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How long is breast augmentation aftercare?

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Voluptuous breasts are the deadliest weapon that any woman could have possessed. Therefore, it is understandable why they seek breast augmentation to improve their breasts to be flawless. So what is breast augmentation? Is it painful? How long is breast augmentation aftercare? Let’s find out in the article below!

How long is breast augmentation aftercare?
How long is breast augmentation aftercare?

What is breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation is a procedure done under sedation to increase the breast size of the woman to be more attractive and sexy. Breast augmentation is done through transaxillary (armpits), periareolar (around the areolar), or inframammary (the breast crease) incisions to place the breast implants effectively and quickly.

Breast augmentation is allowed to be performed on adults over 18 years old as these people have their bodies fully developed and can withstand surgical intervention. This is to ensure that the procedure will be successful and the healing process will be quick.

In addition, if the ladies have few milk glands, asymmetrical breasts, or sagginess then breast augmentation will provide wonderful improvement.

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How long is breast augmentation aftercare?

You will need to be more careful and strict with yourself during the period after having breast augmentation, so it is easy to understand why many are struggling with this step. In that case, they tend to wonder about how long is breast augmentation aftercare.

In fact, the recovery period depends on the body condition of each individual. To know how long is breast augmentation aftercare, you will have to take these into consideration:

  • For a regular person, you can perform gentle tasks after 1 week. During this time, your daily routines should consist of easy activities without touching the breasts. You should not play sports or do having tasks as this is the final step in the bonding of the cell tissue inside your body.
  • For the breast to heal completely, 1 month is needed. After that, you can play sports, go swimming, or do intense exercises. However, you must wear the breast compression garment and massage your breasts frequently to make the breasts soft and naturally beautiful.
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Is breast augmentation painful?

Is breast augmentation painful?

This certainly is the question of many and is one of the things that have been keeping women from having plastic surgery. However, breast augmentation is not painful as you think it is.

With the applications of modern technology, breast augmentation now involves an endoscope to place the breast implant inside safely. The incisions made are also very small to neglect the risk of invasion and pain. The operation happens rather quickly, meaning that you can get through it simply without breaking a sweat.

Moreover, before having breast augmentation, your health will be diagnosed thoroughly to give out the best analysis about whether you can have the surgery or not. If you are, the surgery will be performed and vice versa. Therefore, you can totally rest assured in your surgery!

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Where to get the best breast augmentation?

Nowadays, there are a lot of spas and clinics established to fulfill the makeover’s needs of people. However, not all facility shares the same reputation and quality to bring you the best effectiveness. Understanding this concern, we proudly present to you Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital.

Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is one of the most renowned and famous facilities for breast augmentation nowadays. What makes the Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital so reputable is nothing else but the team of surgeons with over 15 years of experience in plastic surgery. They are the best surgeons there are in Vietnam and they continuously receive training in Korea to catch up with the international cosmetic trend.

In addition, Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital always improves itself, from the infrastructure to the dedication with the customers, bringing you the best experience possible.

All the breast augmentation that happens at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital are recommended to be performed endoscopically. This technique is considered to be the safest there is by the experts. Therefore, you can totally rest assured and place your trust in Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital!

Breast augmentation results at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital

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