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Is Dimple Surgery Permanent?

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Dimples not only bring charisma to the face but also have many layers of meaning deep within them. Dimple surgery is a method of bringing you the attractiveness that charms many persons. Although this is a very favorable technique, many are still wondering if dimple surgery is permanent or not. To answer this question, let’s take a look at the article below.

Is Dimple Surgery Permanent?

Is dimple surgery permanent? – This method of dimple creation is one of the simple minor makeover surgeries. In this surgery, the surgeons will first determine the area the dimples will be located and create a durable bond between the facial skin and the cheek muscle to form the charming dimples every time you smile.

In fact, whether dimple surgery permanent or not depends on many different factors. However, for most cases, this minor surgery can bring an 8 to 10-year result, with many cases witness permanent effect.

Is Dimple Surgery Permanent?
Is Dimple Surgery Permanent?

The factors that determine the longevity of dimple surgery

1. Whether dimple surgery permanent or not depends on the applied technique

The decisive element in any surgery is the technique of the surgeon. Although dimple surgery is just a minor surgery with a relatively fast operation time, it is undeniable that the expertise of the surgeon plays an important role in the beauty and longevity of the dimples. There have been some cases in which the thread knot that forms the dimples slips. Therefore, the surgeon must be extra dexterous in every step of the procedure to create a bond that is tight enough yet still offers the natural feeling of the smile.

2. Whether a dimple surgery permanent or not depends on the person’s condition and post-operative care

If your face becomes fat easily, there is a high chance that the dimples will not last for very long.

Besides, to keep the dimples natural and lasting, you must also have a logical diet and rest, especially during the period after the surgery. You must keep in mind that for the first 5 – 6 days after the procedure, you can only eat soft food like porridge, soup, milk. In contrast, food that can cause swelling and longer recovery like beef, chicken, water spinach, etc. must be avoided for the first month after the surgery. In addition, you must supplement yourself with plenty of protein and vitamin C. Furthermore, you must keep you mouth from doing too much work and be extra careful when chewing or talking.

Tạo má lúm đồng tiền có vĩnh viễn không do cơ địa và cách chăm sóc hậu phẫu
Whether dimple surgery permanent or not depends on the body’s condition and the post-operative care

Is there any way to ensure longer longevity?

Aside from the mentioned elements, the facility that you undergo the surgery is also one of the most important factors. Nowadays, with the outrageous number of cosmetic facilities, you must be extra vigilant when making a decision for yourself.

Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is proud to be the place for the number 1 dimple surgery that you can totally rely on. We make use of the top dimple surgery technique in Korea to helps you own the dimpled smile in just 40 minutes.

The doctors will make careful measurements and adjustments so that the new dimples will suit your overall facial appearance. Each step of the procedure is performed directly by an expert to ensure your complete safety and limit all the risks of complications.

With the precise technique, the surgeons will help you to get the beautiful and gorgeous dimples, while still offers complete longevity and natural appearance without causing any damage to the tissues around the cheek area.

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We hope that through this article, you now have the answer to the question “is dimple surgery permanent” so that you have the knowledge to keep your dimple lasting. If you still have any questions about dimple surgery, feel free to contact Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital for the answers that you need.

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