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How Long Does Arm Liposuction Become Beautiful?

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“How Long Does Arm Liposuction Become Beautiful?” is the question that people who are interested in liposuction. It’s difficult to have an exact answer because the recovery will depend on many factors. So, to have more information about this question, let’s follow Gangwhoo! 

How Long Does Arm Liposuction Become Beautiful?
How Long Does Arm Liposuction Become Beautiful?


The more social development the more cosmetic surgery demands are popular. Besides the demands for eyes, nose, and lips cosmetic surgery… body cosmetic surgery is also interesting in recent years. That’s the reason for the popularity of questions about liposuction, arm liposuction, and calf liposuction becoming more popular. So, what do you know about liposuction?

In general, liposuction (waist, belly, arm, and calf) is a modern method of removing fat quickly and radically. People use this method in case of diet and exercise don’t have effects.


For women, beauty is not only in their faces but also in their bodies, and having a perfect body is an important thing. So, if you want to improve your appearance you should consider liposuction in general and arm liposuction in particular

Don’t let joke as “your arm as a pillar” hurts you and choosing clothes becomes a difficulty in your life

Being a modern woman, you may understand that improving yourself is necessary. Love yourself before being loved and respected!

How Long Does Arm Liposuction Become Beautiful?
How Long Does Arm Liposuction Become Beautiful?


How long does arm liposuction become beautiful? The recovery of each person depends on the method, facility, and predisposition. But, getting high-technology Lipo Ultrasound at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital – fat has been liquefied by ultrasonic waves. Just having a minor surgery of about 0.5cm (insignificant) to remove fat from the body, so the recovery will be quick. The wound will heal and be beautiful some days after the surgery

If we consider the healing and the appearance as well as body functions, the question “How long does arm liposuction become beautiful?” can explain through the stages as follows:

After 1-2 days

It is necessary to follow this stage closely because this time helps you recognize whether your surgery worked and was safe or not. At this time, you can see your belly shape but the wound has not completely healed. You should need more time to relax and notice to travel. Avoiding heavy physical activity, as well as taking a shower, wetting the wound

At this time, you may have complications such as swell, and a little hurt at the time of getting liposuction. But they’re just physical responses after the surgery. After a few days, those complications will disappear!

After 5-7 days 

Perhaps the wound is still swollen but has healed beautifully. According to Park Sung Yong (working at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital), you should wear a compression garment during this time to maintain arm shape. You may feel uncomfortable at the first time but it will disappear soon! After the wound heals, the answer to the question “How long does arm liposuction become beautiful?” will become clear.

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After 10-20 days 

In general, when the wound is not swollen, you can do everything in your daily life as normal. However, you must follow the doctor’s advice and keep the appointment. This will enable you to achieve perfection and feel secure

After 1-3 months

After 1 month, the recovery procedure is quick. For people who easily heal the wound, they will get a perfect result

How Long Does Arm Liposuction Become Beautiful?
How Long Does Arm Liposuction Become Beautiful?


“Irrespective of cosmetic surgery need time to recover – arm liposuction is no exception. The time to recover depends on many factors such as: What is a type of surgery? The level of doctor? Are the equipment meet the standard? And the way you take care of yourself is equally important” – according to Dr. Park Sung Yong (Korean)

It can be said that besides the quality of facility, equipment, and doctor… the way you take care of yourself is also a factor to answer the question “How long does arm liposuction become beautiful?”. You should:

  • Taking medicine on time, cleaning the wound with cotton as the doctor’s advice
  • Absorbing the fluid and changing the dressing regularly until the wound is not wet, you should wear the bandage to help the wound heal quickly as well as your arm shape is fixed form
  • Having light exercises, avoiding impact on the liposuction’s positions. Performing gentle exercises as doctor’s advice will help the fluid push process get better.
How Long Does Arm Liposuction Become Beautiful?
How Long Does Arm Liposuction Become Beautiful?


The facility where you get liposuction is the main factor that decides the effective recovery process. So, to answer the question “How long does arm liposuction become beautiful?” you must find a prestige facility

Everyone loves beauty – especially women this is also their privilege. This helps the Liposuction method become more popular day by day. This equivalence to more and more notoriety facilities (even lack of license) appears that makes people bewildered

It is known as the most prestige and safe facility. For many years, Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital has completed its responsibility for the enhancement of thousand of women. Gangwhoo has always been proud to bring the High-tech Lipo Ultrasound liposuction technology (transferred from Korea) to customers.

Thousands of customers have come to Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital to have liposuction every year…and received the best results and satisfaction after having liposuction services. So, you won’t worry about “How long does arm liposuction become beautiful?” 

Team of doctors at Gangwhoo
Team of doctors at Gangwhoo

Coming to Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital, you will have the opportunity to experience Korean 5-star standard beauty services. We also have state-of-the-art machinery systems and equipment from abroad. We have the most highly qualified, skilled, and experienced doctors who have performed hundreds, even thousands of major and minor surgeries. On top of that, our doctors are invited to have business trips and conferences in countries such as Korea, and Europe … to enrich their knowledge and update the latest beauty trends to ensure the best experience for customers.

How Long Does Arm Liposuction Become Beautiful?
Team of doctors at Gangwhoo

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We hope you’ve had your answer and useful information to the question: “How long does arm liposuction become beautiful?“. If you have any further questions or concerns, please leave a comment below, contact Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital, or via our Hotline: 0901.666.879 for the most thoughtful advice and guidance from our top specialists!

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