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Is Korean rhinoplasty good? The key to a beautiful nose

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If you are wondering whether is Korean rhinoplasty good or not. You should check out this article right now as all of your questions will be answered fully and promptly. In addition, this passage might also help you to find the suitable technique for yourself.

What is so special about Korean rhinoplasty?

Korean rhinoplasty is very popular among the ladies thanks to many wonderful advantages and reasonable prices. The surgeon will use biological cartilage from Korea, carve it to a certain degree, and begin placing it inside the nose of the patient.

For patients with little flaws on the nose, the surgeon won’t have to coat the tip of the nose with autologous cartilage. However, if the columella and the tip of the nose are not at their full potential from the start, the surgeon will have to perform minor surgery to extract the autologous cartilage from the body to coat the nose tip.

This method will bring you a beautiful nose shape as it is harmonious and suitable for your face. Therefore, you can choose this technique to enhance the look of your nose.

Is Korean rhinoplasty good?
Is Korean rhinoplasty good?

What factors determine whether is Korean rhinoplasty good or not?

To be certain about whether is Korean rhinoplasty good or not, we will have to take a closer look at the following elements: the quality of the cartilage material, the longevity of the rhinoplasty, and the technique that the surgeon uses.

When choosing a fitting technique of rhinoplasty, safety must be placed as the number one priority. It is obvious that everyone would want themselves to have the most natural look without any complications and revision surgery after having an aesthetic surgery. At Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital, you will never have to be worried about the quality of Korean rhinoplasty for the following reasons:

The most compatible cartilage material

In Asia, the cartilage material used in Korean rhinoplasty would be Nano cartilage. This is premium cartilage with a similar structure to autologous cartilage. It is flexible and can be shaped as will. Nanomaterial makes good compatibility with the body as it can help to prevent rejection and allergies.

In case of a broken nose, you can definitely choose the cartilage-coated rhinoplasty. The surgeon will use autologous cartilage (ear cartilage) to coat the nose tip, preventing any negative effects of biological cartilage as it can cause erosion to the nose skin.

The standardized rhinoplasty technique

  • Step 1: The doctor will diagnose and directly inspect the nose shape of the customers

At Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital, this is considered to be the most important step before the real surgery can begin. The client will have their nose checked by a doctor for the current condition and the certain changes that need to be made to ensure the most fitting nose contour after the surgery.

The doctor will measure the nose tip, the columella, and the dorsum to determine the projection and the length of the cartilage, shaping the future nose contour of the patient.

  • Step 2: General health examination

For Korean rhinoplasty, a general health assessment will be done much simpler than the other techniques.

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You will have to undergo a series of tests for blood pressure, cardiac problems, hemophilia, and drug reaction.

  • Step 3: Local anesthesia

You will feel slight pain during this step. However, it will soon subside and disappear completely afterward.

  • Step 4: The rhinoplasty surgery

During this step, the surgeon will carve the material cartilage followed the predetermined measurements. The most breathtaking feature of this technique is the result of a natural S-Line shape.

After that, the surgeon will open the nasal cavity with tiny incisions at the nose columella and carefully place the cartilage inside.

Once the cartilage is inserted, the surgeon will close the incisions using specialized threads. You will have to return to the hospital 7 days later to have the sutures removed.

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The longevity of the rhinoplasty

When talking about normal rhinoplasty techniques, the results usually only last between 4 to 5 years. After this period, the cartilage will be exposed, causing nose redness.

However, with Korean rhinoplasty technology, the result can last up to 10 years if you have a good body condition and an appropriate aftercare regime. By using Nanomaterial with millions of tiny holes when making the cartilage, the blood flow can run much easier, forming a stable connection inside the nasal cavity and a lasting result.

The technique of the surgeon

The customer will never have to be worried about whether is Korean rhinoplasty good or not as all the steps during the surgery are done by a doctor with over 20 years of experience.

At Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital, all the doctors are specialized in a certain field of service. Therefore, they are the most knowledgeable person when it comes to rhinoplasty and nose revision. Even the smallest movements will be done with great precision, leaving no room for mistakes.

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Therefore, to obtain the most accurate answer to the question of whether is Korean rhinoplasty good or not, you must choose yourself a reputable facility with both safety and quality.

The “golden” place to have quality Korean rhinoplasty in Ho Chi Minh City

Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is the best place to entrust your beauty as this is the facility with the most advanced Korean rhinoplasty technique. At Gangwhoo, the client will get to undergo the best nose makeover for the following reasons:

  • The surgery will be operated by a team of exceptional surgeons and experts in rhinoplasty, in particular, and other makeovers in general. This will allow the procedure to take place gently, quickly, and safely.
  • The machine and equipment used are directly imported from famous brands in America, Korea, Germany, etc. with operating licenses.
  • The most dedicated and professional care services to ensure the best experience for the clients.

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With these information, you must have had the answer to whether is Korean rhinoplasty good or not. We hope the information that we have provided will help you to understand more about this cosmetic procedure. In addition, you can also contact us for the immediate consultation.

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