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Is liposuction painful? Is it dangerous? – Experts Explain

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If you are planning to undergo cosmetic liposuction and wondering “Is liposuction painful? Is it dangerous?”.. the answers depend on many factors. All your questions can be solved after reading the articles below. Let’s find out with Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital!!

Is liposuction painful?
Is liposuction painful?


According to Prof.Dr. Park Sung Yong (current professional advisor of Gangwhoo hospital), undergoing liposuction procedures can make patients feel sore right after the surgery, but if there are no signs of severe complications, this reaction will disappear after a few days.

There will be pain in the area of applying liposuction, be it light or extreme pain depending on the body condition of customers and the quality of whether you choose to do the procedure. Anyway, you should not worry too much, this is a normal reaction of the body after surgery.. it will soon improve if you follow strictly all the advice of doctors.

If there is prolonged pain, you can use a painkiller to improve the condition, light exercise at home, or contact the hospital that did the surgery to ask for advice from experts.

The waist measurement improved remarkably after liposuction at "Gangwhoo"
The waist measurement improved remarkably after liposuction at “Gangwhoo”


Regarding the question “Is liposuction painful?”, to ease your worries, Prof.Dr. Park Sung Yong (current professional advisor of Gangwhoo hospital) offers some advice:

First of all, so that the wound does not become infected or necrotic… and cause severe pain, you need to clean the area that has just been liposuctioned and disinfect it with cotton. It is also important to take the medicine according to the dose and duration prescribed by the doctor.

Besides, you also need to absorb fluid and regularly change the dressing so that the area just performed liposuction is always hygienic. When you notice that the fluid has stopped flowing much or has stopped completely, you should wrap the bandage so that the open wound heals quickly as well as the waste form is fixed.

One thing that you certainly must not forget, is the check-up schedule after 10 days, as well as other follow-up visits as advised by the doctor. The re-examination is a necessary standard for the doctor to closely monitor the recovery process as well as recognize the instability (if any) of the wound on your body, from which to make timely decisions and then provide treatment with practical tips.

Ice packs and warm compresses are necessary things to add to your medical kit. Accordingly, using ice packs will help you avoid inflammation and swollen wounds. Warm compresses are an effective solution to help promote blood circulation, and regenerate cells, thereby speeding up the recovery process.

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And the last thing, to keep the body healthy and quick to recover, as well as avoiding toxic festering… you also need to eat foods containing a lot of protein like pork, fish, and whole milk; fruits which contain many vitamins; green vegetables … and at the same time seriously say no to foods that can cause pain and scarring to the body such as Alcohol, tobacco, water spinach, foods derived from glutinous rice, seafood, beef, chicken…

Is liposuction painful?
Is liposuction painful?


Abdominal liposuction is the most common indication for most of today’s liposuction procedures. After liposuction, the skin will mold itself to new contours in the treatment areas. If you have good skin tone and elasticity, it will still look smooth. However, if your skin is thin with poor elasticity, it will look saggy and wrinkled.

And if you have found an answer about “Is liposuction painful?”, then the same here for “whether the skin is wrinkled or not after liposuction?” will also depend a lot on the skill of the doctor, the clinic/hospital, the method that you choose and also depends on your body.


You can completely experience bad scarring, that is, the abdominal wall is not flat or the abdominal wall has a thick, hard, and soft response, causing a protrusion or indentation at the liposuction site. Besides the fact that scars are left on your skin in the form of cuts, it is also possible if you perform liposuction with highly invasive technologies or are performed at unreliable facilities or by doctors with poor skills.

Therefore, to be more secure in front of problems such as “does liposuction leave scars?”… the advice will be similar to the question “Is liposuction painful?”, that is, you need to understand carefully and consider carefully which aesthetic facilities that have enough reputation and quality to perform for you.


Because it is major cosmetic surgery, liposuction will also have a lot of potential risks if you accidentally entrusted your body to some poor-quality facilities. Accordingly, you can encounter:

During the procedure:

– After-effects of anesthesia, especially in cases of overdose of anesthesia
– Trauma to many other organs in the abdomen
– Nerve damage
– Skin burns caused by equipment Shock
– Even lead to death
Customers of liposuction procedure at Gangwhoo
Customers of liposuction procedures at Gangwhoo

After the procedure, the potential condition:

– Embolism due to fat
– Acute pulmonary edema
– Blood clots in the lungs
– Infections
– Edema and swelling of the wound
– Hematoma, also known as bleeding under the skin
– Skin necrosis
– Leakage of serum under the skin
– Reactions to anesthetics and other drugs
– Other complications in the heart and kidneys
– And of course death

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Besides, during the recovery period, there are some potential risks:

Gọi tư vấn miễn phí

– Problems with the shape or contours of the body. It is sagging, wrinkled, wavy or sunken, rough skin (due to poorly skills of the operators during the procedure)

– Numbness, prolonged bruising, soreness, and swelling

– Slow healing wound, infection, necrosis…

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The safest and most effective liposuction method on the market today is impossible not to mention “Lipo Ultrasound – Korean technology” being applied at Gangwhoo Aesthetics. When you decide to use this method, you will be completely relieved from the worry that “Is liposuction painful?” as well as other concerns surrounding liposuction.

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For a long time, Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital has been and still is proud to have the service of this advanced line of liposuction technology. Thousands of customers have been to “Gangwhoo” to undergo liposuction every year, and almost all of them give a “very satisfied” response to the quality of the facility.
When you come to Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital, you will have the opportunity to experience a professional examination and consultation environment according to international standards by a team of senior doctors in the profession. With the continuous improvement and renewal of facilities, equipment and machinery are always one of the priorities. Doctors here are invited to attend international conferences, research, and scientific publications on aesthetics every year. These include long and short-term business trips to countries such as the US, Europe, Southeast Asia, or Korea…

doi ngu y bac si

At Gangwhoo Hospital, Ultrasound abdominal liposuction has the superiority of technology that does not cause much pain, recovers quickly, and does not leave bad scars, the mechanism of the device also limits the ability to the phenomenon of protrusion and clumping of fat after the procedure.

+ Reduce belly fat after one session, can liquefy and remove the maximum amount of excess fat in the treatment area.
+ Abdominal liposuction is safe without leaving any signs of bad scars after cosmetic surgery.
+ Can reduce body fat in areas such as thighs, arms, waist, and back at the same time.
+ The skin of the abdomen is firm, does not cause protrusion, sagging skin
+ Reduces the ability to regenerate fat better than the classic liposuction method
+ Fast recovery

So we have finally come to the end of our journey to learn more about “Is liposuction painless” as well as other concerns surrounding cosmetic liposuction. Right now, if you have any questions, just leave your phone number to get a free consultation from top experts in cosmetology! 


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