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Is Rhinoplasty Dangerous? 6 Useful Notes

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Rhinoplasty is a very popular cosmetic procedure nowadays. However, people are concerned whether their safety is ensured during the rhinoplasty surgery or not. Is rhinoplasty surgery dangerous? The article below will help you clear your doubts about this issue.


In order to understand whether rhinoplasty is dangerous or not, you should first understand that rhinoplasty is a cosmetic method that involves changing the shape of a nose with the right proportions by raising the bridge of the nose by using cartilage material combined with rhinoplasty techniques.

Therefore, nose defects such as upturned, flat nose, big rough nose tip, deviated nose bride, … can only be corrected by applying rhinoplasty for a new, natural, beautiful, and long-lasting nose shape.

Moreover, rhinoplasty is a popular type of plastic surgery that is widely applied in many countries around the world. According to survey data, rhinoplasty is the top beauty service, with the largest and fastest-growing number of people having it nowadays.

In particular, the incision technique involves placing cartilage just below the epidermis of the skin, reshaping the nasal cartilage, and soft tissue are under controlled to ensure less invasiveness to the skin, health, or the breathing ability of the customer.

Is Rhinoplasty Dangerous?
Is Rhinoplasty Dangerous?


After undergoing rhinoplasty, swelling, pain, and bruises for a few days are completely normal. At this time, the nose has not yet recovered, so it does not look well-proportioned. But, you do not need to worry too much. Because after a while, this situation will stop.

However, if the nose has the following symptoms, it is necessary to stay cautious. 

  • Deviated nose
This is one of the most dangerous complications after rhinoplasty. The reason is that the surgeon’s skills were not accurate at the time of surgery, causing the nose to be deviated to one side and the nose bridge to be curved. Not only causing unsightly but also causing suffocation or difficulty breathing.
  • Infection
Nasal discharge, bleeding, redness, pain, and discomfort are all signs of an infected nose. The reason is that the surgical procedure is not sterile, not properly hygiene as well as weak resistance.
  • Exposed cartilage, risks of necrosis
This is considered the most dangerous complication after rhinoplasty. The cartilage is exposed, redness in the nose because the thin skin of the nose is stretched too much. If not treated in time, it will cause nose necrosis.
  • Bruised nose and pain for a long time

The feeling of numbness and pain in the nose is a normal sign, but if it lasts for more than 15 days, then go back to the cosmetic facilities for a follow-up examination.

  • Bleeding, red discharge
After rhinoplasty, there is usually a yellow discharge in the nose. But if there is bleeding or dark red discharge, it is an abnormal sign. The reason is the surgeon has performed the wrong technique or affect badly the nose structure.


In fact, there are exceptions when there is still a risk during rhinoplasty. However, these are only a few, rare and often originate from poor quality and unlicensed cosmetic facilities.

Therefore, to have a beautiful nose shape without harming your health, you must comply with the following tips:

1. Choose reputable cosmetic facilities

Choosing a quality, reputable cosmetic facility with advanced equipment is a huge determining factor to the outcome of the treatment.

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Large, reputable cosmetic facilities that have been licensed to operate by the Ministry of Health usually have a team of good and highly qualified experts and modern equipment.

This is also a factor that will determine the outcome of the treatment as well as the safety of the customer.

2. Avoid having rhinoplasty at illegal spas or beauty salons

Most cases of complications originate from illegal and poor-quality spa and cosmetic facilities.

These cosmetic facilities often do not have enough machinery and equipment, so they often operate illegally.

Therefore, there will be a lot of potential risks when customers choose to have a rhinoplasty.

3. Understanding rhinoplasty technology

The growth of the cosmetic industry will lead to new rhinoplasty technologies are born.

However, if you do not learn carefully, you may choose the wrong technology that is old and outdated, which is not safe and effective.

This not only affects the aesthetic results but also has a direct impact on your health in the long run.

Some old rhinoplasty technologies can be mentioned as thread rhinoplasty. This technique is outdated and dangerous for the customers.

Therefore, customers need to learn to choose more advanced and superior rhinoplasty technologies such as structural rhinoplasty, cartilage rhinoplasty, etc.

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4. Have highly qualified doctors

The expertise and experience of the doctors not only can give a perfect nose shape but also minimize the possible risks.

The doctor must be well trained and have years of experience to ensure absolute safety during surgery.

If it is performed by highly qualified and experienced doctors, it is probably that your safety and outcome are guaranteed.

5. Cartilage material

Cartilage material is considered a supporting framework that creates the shape of the nose. Therefore, choosing the right cartilage material is also a decisive factor that guarantees the outcome, durability, and safety of the surgery.

Not only that, high-quality cartilage can prevent the risk of dangerous complications.

Is Rhinoplasty Dangerous?
Is Rhinoplasty Dangerous?

6. The rhinoplasty procedure

Along with the mentioned above, the standard procedure for rhinoplasty also needs to be concerned about.

The surgical procedure must be quick, professional, and the coordination between the crew and the doctor will help shorten the time it takes to perform and minimize risks.

Currently, the standard rhinoplasty procedure approved by the Ministry of Health consists of 5 steps:

  • The doctor examines the nose shape.
  • General health check before surgery.
  • Anesthetize the customer.
  • Start the rhinoplasty procedure.
  • Post-operative care and instruction of home care for customers.

A standard rhinoplasty procedure is also a decisive factor for the final result.


Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital is one of the tops and most reputable cosmetic hospitals for rhinoplasty. Gangwhoo Hospital has been fully licensed by the Ministry of Health and has successfully performed rhinoplasty for thousands of customers.

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  • The doctors at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital are all highly qualified and experienced.
  • Gangwhoo applies lots of highly effective rhinoplasty technologies such as Korean rhinoplasty, structural rhinoplasty, rib cartilage rhinoplasty, cartilage rhinoplasty, etc.
  • Gangwhoo is equipped with modern and advanced facilities.
  • Each customer coming to Gangwhoo will be directly examined by a doctor to choose the most suitable nose shape.
  • The cartilage material is safe, has been tested by the FDA (USA), and is highly compatible with the body.
  • The cost of rhinoplasty here is clearly disclosed, no other costs are incurred.
  • Gangwhoo provides a lifetime warranty depending on the rhinoplasty services. Therefore, customers can rest assured.

At Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital, you will no longer worry when having rhinoplasty.

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