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How Much Does Nose Thread Lift Cost?

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How much does nose thread lift cost? Many facilities have their official price at 7 – 13 million VND but is this the reasonable price or not?

Non-surgical rhinoplasty, also known as nose thread lift, is a very widely chosen method. Although many are interested in this procedure, the question that they all have in common is “how much does nose thread lift cost?”. To answer this question, let’s take a look at the article below so that we can witness the latest rhinoplasty pricelist in 2021.

How much does nose thread lift cost?
How much does nose thread lift cost?

The nose thread lift technique

Nose thread lift is 1 of the 2 non-surgical rhinoplasty techniques that are very popular nowadays. This technique is relatively simple. The surgeons will use syringe-like equipment to insert the threads into the nose, filling up the structure under the dorsal.

After being inserted into the nose, the threads, with their many spikes, will tighten the shallow layer of muscle of the nose, making it much higher.

The nose thread lift technique
The nose thread lift technique

How much does nose thread lift cost? The latest 2021 price

As stated above, the question “how much does nose thread lift cost?” is the concern of many due to the variety of price of this service. Some cosmetic facilities give the price of 6 – 10 million VND, while some offer 7 – 13 million VND or 8 – 12 million VND.

However, there is no fixed price for a safe and beautiful nose thread lift. This is the latest 2021 price from Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital for you to make your comparison.


Korean Nose Thread Lift 15 MILLION 2 YEARS
Nano Collagen Nose Thread Lift 17 MILLION 3 YEARS
Multi-Layer Collagen Nose Thread Lift 25 MILLION 5 YEARS

The reasons behind the price gap are many. These factors will be mentioned in the following content

The 2 elements that affect the nose thread lift cost

Cosmetic facility

The nose thread lift price will fluctuate depends on the reputation of the brand and the quality of the service. For easier understanding, higher quality procedures, especially those with 5-star services tend to have a much higher price than that of a low-quality clinic.

Rhinoplasty threads used

The threads play a very important role in the safety and the price of the nose thread lift. The thread involves in nose thread lift can be ranged from collagen thread or 24k gold thread, etc.

The higher the quality of the thread, the safer and more aesthetic it brings to the nose when using nose thread lift. However, that also means the price of the services will go up drastically.

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Should you have a cheap nose thread lift?

Although you may concern about the nose thread lift cost, you should not just base on the price to choose the place for the service as quality also is very important as well.

In other words, you should not choose a cheap nose thread lift (that only cost a few million) as it can cause many terrible complications to the nose.

Nose thread lift complications

A cheap nose thread lift can cause the following complications:

  • Thread’s allergy.
  • Persistent bleeding of the nose.
  • Crooked or disfigured nose.
  • Puncture and exposure caused by the threads.
  • Nose infection.
  • Sinusitis in some cases.

The disadvantages of nose thread lift

A nose thread lift, although requires no incision, still cannot catch the attention of a majority of customers and is not recommended by experts as this technique consists of many drawbacks.

Short-term result

Nowadays, a nose thread lift is mostly done using biological threads that will dissolve after some time. This period is usually under 12 months depends on the type of threads used and each individual’s condition.

Therefore, if you want the nose thread lift result to last, you must return for another procedure later.

Complications risk

A nose thread lift contains many complications as mentioned above. Hence you should choose a reputable facility.

Candidate suitability.

This is one of the flaws that cause the nose thread lift to be under the radar.

In fact, not everyone can choose nose thread lift as the procedure to improve the contour of the nose as it is only suitable for those with little nose flaws. Anyone with a bad nose shape cannot undergo this procedure.

The candidates for nose thread lift are listed below:

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Candidates for nose thread lift

  • People that are afraid of surgery
  • People with a flat nose, but still in a reasonable shape.
  • People with a broken nose tip.

Final words

“How much does nose thread lift cost?” is a very common question from many people. Although the price may be various, to ensure your safety and aesthetic aspect, you should choose one with a cost ranging from 15 to 25 million VND.

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