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How Much Is Dark Lip Lightening Service?

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Dark lips are the most common facial defects nowadays due to lots of reasons, most of which are due to the use of poor quality lipstick that makes the lips dark and lacks aesthetics. As a result, dark lip lightening is one of the most popular beauty services nowadays. At Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital, we give the best dark lip lightening services at the most reasonable cost.


Nowadays, Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital offers the best dak lip lightening service that applies tattooing and laser technique. Based on the customer’s condition, the specialists at Gangwhoo shall recommend the most suitable method, and the cost of the service greatly depends on it.

The dark lip lightening with tattooing technique is the solution chosen by most customers because this method is applied to effectively lighten the dark lips, making them brighter and full. This technique is performed by using a tattoo sprayer with a micro-needle tip that delivers ink to the epidermis layer of the lips to give a more beautiful color to the lips.

How Much Is Dark Lip Lightening?
How Much Is Dark Lip Lightening?


In fact, each spa or beauty center will apply a different dark lip lightening procedure. But most big beauty salons and Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital shall apply the procedure as follows:

  • Step 1: Examination and consultation

This is an extremely important step for the specialist to check the customer’s dark lip condition. Then, the doctor will recommend the most suitable method. In particular, customers can also choose their desired lip color.

  • Step 2: Lip disinfection

The technician shall thoroughly disinfect before carrying out the dark lip lightening procedure. The disinfection shall prevent bacterial infection during the procedure.

  • Step 3: Lip lightening

Based on customers’ skin conditions, the doctor will apply a different dark lip lightening technique. No matter which method is applied, customers shall always have the best beauty result.

  • Step 4: Lip tattooing

After lightening the lips, the technician shall perform the tattooing procedure to give the customer’s lips a new color as desired.

  • Step 5: Post-operative care

The doctors will take a double-check if the final is good or not; at the same time, the customer will be instructed on how to take care of their lips at home after having dak lip lightening to ensure the best result.

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The cost of dark lip lightening might vary at different beauty centers. It depends on many factors, two of which are the condition of the lips and the applied technology. In addition, the technicians’ techniques greatly affect the cost of the dark lip lightening.

Therefore, you should contact directly the cosmetic facility where you want to have a dark lip lightening service. The experts will directly examine and based on customers’ desires, then they will recommend the most suitable method at the most accurate cost.

There are various ranges of prices for the dark lip lightening service on the market nowadays. There are many places that charge from only a few hundred thousand for dark lip lightening services. But, before going to these places, you should find out whether the method they are applying is really safe or not, and whether the professional skills are good or not. Don’t blindly choose a place because they offer cheap services. In fact, the cost of dark lip lightening services at large and reputable cosmetic facilities will usually range from 1 to 3 million VND.


Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital – One of the top cosmetic hospitals that offer the best dark lip lightening services. With state-of-the-art machinery systems and technology, Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital ensures the best beauty services for customers at the most reasonable price.

At Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital, we have doctors and specialists who have years of experience in the beauty industry and provide the best dark lip lightening services approved by the Ministry of Health.

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Notes: The final results may vary depending on each customer’s condition.

At Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital, we focus on investing and updating the most advanced technology of dark lip lightening to ensure the best experience for customers.

With tattooing ink from Korea, we guarantee the best and most long-lasting lip color for customers.

Thanks to our highly qualified and experienced specialists and technicians, customers shall have a more charming and flawless lip color as desired.

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Come to Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital to have the top quality beauty services and change your life.

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We hope you’ve had enough useful information about the dark lip lightening service. If you have any further questions or concerns, please leave a comment or contact Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital or our Hotline: 0901.666.879 for the most thoughtful advice and guidance!

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