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How Long Until The Dimpled Cheek Stop Being Sunken?

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Dimple surgery is among the advanced cosmetic procedures that require little invasion to ensure safety in the long run. But how long until the dimpled cheek stop being sunken? This is the question that many concerned about, and Gangwhoo would love to give an answer. 

How long until the dimpled cheek stop being sunken?

Back then, dimples are considered to be a congenital defect that runs in the family. However, nowadays, with the help of modern technology and advanced dimple surgery, you can have yourself the beautiful dimples that you desire.

Some people concerns that after the dimple surgery, the sunken area would be too deep, causing the cheek to look pitted even during the neutral expression. This condition persists for some time. So how long until the dimpled cheek stop being sunken? – Here is the answer from Gangwhoo:

How long until the cheek stop being sunken and whether it will be beautiful or not depends on 2 factors:

1. The doctor’s technique

Nowadays, there are many different methods of creating a dimpled cheek; however, to give out the best and most natural results with short recovery time and lasting outcome, Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital applies the 15-minute technique of creating an incision from within the mouth cavity. The cheeks will first be put under anesthetic to ensure that you will not feel any pain or discomfort.

During the procedure, the surgeon will connect part of the smiling muscle to the skin or the sucking muscle at the cheek (a pre-determined area) so that when you smile, the muscle will contract and pull the skin inward to create a tiny sunken area on the outside just like a natural dimple. The surgery will be conduct quickly to ensure you are free from swelling.

2. The body’s own condition

The time until the cheek stop being sunken also depends on your own body’s condition and the way you take care of yourself. You must follow the guidance from the doctors in order to achieve the best final result.

In fact, for the first 2 – 3 days after the surgery, you will experience some swelling and mild pain in the cheek area, which are something that can be subsided easily with the use of painkiller and anti-swelling pills. This condition will gradually disappear after 5 – 7 days. The cheek will become completely normal from the second week.

At first, the cheek will be sunken regardless of the facial expression. However, normally, after a few weeks or months depends on each person’s condition, the cheek will become natural and the sunken area will only appear when you smile.

Post-operative care guidance after dimple surgery

Post-operative care can greatly affect the result of dimple surgery. Down here is the information that you must not miss out on how to take care of yourself after the surgery.

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  • Diet

For the first few days after the surgery, you should avoid eating hard, oily, or spicy food. Instead, you should eat soft food like soup or porridge, etc.

In addition, you should also avoid eating food that can cause scarring like beef, water spinach, seafood, glutinous products, etc. In contrast, we recommend eating nutritious food like beans, meat, milk, egg, etc. as well as plenty of fruits and vegetables. Drink 2 liters of water a day to maintain blood circulation and body purification.

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  • The post-operative care

To subside the swelling quickly, for the first few days, you should apply ice and warm compress. Keep in mind that during the compression, you must check on the temperature to avoid getting cold burn.

Maintain good oral sanitary by using saline as a mouth wash to prevent bacteria from growing.

Take painkillers and antibiotics pursuant to the doctor’s guidance and attend follow-up appointments as scheduled.

Where to find a reputable and quality facility for dimple surgery?

  • Ganwhoo cosmetic hospital owns the advanced dimple surgery technique to limit all the risk of complications or surgery failure.
  • The team of doctors at Gangwhoo is rich in both expertise and experience; therefore, the minor surgery will happen simply and quickly.
  • The infrastructure at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is very modern, along with the comfortable resting room and post-anesthesia care unit to bring you the best convenience.
  • Gangwhoo also has many branches all over the countries to allow the clients to commute easier.

We hope that the information has helped you to obtain the answer to the question of “how long until the dimpled cheek stop being sunken”. If you still have any queries, feel free to contact us through our hotline: 0901.666.879 for an immediate answer.

How Long Until The Dimpled Cheek Stop Being Sunken

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