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How long do you avoid alcohol after breast augmentation? What are the activities to abstain from?

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Alcohol, whether you like it or not, is a type of drink that friends and co-workers enjoy together to celebrate even the smallest achievement. Drinking this beverage at an appropriate amount can actually benefit your health. However, exceeding this threshold is not safe at all, especially after a major surgery like breast augmentation. Let’s check out all the effects of alcohol on breast augmentation and how long do you avoid alcohol after breast augmentation!

How long do you avoid alcohol after breast augmentation?
How long do you avoid alcohol after breast augmentation?

Why should you stop having alcohol after breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation involves open wounds on our body. After having this surgery, the body can hardly adapt immediately to the changes, making us weaker than before. If you drink alcohol during this time, the following might happen:

  • Affect the metabolism of the body.
  • Increase the chance of infection, making the wound heals longer.
  • After surgery, antibiotics are usually required. Drink alcohol will create a drug reaction with these medications, impacting the results of the procedure.

For that reason, by not drinking alcohol, you are protecting both your health and your beauty as well.

How long do you avoid alcohol after breast augmentation?

So how long do you avoid alcohol after breast augmentation? This is a question that many must have concerned about.

According to experts, you should stay away from alcohol for at least 4 weeks. During this time, the wounds are extremely sensitive; therefore, you need to protect your breasts.

After this period, you can drink alcohol again. However, remember to know your limit, It is best that you listen to your doctors after receiving thorough assessments and diagnoses from the doctors.

Sau khi nâng ngực nên kiêng uống rượu bia khoảng 1 tháng
You should quit alcohol for 1 month after the surgery

What else should you abstain from after breast augmentation?

Aside from quitting alcohol for the next 4 weeks after breast augmentation, you should also remove these products from your daily meal:

  • Beef is the first type of food that you should avoid after getting a breast augmentation as it can make the scarring of your wounds become more severe. Moreover, they can make the surgical sites dark and harder to heal.
  • Eggs are the next product that you should stop having for a while. This can expand your wounds, turning them into tinea versicolor. The treatment, therefore, would become much more difficult and the aesthetic aspect will be greatly diminished.
  • Water spinach should also be avoided to keep the keloid scars from forming.
  • Glutinous products can bake your wound purulent and infected.
  • Seafood can cause the wound from being itchy inside.

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What activities should you quit temporarily after breast augmentation?

Aside from maintaining a healthy diet, there are also some activities that you should not do during the time:

  • Sexual activities are what you should stop doing for some time after breast augmentation. Specifically, sex is a no-go in the first week after the surgery. To ensure further breast beauty, sex is forbidden for at least 3 weeks. For 1 month after the procedure, you can have sex again but remember to follow the guidance from the doctors about how to touch the breasts during intercourse. However, it is best that you should wait for 3 months for the breasts to be stable and 6 months for them to in the best shape.
  • Intense exercises and sports are prohibited for 3 months after the surgery. These include golfing, swimming, going to the gym, lifting heavy objects, etc.

Keep your eyes on the nutrients intake

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All the products stated above are banned. Doing this will help you to recover faster and lower the chance of having scars. In addition to that, you should also supplement yourself with food enriched in vitamins A, C, and E. You should consume more vegetables, fruits, and water, as well as take the medications as the doctor’s instructions.

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Eat more fruits after getting breast augmentation

Breast augmentation is one of the most well-known cosmetic services that many women choose nowadays. To get the perfect breasts that you desired, remember to follow what we discuss earlier in the article. That way, your health and your appearance will reach their full potential!

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