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Is Structural Rhinoplasty Safe?

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Is structural rhinoplasty safe? Is structural rhinoplasty safe? Is structural rhinoplasty painful? Does structural rhinoplasty give permanent results? These are the questions that customers are concerned about the most. Understanding this, Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital shall explain thoroughly in the following article for customers.

Is structural rhinoplasty safe?
Is structural rhinoplasty safe?

What is structural rhinoplasty?

The structural rhinoplasty technique is considered the most efficient rhinoplasty technique nowadays by experts.

Structural rhinoplasty helps reconstruct the nose shape, improves all the nose defects such as snub nose, big nose tip, flat alar bases,… Give a natural, delicate, well-proportioned nose shape.

Structural rhinoplasty is applied by doctors to fix damaged nose after failed rhinoplasty cases, fix damaged nose after an accident or fix the nose defects by birth.

The types of cartilage used in structural rhinoplasty:

Structural rhinoplasty combines both autologous and artificial cartilage to reshape the nose.

  • Artificial cartilage is used for lifting the nose bridge, this cartilage is directly imported from countries that are greatly developed in cosmetology such as Korea and the USA. This cartilage has high flexibility and compatibility with the body.
  • Autologous cartilage is usually the helix cartilage, this cartilage type is used for coating and shaping the nose tip. This cartilage type has a natural curvature and softness that can form a slimmer and well-proportioned nose tip. Furthermore, depending on the case, the rib and septum cartilage may be used.

Pros and cons of structural rhinoplasty

Pros of structural rhinoplasty

  • Give a natural, high, well-proportioned nose bridge with the face.
  • Improving all of the nose defects.
  • Not only an efficient rhinoplasty method but also an optimal nose revision method.
  • Can give long-lasting or even lifetime nose shape.

Cons of structural rhinoplasty

  • Structural rhinoplasty must be done by talented, highly qualified, and experienced doctors. If it is done by inexperienced or poorly qualified doctors, the risks may be extremely bad.
  • Structural rhinoplasty is normally more expensive than other methods due to its complex technique involves using more quality cartilage.
  • Longer procedure and resting than other rhinoplasty methods.

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Is structural rhinoplasty safe?

Comparing to other rhinoplasty methods, the structural rhinoplasty technique is much more complex. Therefore, lots of people are concerned about whether the structural rhinoplasty technique is safe or not. Technically, structural rhinoplasty is very safe. However, it also depends on the following factors:

Doctor’s qualification

Because structural rhinoplasty is a complex technique so it must be done by highly qualified and experienced doctors for the best and safest cosmetic results. Thereby, before deciding to have structural rhinoplasty, you should look for a prestigious cosmetic facility where talented and experienced doctors are working at.

The cartilage quality

Having rhinoplasty at infamous cosmetic facilities such as spas, illegal beauty salons, the cartilage quality cannot be ensured. The cartilage quality can affect significantly the safety of the structural rhinoplasty cases. Implanting poor-quality cartilage can potentially cause dangerous complications.

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Post-operative care

Post-operative care can also affect greatly the safety of the structural rhinoplasty cases. Careful post-operative care can ensure no unwanted complications. Learn for yourself the best post-operative care methods for the most flawless and safest results.

Is structural rhinoplasty painful?
Is structural rhinoplasty painful?

Is structural rhinoplasty painful?

Customers are also concerned about whether the structural rhinoplasty is painful or not. Nowadays, before performing rhinoplasty, the doctor shall perform local anesthesia at the nose area so that you shall not feel any pain during the surgery.

Can structural rhinoplasty give permanent results?
Can structural rhinoplasty give permanent results?

Can structural rhinoplasty give permanent results?

If you have structural rhinoplasty surgery at a prestigious cosmetic hospital where talented nose cosmetologists are working in, combining with careful post-operative care, the new nose shape can last for a long time or even for a lifetime.


We hope you’ve had enough useful information about the structural rhinoplasty technique. If you have any further questions or concerns, please leave a comment below or contact our Hotline: 0901666879 for the most thoughtful consultation and advice.

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