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Is having a flat nose ugly? – The tips for those with a flat nose

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Is having a flat nose ugly? The answer is YES. A flat nose is not only a bad nose contour but also can affect the fortune of one person.

Are you feeling insecure about your appearance? Are you wondering about the bad feature of your face, especially if you are having a flat nose? Let’s accompany Gangwhoo to find out if is having a flat nose ugly and how will this nose contour affect your life in the future.

What is a flat nose?

Having a flat nose is actually a common thing among Vietnamese people due to their genetic features. This is not only for women but also for men as well. It can badly affect the facial appearance, making it look asymmetrical.

A flat nose is a way to address a nose with low projection, large tip and nostrils, and wide curves. There are many different types of fat noses depend on their flaws.

Flat nose without a dorsum: The dorsum projection of the nose is low, making the direct or side view of the nose show no sign of protrusion.

Fat nose with wide alar base: The dorsum projection of the nose is low and the alar base is wide. This makes the nose look open and thick from below with 2 round nostrils.

Flat and snub nose: The dorsum projection of the nose is low, similar to the nose tip. The nostrils are exposed when viewing directly. The nose tip can be seen to be going up from the side.

Is having a flat nose ugly?
Is having a flat nose ugly?

Why is having a flat nose ugly?

Is having a flat nose ugly? The answer is YES. A flat nose is not only a bad nose contour but also can affect the fortune of one person. Moreover, the flat nose tends to be pulled following the winkles at the mouth corners when smiling or talking, making the cheek look higher.

There are also hundreds of other problems of having a flat nose like:

  • The nose makes you look unattractive in every picture.
  • The flat nose makes your direct or side view to be bad.
  • Wearing glasses with a flat nose is difficult as the glasses tend to fall down.

How does a flat nose got portrayed in physiognomy?

Is having a flat nose ugly? What does the physiognomy have to say about this? Our ancestors believe that a flat now is a bad sign for your fortune. The owner of the nose is hot-tempered and easy to be tricked. Their mind is always anxious and nervous.

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A man with a flat nose

A man with a flat nose usually has trouble with money and business. According to the physiognomy, they will not run into luck when trying to open their own business and will hardly get any promotion. Their love path will also be very bumpy as they tend to get cheated on.

A woman with a flat nose

A woman with a flat nose is not only a bag sign for their look but also their luck as well. Their lives tend to run into multiple financial troubles as they trust people too easily. A flat nose is also considered to be bad for their husbands as well. it may not cost him his life but it will affect his fortune and financial status.

Note: This information is based entirely on physiognomy. Readers should only take this as advice.

Người Mũi Tẹt Có Xấu Không?
Is having a flat nose ugly?

Should you change your flat nose contour?

Many wonder if changing the flat nose contour into something better can actually change their fate as there is no scientific evidence for it.  However, you might want to have a beautiful and more symmetrical nose shape for your appearance to boost your own confidence in life.

Confidence is the key to success. It is the way for you to impress your partner. With confidence, you can do many things that you have never done before. Therefore, a change of nose shape can also be considered a change of fate.

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A reputable place to change your nose shape

Nowadays, having rhinoplasty to alter the flat nose contour is a very normal thing. However, to achieve a perfect and beautiful nose shape, you should only seek a reputable and quality facility.

If you are having trouble finding a place to perform your surgery safely, then having rhinoplasty at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is the best choice for you.

Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is considered to be the most suitable place for a makeover. Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is also licensed to be operated in Vietnam in many branches.

Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital can perform many different services like breast augmentation, eyelid revision, nose revision, skin therapy, therapy spa, etc.

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The rhinoplasty procedures the are offered at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital are Korean rhinoplasty, cartilage rhinoplasty, structural rhinoplasty, Surgiform rhinoplasty, etc. All of them will ensure your nose contour to be natural without even a single dead angle after having.

You can definitely come to Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital to have rhinoplasty without worrying too much about any problems and get your flat nose improved!

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We hope what we shared with you today will help you to understand more about whether is having a flat nose ugly. With a beautiful nose, you can boost your confidence and change your fortune by yourself. Come to Gangwhoo to receive our assistance and support today!

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