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How Much is Structural Rhinoplasty?

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Structural Rhinoplasty service is offered at different prices at different cosmetic facilities. So what is the reasonable price for a quality and safe structural rhinoplasty service? The following article shall give you the answer you are looking for. Stay tuned!

How much is structural rhinoplasty?
How much is structural rhinoplasty?

What is structural rhinoplasty?

Structural rhinoplasty is a method that involves correcting the entire nose structure by using both biological cartilage and autologous cartilage. This rhinoplasty method shall correct most of the defects of the nose and is the optimal technique to recover a damaged nose.

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How much is structural rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is becoming more and more popular among customers. In particular, structural rhinoplasty is one of the most chosen rhinoplasty services.

Lots of cosmetic facilities provide this service under different names such as S Line / L Line Structural Rhinoplasty, 3D – 4D – 6D Structural Rhinoplasty. And the structural rhinoplasty price list is also different in each cosmetic facility. However, in general, the cost of structural rhinoplasty is often higher than that of normal rhinoplasty methods.

So what is the reasonable price for a quality and safe structural rhinoplasty? The price of structural rhinoplasty ranges from 20 – 80 million VND depending on the technique implemented.

The price of structural rhinoplasty ranges from 20 - 80 million VND
The price of structural rhinoplasty ranges from 20 – 80 million VND

How much is structural rhinoplasty at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital?

Korean Rhinoplasty 870 5 years
Cartilage Rhinoplasty 1,090 10 years
3D Sline – 3D Lline Structural Rhinoplasty 1,720 15 years
4D Sline – 4D Lline Structural Rhinoplasty 2,150 15 years
6D Sline – 6D Lline Structural Rhinoplasty 3,000 Permanent
3D Nanoform Rhinoplasty 1,720
4D Nanoform Rhinoplasty 2,150
6D Nanoform Rhinoplasty 3,000
Rib Cartilage Rhinoplasty 4,290 Permanent
Nose Revision (Cases vary) 230 – 310 Permanent
Alar Base Reduction 440 Permanent
Nasal Hump Removal 879 Permanent
Nose Tip Reduction (Soft Tissues) 1,080 Permanent
Nose Tip Reduction + Nose Tip Enhancement 1,300 Permanent
Nasal Bone Correction 870 Cases vary
Bio Rib Cartilage 1,470 Cases vary
Bio Ear Cartilage
Zose Rhinoplasty (Rhinoplasty for GenZ) 1890  

Factors affecting the price of structural rhinoplasty

Doctors’ qualifications, experience

The success of a structural rhinoplasty depends greatly on the expertise of the doctor. Because structural rhinoplasty is a complicated technique, you need to find a prestigious cosmetic facility that has good rhinoplasty doctors. You should have cheap rhinoplasty service at spas or less reputable beauty facilities.

Cartilage material

The quality of rhinoplasty cartilage greatly affects the price of structural rhinoplasty. Two types of cartilage will be used in structural rhinoplasty surgery, they are artificial biological cartilage and autologous cartilage.

Choosing high-quality rhinoplasty cartilage will ensure a safer and more successful surgery. But the cost of rhinoplasty also increases because of that. However, this is a reasonable cost because these types of cartilage can last for a lifetime, the risk of complications is almost zero.

Commonly used bio-cartilage types in structural rhinoplasty include:

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  • Nanoform Cartilage: A high-quality cartilage that is highly compatible with the body. Moreover, on the surface of the cartilage, there are lots of tiny holes to allow the flow of the blood to better nourish the autologous cartilage and prevent complications.
  • Surgiform Cartilage: Surgiform cartilage is 100% made from ePTFE, which has been approved by FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) to be safe for the body. This cartilage type has a compatibility level of up to 99% with the body, ensuring maximum safety for the nose.

Modern technology

Applying modern technology in rhinoplasty surgery will ensure more safety, but will increase the cost.

When you decide to have rhinoplasty

This also significantly affects the cost of rhinoplasty. Many cosmetic facilities will launch promotional packages, discounts at certain times of the year. If you have rhinoplasty at these times, you will receive amazing discounts.

How to receive amazing discounts for structural rhinoplasty at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital

Lots of people are greatly concerned about the price of structural rhinoplasty because everyone wants to have high-quality service at a reasonable price. Understanding this, Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital regularly updates amazing promotions and offers for its customers.

To have safe and quality structural rhinoplasty service at a reasonable price, you can:

  • Follow the latest news on our website or fanpage of Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital.
  • Have combo services. You may have a combo of rhinoplasty and alar base reduction or with blepharoplasty…
  • Have beauty services at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital with your friends or relatives.

We hope you’ve had enough useful information about the price of structural rhinoplasty. If you have any further questions or concerns, please leave a comment below or contact our Hotline: 0901666879 for the most thoughtful advice and guidance.

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