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Is facial paralysis dangerous?

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Peripheral facial palsy is a common condition in recent years. The symptoms of this condition are asymmetrical mouth or the inability to close the eyes. In general, these signs are pretty clear to notice and can be easily diagnosed. However, is facial paralysis dangerous? If so, then how dangerous could it get?

Which age groups are vulnerable to facial paralysis?

Some people believe that cranial nerve 7 paralysis can only occur in elderly people as their immune system is weakened and deteriorated. Well, this is not wrong, but not entirely correct either as all subjects, young or old can have facial paralysis.

In fact, the number of young people having this condition is increasing. Therefore, all ages are vulnerable to cranial nerve 7 paralysis. If you don’t take care of yourself well, you might also be exposed to this condition.

Is facial paralysis dangerous?
Is facial paralysis dangerous?

Is facial paralysis dangerous?

The short answer is NO. Facial palsy is not dangerous to your life nor other body’s functions. You can live with this condition until the end of your life without needing any treatment. In addition, the complications of this condition don’t pose any threat or severely affect your health.

However, saying that doesn’t mean the condition will go away on its own. Without immediate treatment, the muscles will be stiff and fully paralyzed, diminishing the chance of recovery. This will make the condition untreatable and the patient will have to live with a disproportionate mouth, unclosed eye, and dropping saliva for the rest of their life.

In addition to that, the aesthetic of the person will also be severely damaged. Therefore, although it is not harmful to you, you should still get treatment for cranial nerve 7 paralysis as soon as possible.

For a healthy person, the recovery time would be between 3 – 4 months. In contrast, if the patient didn’t get treatment any time soon, leaving the condition to persist for a long period of time, then the cranial nerve 7 paralysis would take longer to heal.

The most important thing is to realize the golden hour for treatment and the appropriate technique for it. This is also applied to the expertise of the doctors and the address that the patient decided to have the operation at.

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How long is the recovery of facial paralysis treatment?

When having this condition, you should not be too worried. Instead, find yourself a reputable facility to receive a direct diagnosis from an expert to understand the cause and the severity of the paralysis to come up with a suitable and immediate treatment.

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The time for treating cranial nerve 7 paralysis is not stable as each state of the condition will require a certain treatment time. If the person finds out about the condition soon and receives early treatment, it will be much improved in a couple of weeks. Contradictory, if the condition takes longer to be found out, it could take months to be treated.

Overall, if you want to have your facial palsy treated as soon as possible, you should pay more attention to your health more. If there is any sign of abnormalities, then you should get a check-up instantly. In addition to that, you can try to cooperate with your doctor to shorten the treatment time.

How can cranial nerve 7 paralysis be treated?

There are, in fact, lots of methods for you to have your facial palsy treated. You can choose between Western or Eastern medicine to receive effective treatment and positive results. For Western medicine, you will go through medications and physiotherapy, while acupuncture will be available for Eastern medicine. Each person will require a different treatment for themselves. Therefore, you should do your research thoroughly and listen to the advice from your physician.

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This is the answer to your question about “is facial paralysis dangerous?”. If you still have any queries about this condition, you can check out Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital’s website for further improvement to your knowledge.

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