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How Long Do You Stop Eating Seafood After Breast Augmentation?

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How long do you stop eating seafood after breast augmentation? What should you eat to heal the wound quicker and let the breast be in shape? All of these questions will be answered in the article below.

Seafood is an essential food on the daily menu as it is not only delicious but also beneficial. However, for anyone who just got a breast augmentation recently, this needs to be avoided to allow the wound to heal faster and the breast to be in better shape. All of the above explains the existence of the question about how long do you stop eating seafood after breast augmentation.

How long do you stop eating seafood after breast augmentation
How long do you stop eating seafood after breast augmentation

The answer to the question “How long do you stop eating seafood after breast augmentation”

According to medical experts, seafood is among the “toxic” products for people with new breast augmentation. This is because the food can cause a cold stomach, affecting the open wound and the recovery period.

Additionally, seafood also contains a lot of toxins that can cause inflammation, itchiness, and allergy for anyone with a weak immune system. For that reason, you should avoid having this after getting a breast augmentation.

It can take 1, 2, or 3 months before you can have them back on the menu depends on the healing process of the wound. Regardless, you should still keep an eye on your seafood diet.

It is best that you avoid shrimps, crabs, sea fish, clams, oysters, etc. during the first month after getting a breast augmentation. Once the wound is healed and the breast is in shape, you can start having an adequate amount of seafood.

Aside from seafood, you should also avoid eating chicken, duck, water spinach, glutinous products, soy sauce, alcohol, and stimulants as they are not good for people with new breast augmentation.

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Sau nâng ngực nên kiêng ăn hải sản từ 2 - 3 tháng
You should stop eating seafood for 2-3 months after getting breast augmentation


What can you replace seafood with after having breast augmentation?

If you want to find something else to replace seafood yet still aid the healing of the wound, you can check out the options below:

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You should have dishes made from black, red, or green beans to supplement your body with nutrients and stimulate the generation of new cells. They can help the wound to heal quicker and new skin to be grown.

Fresh fruits

This is a group of products that you should eat frequently to supplement your body with vitamin A, C, and E. The fruits will stimulate the body to form and create new tissues. In addition, the body’s immune system will be improved, preventing inflammation and purulence after breast augmentation.

Sau nâng ngực nên tích cực ăn trái cây
You should eat more fruits after breast augmentation

Products that are rich in Iron

Iron plays an important role in protein production. blood generation, and muscle growth. Therefore, eating food with lots of iron is beneficial for women who just had a breast “upgrade”.

In addition, you should also pay close attention to your diet, eating habits, and eat dishes that are suitable for those who just had plastic surgery, If you are concern about something, you can consult a doctor first to receive safe guidance for quick breast healing.

What to look out for after breast augmentation?

After getting a breast augmentation, you will need to keep these factors in mind for the breast to be safe and healed quickly. Before the surgery, you should let the body adapt to the new breast contour by exercising lightly for 1 week and massaging the breast gently.

Moreover, to allow the wound to heal quickly, you should drink plenty of water, wear a breast displacement band, stop taking stimulants, and inform your physician if any abnormalities, sagginess, or pain occurs.

One small notice is that some age groups might need a second opinion before getting a breast augmentation, especially for those under 18 years old. The best age for breast augmentation is over 25. Additionally, people with chronic diseases like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and blood pressure problems should reconsider their choice of breast augmentation.

A place for safe and beautiful breast augmentation

To possess a voluptuous and desirable breast, you should only choose a reputable facility. Breast augmentation is a very skill-demanding procedure that can only be done by surgeons with expertise and standards.

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We hope that the information in this article has given you some valuable knowledge and the answer to the question of how long do you stop eating seafood after breast augmentation.

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