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Is Jaw reduction Dangerous? Expert Answers

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Is Jaw reduction dangerous? Perhaps this is an issue that many people are also wondering about. If you still do not know the answer, follow this article to listen to the expert’s explanation.

 What is Jaw reduction? 

Jaw reduction is a method of facial shaping. By adjusting the lower jaw bone, in order to correct defects and create a slim, slim V-line face. This process involves adjusting the length and position of the chin as well as the jawbone, in order to create balance and proportions for the face.

Jaw reduction Dangerous

Is Jaw reduction dangerous?

Jaw reduction basically is jaw adjusting process, With direct intervention in the bone, perhaps many people will be interested in the issue of “is it dangerous to do Jaw reduction?”

It can be seen that Jaw reduction is considered a surgery with risks and side effects. Facial bone surgery can contain the risk of complications if not carried out properly or by people who do not have enough skills and experience. However, the actual technology and methods of performing chin augmentation have been developed and improved, helping to reduce risks and increase safety.

Choosing an experienced surgeon to do the surgery is very important. These experts will apply modern technologies and follow safety procedures to ensure the best results and minimize the risk of side effects. Finding a reputable and highly recommended address is also an important factor to ensure safety during the process of Jaw reduction. 

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Are factors affecting the results of Jaw reduction dangerous?

Jaw reduction Whether it is dangerous usually depends on many factors. If one of the factors below is not met, it will most likely affect the results of jaw reduction and cause certain risks.


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Factors affecting the result of jaw reduction

Doctor’s qualification

The success and safety of a Jaw reduction procedure is highly dependent on the skill and experience of the surgeon. An unqualified doctor can cause manipulation errors or not ensure accuracy during surgery, endangering the nerves and blood vessels of the face.

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Old fashioned method

Using outdated technology or outdated equipment can increase the risk of infection and gangrene. Inaccurate machinery can also cause serious complications, even death.


Jaw reduction should be done under sterile and aseptic conditions. If proper aseptic preparation and cleaning procedures are not followed, infection and cross-contamination can occur, endangering the patient’s life.

Customer’s health

Before surgery, it is necessary to have a thorough medical examination. Skipping this check can put you at risk of unsafe surgery, such as seizures, excessive blood loss, and even death.

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How does the safe Jaw reduction process work?

To avoid the problem of “is Jaw reduction dangerous?” It is necessary to follow the full process of steps prescribed by the Ministry of Health. Specifically, it is necessary to follow and go through the following steps:

Step 1: The doctor examines and consults

In this step, the doctor will examine and evaluate your facial condition. Based on that, the doctor will advise the most suitable Vline Jaw reduction plan for each case..

Bước 2: X-Ray stimulation 3D

3D simulation radiology technology is used to calculate the jaw bone ratio and simulate the results of Vline jaw reduction. This helps the doctor have a comprehensive view of the bone structure and accurately shape it before the surgery.

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Step 3:  Anesthesia to prepare for surgery

Before the surgery, the patient will be anesthetized to ensure that they do not feel pain and receive the surgery safely.

Step 4: Accurate Jaw reduction

The doctor uses modern aesculap bone cutting technology to precisely cut the jaw according to the pre-calculated ratio. This process requires high precision and technique to produce the expected result.

Step 5: Post-operative care

After completing the Vline Jaw reduction process, you will receive post-operative care. Your doctor will monitor and guide you on incision care, pain relief, recovery progress, and safety.

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How much does it cost?

Currently, the cost for the process of V-line Jaw reduction on the market ranges from 60 to 150 million VND. This price has been calculated to balance and match the average income of many people. You can refer to the price in the table below to estimate the cost that you have to pay!

Where should Jaw reduction be in a safe and reputable place?

If you are concerned about safety and reputation in Jaw reduction, Gangwhoo Hospital is a great choice. In the field of jaw reduction surgery, Gangwhoo is a well-known place that claims the best quality and results for every client.

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The prestigious and safe Gangwhoo Hospital is trusted by many customers

Gangwhoo is proud to have a team of highly experienced and specialized doctors in the field of cosmetology. The doctors at Gangwhoo have been highly trained and are able to apply advanced techniques in modern jaw reduction technology.

Gangwhoo Hospital owns a system of modern facilities, that meet the standards of a 5-star cosmetic unit. Equipment and technology used at Gangwhoo are transferred from Korea, ensuring safety and medical standards.

After the jaw reduction surgery, customers at Gangwhoo will be cared for by a dedicated team of nurses 24/24. The doctor will also examine and monitor the client’s health continuously, ensuring timely handling of possible complications.

Especially, Gangwhoo is one of the few cosmetic institutes that confidently affirms the quality from minor surgery to major surgery and has been licensed by the Ministry of Health to operate. This proves Gangwhoo’s credibility and trustworthiness in the cosmetology industry.

Is Jaw reduction dangerous? As you know, sharpening can be dangerous if you do it at an unsavory address. Then the risk will be high and you will have to bear the unpredictable consequences. Therefore, before cutting the jaw, choose a reputable and safe address to have the best jaw reduction results. And don’t forget to connect with Gangwhoo If you have more questions, feel free to ask!

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