as desired.

After that, the doctor measures and draws detailed jaw bone proportions and plans a specific surgery. Customers will also be provided with all information about the surgical process, time, method, and indications when participating in surgery.

Step 4: Surgery

The surgeon will make incisions and adjust the chin bone according to the ratio outlined in the detailed drawing. This process does not take much time. The doctor has solid expertise with the support of modern surgical equipment. The Jaw Angle Surgery and Chin Bone Reduction surgery will happen safely.

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Step 5: Aftercare

The wound is closed with dissolvable cosmetic sutures. The doctor and support staff take the client to the post-operative room in which the patient will be taken care of carefully by the nurses.

The orthodontic surgery price list at Gangwhoo

Gummy smile fix20.000.000
Overbite surgery80.000.000
Overbite surgery + gummy smile fix85.000.000
Malocclusion surgery140.000.000
Overbite surgery and chin sliding120.000.000
Lefort 1 technique for the upper jaw90.000.000
BSSO technique for the lower jaw100.000.000
Lefort 1 technique for the upper jaw + BSSO technique for the lower jaw180.000.000
Cheek augmentation30.000.000
Cheek augmentation with Korean soft cartilage30.000.000
Jaw angle surgery80.000.000
V-Line Jaw Surgery80.000.000100.000.000
V-Line Jaw Surgery + Chin Bone Adjustment120.000.000
V-Line Jaw Surgery + Chin Sliding120.000.000
Cheekbone lowering70.000.00080-90.000.000
Cheekbone augmentation100.000.000
Cheek fat removal20.000.000
V-Line chin surgery60.000.000
Genioplasty with Korean implant (no screw)20.000.000
Angle bone surgery50.000.000
Chin reduction50.000.000
Jaw Angle Surgery and Chin Bone Reduction70.000.000
Genioplasty with screws25.000.00030.000.000
Chin sliding surgery50.000.000

Why should you choose to have Jaw Angle Surgery and Chin Bone Reduction at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital?

A reputable cosmetic address helps you experience safe and quality Jaw Angle Surgery and Chin Bone Reduction services. Currently, being evaluated as one of the high-quality plastic surgery units, Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital combines many factors to maintain the trust of customers:

– Owning a system of modern machinery, sterile and self-contained standard rooms. In addition, the hospital regularly updates advanced machines and applies new aesthetic technology to the beauty process.

– Having a team of good doctors with lots of experience, high professional qualifications, and solid skills. They have a lot of practical experience after practicing for many years in and out of the country The surgeon has successfully performed many surgeries, understanding the psychology of the patient.

– The surgical procedure is gentle and safe with closed sterile sutures. After cosmetic surgery, the customers are given special care and comfortable relaxation at the hospital.

With the information shared above, I’m sure you have a better understanding of the method of Jaw Angle Surgery and Chin Bone Reduction. Owning a slim chin that is in harmony with the face is a very legitimate aspiration. Come to Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital to have a once in the lifetime surgery today!

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