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How long must you be inpatient after breast augmentation?

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How long must you be inpatient after breast augmentation? This surely is the question of many women. So what is the answer? Let’s find out in the article below!

Modern society has given plastic surgery the recognition it needs instead of bias, and breast augmentation surgery is not excluded. This method is currently being very popular by the ladies thanks to the ability to take care of all the flaws of the breasts to make them better. To find out more about how long must you be inpatient after breast augmentation, take a look at the article below!

How long must you be inpatient after breast augmentation?
How long must you be inpatient after breast augmentation?

What is breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation is the most advanced plastic surgery technique nowadays. It is the combination of technological wonders and years of accumulated expertise to make the breast more fulfilling and sexy.

Nowadays, breast augmentation isn’t just about making the breasts bigger but also adjusting the shape, treating deterioration and sagginess.

Moreover, modern breast augmentation using an endoscope is highly recommended to safely and effectively “upgrade” the breasts. This allows the surgery to be less invasive and cause less scarring on the body.

The surgery is done by placing the implants inside the body through transaxillary (armpits), periareolar (around the areolar), or inframammary (the breast crease) incisions. If you can choose a reputable and quality facility, the procedure will happen safely and precisely with great effectiveness.

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How long must you be inpatient after breast augmentation? 

How long must you be inpatient after breast augmentation? Well, after surgery, you will have to take some time for the body to heal and be monitored. This is also applied for breast augmentation. Breast augmentation is a major surgery that requires sedation, meaning that you will need to be monitored to ensure safety afterward.

The inpatient period should be between 1 – 2 days so that the doctor can supervise your health after the surgery. From 7 to 10 days after the surgery, you can get back to your daily routines with some restrictions.

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Form 1 month after the surgery, the breasts will be fully healed. From this point, you can play sports or do exercise as your will. This is the answer to how long must you be inpatient after breast augmentation.

Moreover, if you are worried about the time when the longevity of the results, you should keep in mind that this depends on your own body, the reputation of the facility that you choose, and the aftercare that you do.

It usually ranges from 10 to 15 years, or 20 – 25 years depends on the mentioned factors. Therefore, to possess a lasting pair of breasts, you should be in control of the quality of each requirement.

Sau nâng ngực có thể phải nằm lại bệnh viện 1 - 2 ngày
You will have to stay in the hospital for 1 – 2 days after getting breast augmentation

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Some notices when having breast augmentation

To achieve your dream breasts, you should keep these things in mind.

  • After the breast augmentation, you will need to rest for 1 week.
  • You should have a logical diet with enough nutrients, water, and vegetables.
  • Sex is forbidden during the first period after breast augmentation as it can affect the best contour.
  • You should not sleep sideways as it can affect the breast after the surgery.
  • You must not do any heavy tasks, touch the breasts or the underarms. Importantly, you should not carry heavy objects for 15 days after getting the surgery.
  • You must follow the instructions of the doctor after the breast augmentation like taking medications as prescribed or attending the follow-up appointments.
  • After having your dressing removed, you should choose the appropriate type of bra to lift and shape the breasts symmetrically and naturally.
  • If you don’t know a reputable place to have breast augmentation, you can come to Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital – One of the most trustworthy and prestigious facilities nowadays.

How to take care of your breast at home after breast augmentation

Breast augmentation is a modern technique that can help you to achieve desirable breasts. If you are having the intention of getting one, you should not waste any more time and come to Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital. Don’t forget to leave a comment down below if you still have any questions that need us to answer!

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