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Is Dimple Surgery Dangerous? Does It Leave Complications?

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Is dimple surgery dangerous? – Many women love to have dimples, but they are afraid if a dimpleplasty is harmful to the health after seeing so many dimple surgery failures on the Internet. So what is the truth about the danger of dimpleplasty? Let’s take a look at the article below for the answers.

Is dimple surgery dangerous?

Dimpleplasty is actually a very simple minor surgery down inside the oral cavity to cover the sign of cosmetic intervention.

The result of a dimple surgery depends greatly on the expertise of the surgeons. After the positions of the future dimples are determined to reach the perfect symmetry, the doctors will begin disinfecting the skin inside the mouth cavity and make a tiny marking point where the dimples will be. After that, cosmetic threads will be inserted through the skin within and attach to the sucking muscle to create a connection. In some cases, the doctors will remove a part of the fat in between the cheek skin and the muscle.

At first, the dimples will be sunken whether you smile or not but after a while, they will become more natural and only appear when you smile or move your face muscle, creating beautiful and charming dimples.

It may sound complicated but it is actually a very simple and safe procedure with possible permanence. The surgery also does not affect the function and movement of the face muscle.

However, if the surgery is performed by people with little to no expertise at unlicensed facilities, complications like infection, hematoma, parotid duct obstruction, abscess, etc.

To ensure the best and safest result, away from all the dangerous complications, you should choose a renowned and experienced plastic surgeon in a licensed facility.

Is dimple surgery dangerous?
Is dimple surgery dangerous?

The consequences of having cheap dimpleplasty

It is no coincidence that many are questioning “is dimple surgery dangerous?” as many have had cheap dimpleplasty that causes serious complications, affecting the appearance of the face.

  • The dimples are swollen, infected with purulence after the surgery for 1 – 2 days.
  • The wound could be expanded, leading to a hole in the cheek.
  • Ugly permanent scars appear on the dimples areas.

How long after dimple surgery do the dimples become stable?

Aside from the question “is dimple surgery dangerous?”, many are also wonder about the period until dimples become stable. Normally, after 5 – 7 days, the dimples area will begin to become natural and less swollen, while the punctures are beginning to heal. After that time, the dimples will only appear when you smile, talk, or perform facial movements, making the cheeks look natural. Some cases have been reported to have permanent results even after the threads have been dissolved.

Can a failed dimple surgery be revised?

After having failed dimpleplasty, many seek the answer for a place to perform a revision.

Gọi tư vấn miễn phí

According to the experts at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital, a dimpleplasty failure with purulence can definitely be revised, allowing the customers to have perfect beauty.

At Gagnwhoo cosmetic hospital, hundreds of thousands of failed dimple surgery were treated with a success rate of up to 98%, satisfying all the customers who chose the service.

At the moment, Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is one of the few facilities approved by the Ministry of Health to operate and perform safe and quality dimple surgery as we meet all the requirements on the sterile operation rooms, the equipment, the exceptional surgeons, and so on.

Let’s take a look at the customers who have had dimple surgery at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital

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ma lum

We hope that this article has answered your question of “is dimple surgery dangerous”. You can come and visit Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital to receive detailed consultation so that you can own your desired dimples today!

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