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Is Liposuction Healthy? – Experts’ Answers

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Are you in need of liposuction but are extremely concerned about whether liposuction has any effect? Is liposuction healthy?… and so many questions related to this beauty need.

So right now,  to answer your questions in the most detailed way, help you feel more secure and confident before your decision to liposuction for beauty. Check out the following post!


Are there any effects of liposuction? Is liposuction healthy? It must have become the most worry of overweight people who are in need of cosmetic liposuction. And according to Dr. Park Sung Yong (who is currently working at Gangwhoo Hospital), the answers to the above answers will come with many factors, including the quality of the facility that you choose, the level of skill of the doctor as well as your body or how you took care of the post-surgery, is it really serious as indicated and follow Doctor’s instructions or not?

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You can completely meet complications during and after liposuction … and during the time when the body is recovering. It May be mentioned as:

Bleeding and hematoma

Stagnation and accumulation of fluid

Fat embolism (when blood flow is blocked by small pieces of fat, making it impossible for blood to flow)

Burns from surgical instruments, causing damage cell

Anesthesia side effects

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Bacterial infections even necrosis

Shock due to not getting enough water during surgery

Fat is removed unevenly, causing the skin to become unsightly after liposuction

Damage to nerves, blood vessels, muscles, lungs, and abdominal organs

Therefore, doctors recommend that you always be a really wise person in choosing a reputable cosmetic facility for liposuction. That’s how you can avoid risks and complications as well as the effects after liposuction?


Choose a liposuction place licensed by the Ministry of Health

To make sure your cosmetic liposuction always achieves an absolute level of safety and effectiveness, as well as reduce the worry about whether is liposuction healthy. We recommend you always check places carefully and only trust reputable and quality establishments. For example, Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital has been licensed and tested by the Ministry of Health for 83 professional and effective safety criteria. It has been ranked as one of the leading cosmetic hospitals in Vietnam as well as is always trusted by a large number of domestic and overseas customers.

Follow the care instruction after liposuction

Following a routine of exercise, hygiene, and healthy eating after liposuction is a very important factor in deciding the success of liposuction. Besides, it will also directly determine whether you have unexpected risks after liposuction or not. Therefore, for your best results, we recommend that you always be a really strict person in following your doctor’s advice in self-care post-surgery.


Should we choose to do liposuction or not?

Whether you should have liposuction or not, will depend a lot on how much you realize how essential it is to your life. If the excess fat is only relatively or little, completely does not cause obstacles to walking activities, and does not make you self-deprecating or difficult in choosing clothes… it seems that liposuction at this time is not a real need

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Is full body liposuction safe?

Whether liposuction is safe or not will depend on quite a few factors. You may have some physical problems when having liposuction. Besides, you have several objective factors that can lead to your dangerous conditions, which can be mentioned when you perform at a poor-quality cosmetic facility with unsatisfactory medical equipment, no sterile environment as well as qualified doctors.

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It is obvious that everyone likes beauty, especially women because being beautiful to them is also a privilege. It has made the beauty liposuction market become more and more bustling than ever. 

Because of that, disreputable places (even lacking a license to practice) have opened, disturbing the liposuction market and loss of confidence for customers who currently want to do liposuction.

Gangwhoo Hospital is a prestigious and pioneering facility in Vietnam in applies modern liposuction technology. Prominent is the line of advanced liposuction technology transferred from Korea: Lipo Ultrasound.

Coming to Gangwhoo Hospital, you will always have peace of mind because this is a professional beauty treatment environment in accordance with Korean standards (5 stars). A team of highly skilled and well-trained medical doctors from abroad.Gangwhoo Hospital always focuses on improving equipment and machinery as well as the latest beauty methods. Every year, the doctors here are invited to attend research sessions, seminars, and research on cosmetology by leading cosmetic organizations in the world: Germany, the USA, Korea, India… 

This helps the quality and prestige of Gangwhoo Hospital Increasingly be affirmed in Viet Nam day by day. 

As the most modern method, it requires specialized equipment and high technical performance, so the high-tech Lipo Ultrasound liposuction procedure is highly valued by Gangwhoo Aesthetic Hospital. Accordingly, this process will be strictly monitored to ensure that no problems arise with customers. This liposuction method has many outstanding advantages that can be mentioned as:

– Can perform fat reduction for the entire body such as abdomen, waist, thighs, arms, buttocks, and calves.

– Removes excess fat quickly, giving immediate results from the first application.

– Minimize invasive surgery, no pain and no loss of strength

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– Safe, no skin irritation

– Weight and number of centimeters are clearly reduced after just 1 time

– Support medical problems caused by fat

– Modern Lipo Ultrasound fat reduction technology has been tested for all efficiency and safety criteria

– Helps to cut appetite, soften fatty tissue

– Focused ultrasonic waves liquefy and destroy all fatty tissues, even the most stubborn ones


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“Are there any effects after liposuction? Is liposuction healthy? Should people do liposuction?” By now you must have had the best answer for you…Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital wishes you to always be a wise person in choosing a liposuction facility. As well as will always achieve the most satisfactory results after all your aesthetic decisions.

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