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Is Nose Thread Lift Good?

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Is nose thread lift good? Does it have any bad effects? These are the questions that many customers wonder every time they seek consultation on this procedure. This article will answer the queries that many are still wondering.

Is nose thread lift good?
Is nose thread lift good?

What is nose thread lift?

Nose thread lift is a very popular method of non-surgical rhinoplasty. The advantages of this method are that it is quick, non-surgical, painless. Additionally, it requires no surgery and very little recovery.

When performing nose thread lift, the surgeons will use a specialized tool that has a shape of a needle. From this tool, the spiky biological threads are inserted into the dorsal to create a string effect and thus elevate the nasal dorsum.

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Non-surgical nose thread lift

Is nose thread lift good?

Theoretically, a nose thread lift does not cause any bad health effects, in fact, this is a very safe and non-surgical method of rhinoplasty. However, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have any risk.

Some of the existing risks are nose deformity, infection, nose necrosis, etc. All of these effects come from the poor choice of facility.

Negative effects of nose thread lift

The consequences of a nose thread lift are various. Some of the complications can be handled rather easily; however, some are also very complicated. Below are the negative impacts of a nose thread lift:

Does not offer a lasting nose shape

This is not the complication of nose thread lift alone but this, in fact, is the chronic advantage of non-surgical rhinoplasty techniques.

Although the type of thread used may offer some difference to the result, in the end, a nose thread lift cannot bring about a long-term outcome.

Averagely, a nose contour that is created by a nose thread lift can last for one year or less. An additional procedure is needed to maintain the beautiful nose shape.

Can cause allergy

When a foreign material enters the body, the body will create certain reactions. If the material is “friendly” to the body, the reaction that leads to rejection will not happen.

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However, some people who have poor body condition or used low-quality threads may face some complications like bleeding, persistent pain, deformity, or something worse like infection or necrosis.

Some nose thread lift cases use non-dissolvable, which means that instead of consuming itself, the thread clustered and causes unpredictable risk.

Can cause infection or necrosis

Although it doesn’t cause any open wound or require any incision, a nose thread lift still needs to be done within a sterile environment.

At non-prestigious facilities, the operating environment is not guaranteed to be sterile. Therefore, the risk of causing an infection is much higher. If the patient doesn’t know about the problem and seeks immediate medical attention, the infection can cause the nose to be completely necrotic.

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How to deal with the problem

To handle the complications caused by the previous nose thread lift, the doctors must first retrieve all the threads inserted in the previous surgery.

After retrieving all the threads, depends on the complications that the doctors can perform the nose revision immediately or wait until the nose is fully recovered.

Note: To correct the problem caused by the nose thread lift, you need to seek a reputable facility with expertise in nose revision. If not, the complications will persist even after the correction surgery, destroying your nose structure.

A long-term nose makeover technique

We now have the answer to the question “is nose thread lift good?”. You must wonder what is the best technique for a rhinoplasty that can bring a natural nose shape and safety.

Recently, Surgiform and Nanoform rhinoplasty at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital are known to be the best rhinoplasty technique. These two methods can certainly reshape the entire nose structure, correct all the flaws of the nose and bring you a natural and beautiful appearance.

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The surgiform and nanoform material is made 100% from ePTFE; therefore the materials have complete compatibility with the body. In addition, the cartilage surface has a lot of nano-sized holes that create the perfect environment to nurture the cartilage tissue at the nose.

After some time, the artificial cartilage and the tissue will marge into each other to form a stable whole that can be twisted without worrying if the nose would be crooked or deformed.

In conclusion, the surgiform and nanoform structural rhinoplasty methods are the most suitable technique to replace the risky nose thread lift.

Rhinoplasty result at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital

cơ địa sẹo lồi vẫn có thể nâng mũi bình thường

nang mui nanoform 4d 1 1

nang mui nanoform 4d 2 1

nang mui nanoform 4d 2

nang mui nanoform

nang mui nanoform 1 2

nang mui nanoform

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nang mui gangwhoo 5

nang mui cau truc 3

Feedback from our customer after having rhinoplasty

feedback khach hang nang mui tmv gangwhoo 768x768 1

feedback khach hang nang mui nanofrom tmv gangwhoo 768x768 1

feedback khach hang nang mui nanofrom tmv gangwhoo 2 768x768 1

feedback khach hang nang mui nanofrom tmv gangwhoo 1 768x768 1

feedback khach hang nang mui cau truc 4d

feedback khach hang nang mui cau truc lline tmv gangwhoo 768x768 1

Our final words

The article above brings you the solution for the question: “is nose thread lift good?” and shares you the most optimal rhinoplasty techniques to replace the nose thread lift. We hope that the information will become useful to you.

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