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Is facial paralysis treatable?

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Cranial nerve VII paralysis is also known as facial paralysis. In general, this condition is not life-threatening but can seriously affect your aesthetics, making patients lose confidence when communicating and affecting work as well as daily life. So is facial paralysis treatable? Continue reading the article below to find out!

Some simple things you should know about facial paralysis

Facial paralysis is one of the diseases that can catch you off guard, leading to frustration and anxiety. It can occur the moment you wake up from your sleep. You may find that one side or even both sides of your face can’t move naturally and are almost in a state of numbness. That is the most obvious sign of the 7th nerve palsy.

This condition can be caused by one or more causes. However, if your body is healthy yet you suffer the condition, then the main reason can be sudden cold exposure. At this stage, the blood vessels are constricted, making it impossible for the blood to flow to nourish and keep the cranial nerve VII warm. This, eventually, leads to facial paralysis.

In addition, there are many other causes of paralysis of the 7th nerve such as: viral infection, shingles, ear trauma, vascular diseases, diseases in the nasopharynx or skull base,..

Is facial paralysis treatable?
Is facial paralysis treatable?

Is facial paralysis treatable?

Once you have understood what facial palsy is, you might worry whether if is facial paralysis treatable? You can rest assured that if you choose the right treatment and have it treated the moment you spot the first sign of the condition, you can be completely cured. However, you also need to be very patient because it cannot be treated in a day or two. In fact, it can take months to be fully treated.
Although this is not a life-threatening condition, you should not be too carefree because the disease can develop to a more severe level with a very low chance of getting cured.
In addition, you cannot have this condition entirely treated on your own without the help of doctors. Follow your doctor’s instructions completely so that the disease can be taken care of quickly and effectively. Even when the problem is dealt with, you should also need to pay attention to prevent the condition from recurring because 7th nerve paralysis can occur to anyone at any time.

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How to have your facial paralysis treated

Now that you know whether is facial paralysis treatable or not, you must be curious to know how to treat this condition properly, right? The moment you stop the first sign of facial palsy, you need to immediately go to a specialist hospital so that the doctor can examine and give the most timely treatment.
In fact, the best treatment for facial palsy is to combine the 2 methods of traditional medicine and modern medicine. That means western medicine will be used to fight inflammation, reduce edema, suppress pathogenic viruses, and vasodilate. Acupuncture or physical therapy will also be applied during the regimen.
In case that you want to have surgery to improve the paralyzed facial muscles in combination with a reconstruction surgery and a facial muscle tightening procedure, you should consult Gangwhoo Hospital. The one good news for patients with facial paralysis is that thanks to an improved method researched by Dr. Phung Manh Cuong and a group of Korean cosmetology professors, facial paralysis can be cured with the result of a “good as old” look. This, along with the use of physical therapy, will achieve results up to 95% of the original look. Head directly to any branch of Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital to be examined by a specialist and have your condition diagnosed for the best treatment possible.
In addition to the treatment given by the doctor, you also need to know how to take care of yourself and to keep your body warm. This way, the treatment can bring about great results and also prevent the recurrence of the problem.

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Through this article, we have helped you to understand whether is facial paralysis treatable or not, as well as provided you with some important information about the condition. If you still have any related questions, feel free to contact us via our website to receive the immediate answer and consultation.

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