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Is S-Line Rhinoplasty Good?

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Is S-Line rhinoplasty good or not has been the question of many ladies. According to the leading rhinoplasty expert, the S-Line rhinoplasty technique not only bring the elegant nose shape but also offer the safety that they desired.

Is S-Line Rhinoplasty Good?
Is S-Line Rhinoplasty Good?

What is S-Line rhinoplasty?

S-Line rhinoplasty originated from Korea. This method helps to form a soft and elegant S-shaped nose, all the way from the bridge to the peak of the nose. This S line can be seen easily from the side. Above all contours, the S line is exceptionally suitable for the Oriental women’s face.

Is S-Line Rhinoplasty Good?

To truly know the answer to the question “is S-line rhinoplasty good”, we must go through all its great advantages:

Natural nose shape

Unlike a fixed and stiff nose shape that a traditional rhinoplasty offers, S-line brings an elegant, symmetrical, and natural contour to the nose.

In addition, S-line Rhinoplasty also corrects all the flaws at the peak or the wings (alar base) that Vietnamese women tend to have.

Safe procedure

“To safe or not to safe”. Safety is the number one criteria to determine whether S-line rhinoplasty is good or not. Pursuant to the experts, the S-line rhinoplasty method offers great safety as it involves the use of highly compatible materials.

The cartilage used in the S-line rhinoplasty is a combination of both artificial and autologous cartilage. Both of these materials are “friendly” to the human body. For that reason, the risk of complications like cartilage allergy, rejection, slip, nose redness, infection, etc. is greatly reduced.

Lasting result

Thanks to the high compatibility the materials offer to the S-line rhinoplasty that the nose shape is not only naturally beautiful but also everlasting.

In conclusion, the answer to the question “is S-line rhinoplasty good” is an absolute yes. This is an amazing technique that is worth choosing. However, whether its effectiveness is guaranteed or not still has to based on the following factors:

S-line rhinoplasty offers complete safety and aesthetic aspect
S-line rhinoplasty offers complete safety and aesthetic aspect

Is S-line rhinoplasty good? – All the factors that matter

Surgeon’s expertise

Whether the S-line rhinoplasty good or not depends greatly on the dexterity of the surgeon. Therefore, to achieve the best result possible, you must do your research thoroughly and seek a certified surgeon to perform your rhinoplasty.

Cartilage’s quality

Many cosmetic facilities use low-quality cartilage to perform S-line rhinoplasty for their customers. This act is very risky as the complications due to the cartilage may happen; thus, you should only seek a reputable facility for a rhinoplasty where all the conditions needed for rhinoplasty are met.

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Post-operative care

Post-operative care plays an important role in making S-line a good rhinoplasty procedure. With proper care, the nose will recover and get in shape much faster, eliminating the risk of complications.

Suitable candidates for S-line rhinoplasty

  • S-line rhinoplasty is suitable for those over 18 years old with a flat nose who wish to own the breathtaking and natural nose.
  • Another suitable candidate is those gone through a failed rhinoplasty before as the S-line rhinoplasty can correct all the nose deformities.

Is S-line rhinoplasty painful?

Before performing S-line rhinoplasty, the surgeon will apply an anesthetic to the nose region to stop the nerves from sending the pain signal throughout the entire procedure. Therefore, the S-line rhinoplasty is completely painless.

Is S-line rhinoplasty permanent?

Choosing to have S-ine rhinoplasty at a renowned facility with a team of exceptional doctors and post-operative care will certainly help to make the nose more natural and last longer, even permanent in some cases.

Safe and reputable facility for S-line rhinoplasty

Being the top cosmetic facility, Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is the place for you to choose if you wish to have S-line rhinoplasty.

Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital has a tea of experienced and exceptional doctors with great expertise. They have trained in foreign countries. In addition, the hospital is also equipped with cutting-edge machinery, transferred directly from Korea to assist the surgeon during the operation.

nang mui s line 3

nang mui s line

nang mui 7

nang mui gangwhoo 1

nang mui gangwhoo

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nang mui gangwhoo 2

nang mui gangwhoo 3

nang mui nanoform 4d 2

nang mui nanoform 1 2

nang mui nanoform 1 1

How to take care of your nose after S-line rhinoplasty?

  • Avoid all contact with water and dirt.
  • Maintain nose hygiene with saline
  • Apply ice to subside the swelling for the first 2 – 3 days after the S-line rhinoplasty
  • Do not take the splint off without the doctor’s permission
  • Do not touch or twist the nose
  • Limit the intense activity or lifting heavy objects
  • Do not put on makeup, glasses or perform skincare after the S-line rhinoplasty
  • Prevent yourself from lying sideways
  • Take the prescribed medications
  • Avoid eating food that is bad for open wounds like seafood, beef, glutinous products, chicken, water spinach, etc.
  • Avoid using stimulants
  • Consume plenty of vegetables, fruits, and water.
  • Attend follow-u appointments as scheduled

The article above answers the question “is S-line rhinoplasty good” that many concern. We hope that the information we provided in the reading give you what you are searching for. If you still have any question or doubt , please contact Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital to receive the immediate consultation.

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