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Is Rhinoplasty Dangerous or Bad for Your Health?

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Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular cosmetic methods nowadays. And safety during and after surgery is a big concern of many customers. So, is rhinoplasty bad for your health? Our cosmetic experts shall give you fair explanations in the following article.


To have an answer to this problem, firstly you should understand that rhinoplasty is a nose makeover method that can form your old nose shape into a more beautiful, well-proportioned nose shape by lifting the nose bridge using the rhinoplasty cartilage and nose shaping techniques.

The nose defects such as snub nose, flat nose, big nose tip, crooked nose bridge…can only be improved by using the rhinoplasty technique for a more natural, well-proportioned. and long-lasting nose.

Furthermore, the rhinoplasty method is the most cosmetic method nowadays and it is applied in practice in various countries around the world. According to figures, rhinoplasty is the top cosmetic service, the number of customers who want to undergo this method is increasing day by day.

Especially, the technique of making incisions and inserting the cartilage beneath the epidermis layer, the technique of reshaping the nose cartilage, soft tissues are ensured to be safe and less invasion. They shall not cause and danger or affect the breathing function and health of the customers.

Is Rhinoplasty Dangerous?
Is Rhinoplasty Dangerous?


In fact, there are still some exceptions of risk during the rhinoplasty procedure. However, these cases are rare and normally caused by infamous and illegal cosmetic facilities.

Therefore, you must follow the following instructions if you want to have a beautiful new nose shape.

1.Choosing prestigious cosmetic facilities

Choosing one of the top-quality, prestigious cosmetic facilities equipped with state-of-the-art machinery systems can affect greatly the final result.

The top-quality and prestigious cosmetic facilities are licensed by the Ministry of Health that have excellent doctors with high qualifications and have advanced equipment.

This is also the decisive factor of a good final result and safety to the customers.

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2. Avoid having cosmetic services at unqualified cosmetic facilities

Most of the failed rhinoplasty cases are originally from illegal spas and cosmetic facilities.

These cosmetic facilities are not qualified and approved by the Ministry of Health, so they illegally operate and perform cosmetic services.

Therefore, customers may face risks when having cosmetic services at these places.

3. Understanding the rhinoplasty technique

The more developed the cosmetic industry becomes, the more advanced the rhinoplasty technology becomes.

However, if you do not understand it thoroughly, you may choose old, unsafe, and ineffective rhinoplasty technologies.

This affects not only the cosmetic result but also the customer’s health in the long run after rhinoplasty.

Some old rhinoplasty technologies such as the thread rhinoplasty. This technique is old and it may worry customers.

Therefore, customers need to make thorough researches to choose advanced rhinoplasty technologies such as structural rhinoplasty, cartilage rhinoplasty.

4. Having experienced nose cosmetologists

The qualification and experience of the nose cosmetologists can not only bring a flawless appearance but also limit the potential risks.

The cosmetologists must be experienced and highly qualified to ensure complete safety for the customers during the surgery.

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The final result can only be ensured if the surgery is performed by the highly-qualified and experienced nose cosmetologists.

5. Understand the rhinoplasty cartilage

The rhinoplasty cartilage is considered the frame of the new nose shape. Therefore, choosing an appropriate cartilage material also affects significantly the result, and safety of the customer during the surgery.

In addition, the top-quality cartilage can ensure a more natural and well-proportioned nose shape.

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6. The rhinoplasty procedure

Asides from the mentioned above, the rhinoplasty procedure must also be concerned about.

The rhinoplasty procedure must be done quickly and professionally cooperating with the crews to reduce the potential risks.

Nowadays, the rhinoplasty procedure approved by The Ministry of Health consists of 5 following steps:

  • Examination and consultation
  • General health check
  • Performing sedation or anesthesia if necessary
  • Start the rhinoplasty procedure
  • Post-operative care

The rhinoplasty procedure plays an essential part in the final result.

Therefore, you must not ignore the information about the rhinoplasty procedure if you want to have a beautiful, safe, and long-lasting new nose shape.


Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital is one of the top-quality and prestigious cosmetic facilities that you should consider visiting. Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital is licensed by the Ministry of Health, Gangwhoo has also performed thousand of successful rhinoplasty cases for customers.

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  • The doctors at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital are highly qualified and experienced in rhinoplasty.
  • Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital applies advanced and effective techniques such as the Korean rhinoplasty technique, structural rhinoplasty, rib cartilage rhinoplasty, cartilage rhinoplasty…
  • State-of-the-art machinery systems and facility.
  • The doctor shall directly examine for each customer to suggest the most appropriate nose shape.
  • The rhinoplasty cartilage is approved by FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and compatible with the body.
  • The price of the rhinoplasty service is fixed, customers will not have to pay any extra fees.
  • Gangwhoo offers a lifetime warranty for certain surgical rhinoplasty services.

At Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital, customers can rest assured and put faith in our doctors.

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