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Inverted Nipple Correction (1 or both side)

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An inverted nipple (or also called nipple retraction) is a condition where the nipple points inward or lies flat instead of pointing outward. This condition not only badly affects the function of the breast but also affects the aesthetic of the body. With advanced technology, you can quickly overcome this condition safely and quickly. The following article shall give you the information you need about this method!

Inverted Nipple Correction
Inverted Nipple Correction

What is the inverted nipple correction (1 or both sides) method?

In fact, inverted nipples often occur in women and account for about 10% of the case. This condition occurs due to shortened milk ducts, hypoplasia as well as lack of connective tissue of the mammary glands. This condition is also formed due to the mammary gland and the connective structures after giving birth. In order to completely overcome inverted nipples, surgical treatment is the most effective method.

Inverted nipples often occur due to 2 factors that are congenital and the lack of mammary gland function after birth, causing the nipples to completely point inward, which is very unsightly. Moreover, inverted nipples also unintentionally affect the function of the breasts, making it impossible for women to breastfeed their children.

The advantages of inverted nipple correction (1 or both sides)

This method can ensure the following advantages:

  • This method can be applied to make the nipple return to the normal position; the areola and the breast are well-balanced with each other, so women become more confident in life as well as in sex.
  • The inverted nipple correction method is carried out carefully and safely without causing bad scars or cosmetic traces.
  • The treatment is carried out quickly without affecting the customer’s life and work.
  • The breasts become well-proportioned and more beautiful.
  • Especially, this method does not harm the mammary glands or breastfeeding.

The inverted nipple correction procedure at international hospital

A safe and standard inverted nipple correction procedure must be as follows:

Step 1: Examination and consultation

The doctor will examine the customer’s current nipple condition. Then, the doctor will suggest the most appropriate treatment method.

Step 2: General health check

The customer must have a general health check to decide whether they are qualified for the surgery or not. All surgical instruments must be sterilized before the surgery.

Step 3: Anesthesia

Gọi tư vấn miễn phí

The doctor will quickly perform anesthesia so that the customer will not feel any pain or discomfort during the surgery.

Step 4: Start the inverted nipple correction

For mild inverted nipple cases: The doctor shall thread 1 or 2 rounds around the nipple roots and pull the inverted nipples outward. The doctor will fix the nipples to prevent them from pointing inward. For severe inverted nipple cases: The doctor will cut and shape 2 triangle-shaped skin patches opposite the nipples. Then, the doctor will thread the skin patches under the nipple to fix the nipple to its normal shape.

Either method will not leave any scars or affect the mammary glands.

Breast makeover price list at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital

Service Price (VND) Discounted price

1-side Inverted Nipple Correction


2-side Nipple Reduction


2-side Areola Reduction


Accessory Breast Removal (1–2 breasts)


Gynecomastia Treatment


Breast Reduction

Gọi tư vấn miễn phí
45 – 65,000,000

Breast Lift

45 – 65,000,000

Endoscopic Breast Augmentation – Nano Implant without Chip


Endoscopic Breast Augmentation – Nano Implant with Chip


Ergonomix Endoscopic Breast Augmentation


Why should you choose inverted nipple correction at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital?

Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital is proud to be one of the most prestigious cosmetic hospitals in Vietnam nowadays. With years of experience in the cosmetic industry, we not only bring you flawless beauty but also ensure that your health and safety come first.

In addition, the machinery systems, equipment, and operating rooms at Gangwhoo Hospital are highly evaluated. All machines are imported directly from abroad, cosmetic procedures are transferred from Korea, completely sterilized operating rooms… Therefore, Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital deserves a 5-star cosmetic service for customers.

Gangwhoo provides all beauty services at extremely reasonable prices for customers.

We hope you’ve had enough useful information about inverted nipple correction. Come to Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital now to have your beauty greatly transformed in no time.

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