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“Is Korean rhinoplasty permanent? How long does it maintain?” are questions great interested today. So what’s the answer to this question, let’s share it with Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital through the following article!

What Is Korean Rhinoplasty?

Korean rhinoplasty is a method of using high-quality biological cartilage to improve the height of the nose spine in an S-Line or L-line shape depending on the face ratio to bring a harmonious and balanced nose shape, thereby making the overall face more elegant.

The goal of Korean-based rhinoplasty methods is to help customers naturally possess beautiful nose shapes, not rough or hard, or make people realize that they have undergone nose aesthetics.

By using the most advanced cartilage material, this method will easily provide the perfect nose shape for customers while limiting the signs of complications that can occur due to the application of safe procedures. So, this method has become popular and widely disseminated to customers who want to own a sustainable Korean nose shape.


Is Korean Rhinoplasty Good?

Both question “Is Korean Rhinoplasty Permanent? Is Korean Rhinoplasty Good?” are the most important information. Experts have analyzed and assessed based on objective factors. The high quality of biological cartilage and modern techniques have contributed to making Korean nose lift one of the best nose lifting methods today.

However, to have the best result, customers should consider their current nose condition. So, It’s easier to determine which method is suitable. Regarding the condition of the nose, Korean rhinoplasty is suitable for people having flat noses, thin nose tips, slim nose wings, and people who want to own a beautiful, natural nose like K-pop idols.

Is Korean Rhinoplasty Permanent?

“Is Korean Rhinoplasty Permanent?” is a question of many people. The time to maintain the beauty of the Korean nose lift will depend on many factors, in which the customer base is the subjective factor that determines how long the results of the nose lift will be.

For Korean rhinoplasty, the rhinoplasty procedure will apply the most advanced techniques, providing the ability to create a beautiful and durable nose shape for many years. Korean high-end cartilage is thought to be highly compatible when used to replace autologous cartilage. As a result, the nose shape after lifting will be capable of lasting up to 5-10 years and even 20 years, besides, if well cared for, this method will be even longer.

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Korean Rhinoplasty’s Advantages

 Good quality

After rhinoplasty, you can be assured to own a beautiful Korean style, elegant and slim nose. Removing the shortcomings in the previous nose such as the low nose, short and low tip. After rhinoplasty, you will be confident with your face

If you want to overcome all of your shortcomings, you can try to use other techniques such as nasal wing collapsing, nasal pillar reconstruction, etc.

Restricting scar after rhinoplasty

Korean rhinoplasty is performed by small operation, with relatively little invasive impact through a fairly slim incision that will limit the condition of leaving bad scars after surgery. After the wound heals, you will not be able to recognize the previous wound position because of the extremely good cosmetic improvement.

Fast recovery

The recovery time after Korean rhinoplasty is quite quick, after 7 days you can own a beautiful natural Korean nose. The painful sensations will also quickly disappear, possibly even without a painful sensation after the rhinoplasty surgery.

How To Take Care After The Surgery To Maintain A Nose Shape

Is Korean rhinoplasty permanent or not depending on how the customer takes care of it after the surgery? For the nose, shape to be durable and able and for the time to recover on schedule after surgery, the doctor will prescribe the right care to the client including the following:

  • Take medications according to the prescriptions of the doctor, do not arbitrarily take medications outside the prescriptions of the doctor
  •  Following the check-up as scheduled by the doctor
  • Do not remove splints or cut thread yourself at home
  • Applying ice or hot to reduce swelling, pain, and blood flow in the early days after surgery
  • Avoiding exercise, strong movements, or impact on the nose during the first post-operative period
  • Should not eat things that can affect the wound after surgery such as glutinous rice, chicken, beef, seafood, etc.
  • In case of the wound shows abnormal signs or the pain persists than the usual time, you should contact a doctor as soon as possible or go directly to a cosmetic facility to be dealt with promptly


Besides the question “Is Korean Rhinoplasty Permanent?” the question “Where is the prestige facility?” also the question helps customers get the desired result. Currently, with rhinoplasty techniques have helped thousands of customers become more confident, and appreciated by many customers.

If it’s difficult for you to find a prestige facility. With 100% cartilage material imported safely and a modern aesthetic system, Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital will be a reliable choice to help you fulfill your desire for beauty through a safe, medical-standard process.


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Not only is there a system of facilities, modern equipment as well as top beauty techniques, but the biggest factor creating successful nose-lifting cases is also thanks to highly specialized and technical doctors. When coming to Gangwhoo, you will be visited by Prof. BS Park Sung Yong with nearly 30 years of experience in aesthetics, who has successfully helped hundreds of thousands of customers of all ages and genders become confident in a more beautiful appearance.

Rhinoplasty services at Gangwhoo are supported by monopolistic AI-computing technology before surgery, so that customers can visualize their new noses even without surgery, making it easier for doctors and customers to outline their new noses as they wish and maintain long-term results.

So we finally came to the end of our journey to learn “Is Korean rhinoplasty permanent?”, If you have any questions or need to learn more about Korean rhinoplasty right now, just leave your phone number to get a free consultation from the top specialists in cosmetology! Please contact the hotline at 0901.666.879 for a free consultation.


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