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Is Blepharoplasty Results Permanent? – The Answers from Our Experts

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Every person, when having cosmetic services, wishes to have perfect and lasting beauty. Therefore, many wonders whether is blepharoplasty results permanent or not.

One of the most popular techniques in making the eyes sparkling and beautiful is blepharoplasty. Therefore, it has become the service that many choose to have to breathe a new breath of life into their eyes. Before undergoing the surgery, lots of customers wonder whether is blepharoplasty results permanent or not. This article will answer this question for you!

Is blepharoplasty results permanent?

Blepharoplasty is a minor surgery done to remove the excess skin and fat of the eyelid, creating the new lid creases. As it involves surgery, the new creases will last permanently.

The First-level specialist Dr. Phung Manh Cuong, who is working in Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital stated that only the eyelid creases are permanent while the aesthetic value of the surgery will change after time and depends on the body condition of the patient.

To allow the crease to last for a long time, the surgeon must be exceptional in expertise, whereas the clients who underwent the operation must know how to take care of themselves on how to eat and rest.

The factors that affect the durability of the creases

Blepharoplasty will significantly correct the flaws of the eyes, creating new lid creases that make the eyes look more beautiful and attractive. The eyes will gain the best aesthetic value after having cosmetic surgery. However, the truth is that this value does not last permanently like the eyelid creases due to the following reasons.

The ageing process gets more severe over time

Over time, as you grow older, your body will become weaker and experience changes. This is inevitable and cannot be changed.

Senescence will happen rapidly as you grow older, making the skin wrinkled and saggy. One “victim” of this process is the eyes as the skin will become saggy, causing ptosis and covering the artificial lid creases. In addition, ageing will also create eyelid fat that blurs away the creases.

The body condition of each person

Is blepharoplasty results permanent? The answer will depend on the body condition of each individual.

There are many people who seek blepharoplasty not to have the big googly eyes but rather to take care of the excess skin and eyelid fat. These people tend to have sagginess and fat accumulation at the eyelid that can greatly affect the aesthetics of the eyes. Some young people also suffer from this problem due to their body condition.

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Blepharoplasty will only help them to improve the flaws of the eyes for a short amount of time. The saggy skin and fat will return more or less. This, over time, will affect the aesthetic outcome of the blepharoplasty.

You must know the answer to whether is blepharoplasty results permanent or not by now. The most correct answer is that the eyelid creases will last permanently while the beauty of the creases will diminish gradually.

How to maintain the eyelid creases for a long time

By applying the following care techniques, the eyelid will be beautiful for a long time.

  • Abstain from doing makeup. If you have to do makeup, don’t overdo it at the eyelid creases. Try to get rid of the habit of using the tools to lengthen the eyelash to avoid damaging the new eyelid creases.
  • Abstain from rubbing the eyes as it can make the skin of the eyelid saggy, causing senescence and the loss of the lid creases.
  • Have a healthy lifestyle, drink plenty of water, and supplement more products that can slow down the ageing process like walnut, olive oil, fish oil, garlic, sesame, pomegranate, green tea, etc.
  • Massage the eyelid daily. You can do this by rubbing gently from the medial to the lateral canthus to stimulate the dissolve of fat, avoid having fat accumulation, increasing the blood flows, slowing down the ageing process, and making the skin more tighten.
  • After having blepharoplasty for ten years or noticing the signs of sagginess and excess fat at any given point, head to a reputable cosmetic facility to take care of the condition.
Is Blepharoplasty Results Permanent
Is Blepharoplasty Results Permanent

Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital, the facility for a safe and naturally beautiful blepharoplasty

To get rid of the problem of whether is blepharoplasty results permanent or not out of your mind, you must take your time to search for a prestigious facility before undergoing the surgery.

If you are having trouble finding a safe and reputable place for painless and permanent blepharoplasty, then Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital is the no-brainer choice for you.

Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital is a 5-star hospital that possesses the leading cosmetic technology in Vietnam. The hospital promises to offer the most in-depth services in the 5 fields of cosmetic surgery, nose and eyelid revision, skin therapy, therapeutic spa, dental treatment.

The eye makeover services like blepharoplasty will allow you to own big and breathtaking eyes after just one procedure.

  • A team of experienced and exceptional experts that has years of training both in and out of the country.
  • The most advanced equipment imported directly from major developed countries.
  • The state-of-the-art technology in ensuring a painless and safe procedure.
  • The Plasma technology limits the number of invasions and bruises, offering a quick recovery.
  • The leading cosmetic trends in the world.
  • A team of dedicated and professional aftercare services.

Blepharoplasty will only be able to keep the eyelid crease permanent but it cannot maintain its aesthetic values. Therefore, after years of having the surgery, you should head to Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital if you find out that your eyelids are becoming saggy and fatty.

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