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Hump Reduction Rhinoplasty – The key to a perfect straight nose

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Hump Reduction Rhinoplasty is the most popular choice thanks to its fast ability to remove the dorsal hump which affects the aesthetical pleasing of the face.

Hump Reduction Rhinoplasty
Hump Reduction Rhinoplasty

What is a dorsal hump?

Dorsal hump (Nasal hump) is a condition where there’s a protrusion of nasal bone and/or cartilage on the bridge of the nose. The detailed conditions are different in each case, in some cases, the hump is too visible and can be mistaken for a broken nose.

It can be genetics that causes a naturally bent nose bridge or due to past traumatic physical accidents, a dorsal hump forms if the bone or cartilage heals unevenly. From a side profile, there’s a bump making the nose look longer and crooked, it affects how the face looks.

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Hump Reduction Rhinoplasty

Hump Reduction Rhinoplasty Technology

Hump Reduction Rhinoplasty is considered an effective method to eliminate a dorsal hump, brings a natural straight nose bridge and a perfect side profile. Applying modern technology, doctors will create a nasal cavity and then sharpen the nose bridge.

Nowadays, hump reduction rhinoplasty has been widely applied in beauty clinics and hospitals. Gangwhoo hospital has also performed this technology to help customers eliminate dorsal hump, create a more elegant appearance and be more confident in life.

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Price list

Recently, there have been many rhinoplasty technologies appeared with many cost ranges to give customers a variety of choices. As for hump reduction rhinoplasty, the market price varies from 15.000.000 VND to 30.000.000 VND. Depending on the nose’s condition and which hospital the customer chooses, there will be some insignificant differences.

Below is the latest rhinoplasty price list of Gangwhoo hospital

Qualified procedure 

A qualified rhinoplasty procedure decides whether that surgery is successful or not. Gangwhoo hospital follows a strict and safe procedure that meets all the requirements of The Health Ministry. With a crew of professional and skilled doctors that have years of experience, rhinoplasty in general and hump reduction rhinoplasty in particular at Gangwhoo hospital is guaranteed a smooth, fast and safe process.

Gọi tư vấn miễn phí

Step 1: Examination and Consultant 

Customers will receive examinations and consultants from a specialist to accurately understand their nose’s condition and customize a surgery plan. In the case of the dorsal hump, hump reduction rhinoplasty is the first choice based on the outcome and cost.

Step 2: General Health check

To determine whether customers are in the right shape to perform rhinoplasty, doctors will indicate a general health check, current health issues and medication usage. Depending on the results, doctors will decide if the customers are in good condition to perform a rhinoplasty procedure and when to do it.

Step 3: Check the nose’s condition via AI computed tomography scan 

Via a facial AI 3D cone beam computed tomography scan, the resulting images will reflex the actual current condition of customers’ noses to help doctors easily customize a detailed surgery plan.

Hump Reduction Rhinoplasty
Hump Reduction Rhinoplasty


Step 4: Operation

Skilled doctors will perform the procedure with care. Customers are put under anesthesia before the rhinoplasty. The process lasts around 30-45 minutes, includes:

  • Incisions are made along the nose bridge to extract septal cartilage
  • Reshape the tip
  • Shrink the dorsal hump
  • Raise the nose bridge and contour the tip

Step 5: Complete the surgery

After successfully performing the surgery, the doctor will stitch the wound with specialized thread, the stitch is carefully hidden to prevent post-surgery scars.

Step 6: Post-surgery care

After finishing the rhinoplasty procedure, customers have to stay for a while so that our nurses can treat the wound under doctors’ supervisors to control any unexpected problems. Customers will be able to resume daily life after 15-30 minutes.

However, doctors recommend customers avoid excessive exercise and some foods that are bad for the healing process, also customers need to take medication as instructed for fast recovery.


Gọi tư vấn miễn phí


Credible address for hump reduction rhinoplasty

Proud to be the leading unit applying beauty technologies transferred exclusively from Korea with rhinoplasty as the most popular service, Gangwhoo hospital can ensure customers a great experience and a perfect nose after using the Hump Reduction Rhinoplasty service.

Gangwhoo hospital is chosen by many to archive their desired beauty, reshape and improve their flaws. Besides, many foreign customers also put their trust in Gangwhoo hospital for their aesthetic and beauty needs.



Gangwhoo hospital ensures that all customers using these services have a great experience thanks to below outstanding advantages:

  • Cosmetic surgeons at Gangwhoo hospital are professionals from both Korea and Viet Nam, known as “golden hands” in the beauty field with many successful cases. Doctors at Gangwhoo always perform surgeries with care to bring customers a perfectly straight nose with elegant features.
  • Hump Reduction Rhinoplasty technology is transferred from Korea with all of its modern and advanced features. One of the significant features is the AI 3D cone beam computed tomography scan, which is applied exclusively for the rhinoplasty procedure. With the assistance of modern equipment, the results of rhinoplasty will be maintained for a long time, the procedure is performed quickly but carefully to protect the safety of customers.


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