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How Much is Abdominal Liposuction? – 2023 Price List At Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital

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Besides the question “Which is the best method of Abdominal Liposuction?” Lots of women and sisters have been wondering how much the liposuction service costs for years.

Cosmetic facilities offering liposuction services are appearing more and more than before. Among those facilities, there are illegal and unlicensed cosmetic facilities that cause customers lots of trouble in finding the best place for liposuction services.

The question is: where can we have the best liposuction services at the most affordable prices? The following article shall give you useful information about this problem. Stay tuned!

How Much is Abdominal Liposuction?
How Much is Abdominal Liposuction?


First, let’s put asides the question “How much is abdominal liposuction?”, we need to know how safe and effective the abdominal liposuction service that you want to have is. Because after all, no matter how cheap the price is, if the liposuction service you choose is not good, it will only make you waste your money in the end. Let’s learn more about the Lipo Ultrasound technology!

Lipo ultrasound is a liposuction technology from Korea. This technology is considered the greatest breakthrough in cosmetic liposuction. This technology has lots of advantages as follows:

  • Getting rid of excess fat in different body parts such as the abdomen, waists, thighs, buttocks, calves, biceps.
  • Completely remove excess fat after only one procedure.
  • No invasiveness to the body, no pain, no causing fatigue.
  • Safe, no skin irritation.
  • Helping treat medical problems caused by fat.
  • Strictly tested and certified for its safety and efficiency.
  • Using concentrated ultrasonic wavelengths to liquify the most stubborn fat tissues.


After going through the explanation above about the Lipo Ultrasound Liposuction technology, you must have partly understood the price of abdominal liposuction services. In fact, the price of the abdominal liposuction service significantly depends a lot on its safety and quality. Therefore, the price of Abdominal Liposuction at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital is extremely affordable because it includes:

  1. General health check price
  2. The liposuction procedure is carried out by the top specialists
  3. Top-quality post-operative care
  4. Good feedback from thousands of customers.


1. Post-operative care

According to Dr. Park Sung Yong: “Although the safe liposuction at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital is minimally invasive to the body, the doctor still needs to make a small incision at about 0.5cm to insert the endoscope tube to drain the liquified fat out of the body. – so after liposuction, customers will need to rest and recover for a short time.

After liposuction, the customer will be transferred to the post-operative care room.

There may be some discharge during this time, but this is just a normal response of the body.

Therefore, the nurse will clean and change the bandage and instruct the customer on how to do self-care. Specifically:

Gọi tư vấn miễn phí
  • Customers need to perform hygiene and disinfect the incisions properly by using bandages and medicines provided by the doctor 2-3 times a day after liposuction.
  • Use gauze to soak the discharge and change the bandage regularly. When the discharge starts to subside, you should wear bandage for the wound to heal quickly.
  • Do light exercises to push the discharge out of the body.

2. Notes after liposuction

Wear latex corset

Normally, from 5 to 7 days after abdominal liposuction, the abdomen will be swollen.

That is because the tissue structures are recovering, they will reconnect, then gradually turn yellow and dissolve.

You must wear a latex corset during this time. Wearing a latex corset will help fix the shape of the abdomen, avoid the stretching of the abdominal muscles and the accumulation of excess fat.

Apply warm compresses and take medicines as prescribed

You must not forget to take medicines as prescribed by the doctor.

At the same time, to minimize the mild pain or purple swelling in the abdomen, you should apply warm compresses at night.

Take the following check-ups and sutures removal

After 10 days of liposuction, you have to come back to the hospital to have suture removal as well as take the following check-up as scheduled by the doctor. This is to ensure the best result as well as your safety.

Increase nutrition intake

Gọi tư vấn miễn phí

Increasing your daily nutrition intake shall help increase your resistance as well as shorten your recovery process. 

  • From the first 1-2 days after Liposuction, you need to eat more cereal porridge, smoothies, or fruit juices.
  • The next 3 to 14 days: You can now eat normally. However, it is necessary to supplement with fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes (soybeans, black beans), etc. for your skin to be firmer and your waists to be sharper.
  • The next 2 weeks to 1 month: You need to eat scientifically, supplement with foods rich in vitamin C and natural minerals. You can only eat stews or boiled food that is lightly seasoned.


Knowing the price of abdominal liposuction is important. But have you known how amazing Lipo Ultrasound liposuction is?

Please check out the liposuction results at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital as follows:


The following images show the amazing bodies of our customers after having the Lipo Ultrasound Liposuction service at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital!

hut mo bung

hut mo bung 1

hut mo bung 2

hut mo bung 3

hut mo bung 5

Gọi tư vấn miễn phí

hut mo bung 6

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We hope you’ve had enough useful information about our Abdominal Liposuction services and make the wisest decision before having beauty services. If you have any further questions or concerns, please leave a comment, contact Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital, or via our Hotline: 0901.666.879 for the most thoughtful advice and guidance!

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