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Is Structural Rhinoplasty Painful? Experts Explain

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One of the most concerned problems of customers is whether the structural rhinoplasty procedure is painful or not. Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital shall explain for you in the following article.

Is Structural Rhinoplasty Painful?
Is Structural Rhinoplasty Painful?

What is structural rhinoplasty?

Structural rhinoplasty is one of the most advanced rhinoplasty methods nowadays. This method will improve most of the nose defects caused by birth, by accident, or by failed rhinoplasty. After rhinoplasty, you will have a naturally beautiful, balanced, and harmonious nose shape with no traces of cosmetic surgery.

The structural rhinoplasty technique uses a combination of two cartilage materials to reconstruct the nose shape: artificial cartilage and autologous cartilage (cartilage is taken from the customer’s own body).

Types of artificial cartilage commonly used in structural rhinoplasty:

Nanoform cartilage:

Nanoform rhinoplasty is biological cartilage made entirely of ePTFE, a material that mimics the structure of our own cartilage. It has extreme endurance, good elasticity, and natural softness. Moreover, on the surface of the nanoform cartilage, there are many tiny nano-sized holes, which help to connect tissues and blood vessels in the nose area to form a solid and natural whole.

Surgiform cartilage:

Surgiform cartilage is high-quality rhinoplasty cartilage, with almost absolute compatibility with the body. This is a type of cartilage imported directly from the United States, which has been certified by the FDA for safety. As a result, structural rhinoplasty with surgiform cartilage ensures high safety and minimizes the risk of complications.

Types of autologous cartilage used in structural rhinoplasty include:

Rib cartilage: Usually taken from the 6th or 7th rib. Because of its great firmness, the rib cartilage is not preferred by doctors and is only used for cases where the nose is too badly damaged due to an accident, due to lots of failed rhinoplasty, or nose with birth defects.

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Septum cartilage: Like rib cartilage, nasal septal cartilage is very limited in use because the Vietnamese septum cartilage is very weak and curved.

Ear cartilage: Autologous helix cartilage is the commonly used material in structural rhinoplasty. The ear cartilage is soft and naturally curved, with strong vitality. As a result, when implanted to cover the nose tip, it will create a natural and beautiful nose shape, which minimizes the risk of complications.

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Customer’s experience of undergoing structural rhinoplasty at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital

Is structural rhinoplasty painful?

Compared with other rhinoplasty techniques, structural rhinoplasty is more complicated and requires more expertise and skill of the doctor. Therefore, the pain of structural rhinoplasty becomes a big concern for customers who choose this rhinoplasty method.

However, with the development of plastic surgery techniques and technology, we do not need to be too afraid of uncomfortable pain during rhinoplasty. Your doctor will perform a local anesthetic, so you won’t have to feel any pain.

However, after the surgery, the anesthetic wears off, and mild pain will appear. But this situation does not appear in all cases of rhinoplasty. People who have good health will feel very comfortable without any pain or fatigue after rhinoplasty.

You just need to have strict post-operative care, take the medicine exactly as prescribed by the doctor, the swelling and pain will quickly disappear.


Thanks to the exclusive Plus anesthesia technology of Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital, you will not feel any pain during and after rhinoplasty.

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We hope you’ve had enough useful information about structural rhinoplasty. If you have any further questions or concerns, please leave a comment below or contact Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital for the most thoughtful consultation and advice.

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