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Is Rhinoplasty Harmful?

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Hi Doctor! I was born with a flat and short nosem, so I want to have rhinopalsty to improve my flaws. Although I have done through research, I still wonder if rhinoplasty is harmful. What is rhinoplasty side effects? Thank you for your answer.

Ms. Thao (Tan Binh, Ho Chi Minh City)

Dear Ms. Thao. Thank you for choosing Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital as the place for your question. The answer to the question “Is rhinoplasty harmful” is yes if we do it at a disreputable facility. But what are its side effects? The article below will give you detailed explanations.

Is rhinoplasty harmful?
Is rhinoplasty harmful?

Quick fact: What is rhinoplasty? The benefits of rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty helps to improve the nose shape and overall appearance, fulfilling the rightful need of many. The result can be achieved in many ways like through surgical intervention, filler injection, thread lift, etc.

Rhinoplasty surgery

Rhinoplasty surgery is the most popular technique of improving the nose nowadays. To perform the surgery, the doctor will first open up the nose to create a cavity for the cartilage (artificial and/or autologous) implant,

nang mui 1

Filler injection

Filler is made from AHA, a type of acid that is very friendly to the human body. When injecting, an adequate amount of filler will be put inside the nose and adjusted so that the nose is harmonious with the face.

Nose thread lift

Nose thread lift is a less common practice. This technique involves the use of a needle-like tool for biological threads insertion. After that, the threads will be tightened, elevating the dorsal naturally.

Regardless of the technique used, the same goal is to achieve beautiful and high nose contour and improve the appearance of the customers.

Is rhinoplasty harmful? A list of rhinoplasty side effects

Is rhinoplasty harmful is what many wonder every time they want to have a nose makeover. Despite the noticeable benefits, rhinoplasty also comes with the risks of having certain complications, especially if it is performed at a disreputable facility.

So what are the side effects? We will list them down below:

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Rhinoplasty surgery side effects

You may question if rhinoplasty comes with any complications, then the answer is yes. These side effects come from many sources, but mainly due to having rhinoplasty at low-quality locations with uncertified and incompatible cartilage.

Some side effects that can be listed are:

  • Nose redness
  • Deviated dorsum
  • Cartilage shift
  • Skin puncture by cartilage
  • Persistent pain and swelling
  • Allergy and rejection
  • Infection and necrosis

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Complications due to rhinoplasty at disreputable facilities
Complications due to rhinoplasty at disreputable facilities

Is nose filler injection harmful? What are the risks of nose filler injection?

Filler injection, normally, is completely harmless. However, many facilities want to lower the cost by using uncertified filler with ambiguous origins on the customers. This act leads to some serious consequences

Risks of nose filler injection:

  • Infection and necrosis
  • Leaking filler
  • Cyst
  • Filler allergy
  • Deformed nose due to filler shifting
  • Veins damages
  • Permanent blindness
  • Dead tissue due to congested blood flow as the filler fills up the artery
bien chung sau nang mui bvtm gangwhoo 5
Blindness due to filler injection at a disreputable facility

Side effects of nose thread lift

this technique is practically safe as it is originated in Korea. However, after being used in Vietnam, it has changed drastically, becoming a method with many potential complications.

Potential complications of nose thread lift that you need to look out for:

  • Infection and necrosis
  • Deviated and asymmetrical dorsum
  • Skin puncture
  • Allery

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Nose thread lift complications
Nose thread lift complications

Risks of using nose shaping clip

Nowadays, many are still have false beliefs in the ability to lift the dorsum of the nose shaping clip. In fact, the projection that this equipment provides is not noticeable and will never be able to outweigh the risks.

Risks of using nose shaping clip:

  • Nose pain and irritation
  • Sense of smell damage
  • Allergy
  • Glandulae nasales damage
  • Nasal inflammation

How to avoid complications after rhinoplasty?

To free yourself from all the worry and anxiety, you must remember the information below to have safe and beautiful rhinoplasty:

Choose an appropriate and safe technique

If you don’t want the nose to encounter complications that can harm your health and appearance, you must choose a suitable technique of rhinoplasty. Some that can be listed are:

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4D Nanoform structural rhinoplasty

This is a method of rhinoplasty that can correct all the flaws of the nose. This technique uses Nanoform cartilage to improve the projection of the dorsum and an extra 40% of autologous cartilage to cover and protect the nose tip.

Nanoform cartilage is made 100% from ePTFE. This material is approved by FDA to be safe for human use. Nanoform cartilage has great durability and compatibility with the human body. Therefore, Nano form rhinoplasty is considered to be one of the best rhinoplasty techniques nowadays.

4D Nanoform structural rhinoplasty
4D Nanoform structural rhinoplasty

Surgiform rhinoplasty

Surgiform rhinoplasty is another advanced and most modern procedure in recent years. Surgiform cartilage is made 100% from ePTFE, which is compatible with the human body.

On the surface of Surgiform cartilage, there are millions of tiny nano-sized holes, allowing the blood to pass through easier. After some time, the cartilage will bond with the nose tissue to form a stable and durable structure.

Reputable facility for rhinoplasty

In case you are still unclear, 80% of the rhinoplasty failure is performed by unlicensed facilities. Therefore, choosing to have rhinoplasty at a reputable location will allow you to get rid of all the worries in your mind.

A quality, reputable, and safe facility will meet the following requirements:

  • Has operating license
  • Has a team of experienced and exceptional doctors
  • Has advanced infrastructure with cutting-edge equipment and machinery
  • Has the safe and most modern rhinoplasty technique
  • Has a warranty policy for rhinoplasty services

The reputable facility for safe and complication-free rhinoplasty in HCMC

“Is rhinoplasty harmful” is the question that you are wondering and you want to find yourself a trustworthy place to entrust your nose? Come to Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital and we will answer all of the doubts that you have in mind.

benh vien tham my gangwhoo 5
Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital

Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is a Korean-standard hospital with a 5-star infrastructure. The hospital is heavily invested to have all the advanced equipment transferred directly from Korea.

The team of doctors at Gangwhoo consists of experts with great expertise and years of experience. They also have trained in developed countries like Korea, France, America, etc.

When having rhinoplasty at Gangwhoo, you will get to consult directly with specialized doctors, who will help you to choose the most suitable rhinoplasty technique for you. Therefore, choosing to have your procedure done at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is a decision that you will never regret.

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Images of customers having rhinoplasty at Gangwhoo

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nang mui nanoform 1 2

Final words

We hope that the article has answer your question of “is rhinoplaty harmful”. If you want to have yourself a safe sugery without having to worry about complications, you need to make sure that the facility you choose is reputable and credited. Until next time.

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