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Is Thread Lift Expensive? Where Is Prestigious?

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Should we get a thread lift? Is this method expensive? How long does it maintain? If you are query about them, let’s refer to below the article!

What Is Thread Lift?

Thread lift is a cosmetic method that helps you improve your skin, wrinkle, flabby, and saggy muscles…. because of environmental effects or age.

Should We Get Thread Lift?

Getting thread life depends on each person’s condition together with expense and health condition. In general, if you are over 30 years old and aging extremely affect your life and your work – getting a thread lift is recommended

How Long Does Thread Lift Maintain?

Normally, the average time to maintain the result of Collagen Thread Lift is about 3-5 years

The Potential Complications Of Collagen Thread Lift

If you get Thread Lift at lack of prestige, quality places, you entirely have below complications:

  • Because of the doctor’s poor workmanship, the face is long and serious swell
  • Serious allergic due to thread poor quality that has not been verified by the Ministry of Health
  • Infection and festering… are complications may have if you get a thread lift at a poor-quality facility that can not guarantee criteria for a medical-standard operating room
  • Moreover, you may also have a bad scar on your face. This condition usually have when you get a thread lift by poor workmanship doctor


Thread Lift At Prestigious Facilities

For the past year, when aesthetics became more popular, quality discredited facilities also becoming appeared. If you want to have a perfect thread lift result and avoid potential complications, you must be cautious in choosing a cosmetic facility.

Below factors are cosmetic facilities must satisfy to ensure results and prestige:

1. Cosmetic facilities must operate legally by regulation of the Ministry of Public Health 

The facility must ensure quality, it needs to be licensed by the Ministry of Health, and it also needs to pass all criteria inspection about all of standard

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2. Hospital’s medical and technical expertise team has been fully qualified training

Thread lift or any cosmetic method, the doctor is always a factor that should be the focus. The success of the result depends on the doctor’s performance and diagnose

3. Modern Technology Application 

Application of equipment, machinery, and technology is also important in the cosmetic results as well as the is safe or not

If the cosmetic facility has a professional doctor, but poor equipment and technology to meet the needs of complex cases, also becomes meaningless

4. Good post-operated support, long-term warranty

In addition to the quality factor, post-operated conscientious is good or not also important in choosing a cosmetic facility. You should consider about warranty policy. A prestigious cosmetic facility will have both responsibility and warranty policy for a long-time.


Price List At Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital

The expense of a thread lift depends on many factors such as the condition of customers, which method they choose, and the quality of the cosmetic hospital. But if you are looking for a reference, let’s take a look at the Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital price list:

Surgical Facelift 75,000,000
Neck Surgical Lift 50,000,000
Forehead Surgical Lift C 50,000,000
Facial Paralysis Treatment 65.000.000 – 120.000.000
Temple Augmentation (Korea) 30,000,000
Temple Augmentation (USA) 40,000,000
Temple Augmentation (Nano) 50,000,000
Chin Augmentation (Korea Implant) 20,000,000
Chin Augmentation (USA Implant) 25,000,000
Chin Augmentation (Nano) 35,000,000
Chin Augmentation 25,000,000
Cheek Augmentation 30,000,000
Forehead Augmentation 45,000,000
Cheekbone Reduction 65,000,000
Cheekbone Augmentation 100,000,000
Buccal fat removal 20,000,000
V-line Chin Reduction 60,000,000
Chin Angle Trim 50,000,000
Chin reduction 50,000,000
Chin Angle Trim with Chin Reduction 70,000,000
Cleft Chin Creation Surgery 15,000,000
Gummy Smile Treatment 20,000,000
Sliding Genioplasty 50,000,000
Overbite jaw surgery (Upper Jaw) 80,000,000
Overbite jaw surgery (Upper Jaw) + Gummy Smile Treatment 85,000,000
Overbite jaw surgery (Both jaws) 140,000,000
Overbite (Upper Jaw) + Sliding Jaw Surgery 120,000,000
Lefort I surgery 90,000,000
BSSO surgery 100,000,000
Lefort I + BSSO surgery 180,000,000
Jaw angle Trim 80,000,000
Connect jaw bone to chin 50,000,000
Jaw angle + ramus trim 90,000,000
Jaw angle + Ramus + squared chin angle trim 100,000,000
Mandible reduction + chin adjustment 120,000,000
V-line jaw surgery 80,000,000
V-line jaw surgery + Chin adjustment 120,000,000
V-line jaw surgery + Sliding jaw 120,000,000
Orthognathic Surgery 65.000.000 – 75.000.000
Enlarged Piercing Hole Treatment 3,000,000
Single Dimpled Cheek 4,000,000
Double Dimpled Cheek 7,000,000
Lip Reduction (1 lip) 8,000,000
Heart-shaped Lip Shaping (1 lip) 8,000,000
Heart-shaped Lip Shaping (pair) T 15,000,000
Wrinkle Removal, Facial Makeover (nose, cheek, chin, lip filler) 9,000,000


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