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How Long After Rhinoplasty Can You Twist Your Nose?

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“How long after rhinoplasty can you twist your nose normally” is the question that many have asked the doctor at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital. To know the answer to this question, please read the article below.

How long after rhinoplasty can you twist your nose normally?
How long after rhinoplasty can you twist your nose normally?

Understanding rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is a surgery that is used to improve the contour of the nose and correct all the flaws of the nose quickly and effectively.

During the rhinoplasty surgery, the surgeon will use specialized tools to make an incision and open up the nasal cavity for an artificial cartilage implant. After that, the incision will be closed using cosmetic threads through microsurgery, leaving no scar on the nose.

Nowadays, there are multiple different techniques of rhinoplasty. However, the most highly recommended method is combining artificial and autologous cartilage. The artificial cartilage is used to reshape and elevate the dorsal, while the autologous cartilage (usually from the ears) to coated, shape, and protect the nose tip.

Phẫu thuật nâng mũi là phương pháp chỉnh hình dáng mũi nhanh chóng và hiệu quả
Rhinoplasty is an effective and quick way to reshape the nose contour

How long after rhinoplasty can you twist your nose normally?

To answer this question, Dr. Phung Manh Cuong’s explanation is: “It would take 1 – 3 months to let the nose healed and recovered after the rhinoplasty, while it would take around 6 months for the nose to be completely stable and can be twisted normally.

However, the real answer to the question “How long after rhinoplasty can you twist your nose normally?” depends entirely on your own body condition and the post-operative care after the rhinoplasty. Therefore, once the surgery is over, you must ensure your post-operative care period good and suitable for the nose to recover and stable.

The nose can be twisted normally after 3 – 6 months

How to fasten the recovery of your nose

Post-operative care is very important in allowing the nose to fully recover faster and more stable.

Normally, after rhinoplasty, the area around the nose tends to have swelling, bruises, and mild pain. To relieve the bruises quickly, you should regularly apply ice to the region for the first 2 – 3 days.

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Additionally, you should keep the nose sanitary well by changing the dressing frequently and cleaning it with saline 2 – 3 times per day. You can even use the saline used in surgery but regular saline is still a decent option.

Avoid touching or letting the nose come in contact for at least 1 month. In addition, you should not do any sports or intense activities or lift heavy objects. Moreover, you can only sleep lying flat, not sideways or resting your hand on the forehead.

You should also pay some attention to your diet after rhinoplasty. Hard food or food that can cause allergy and keloid scars like beef, water spinach, seafood, chicken, soy sauce, etc. must be avoided. Additionally, stimulants and cigarette use should be ceased temporarily.

You should also consume more products that are rich in vitamins (especially vitamin A, E, and C), minerals, and water during the daily meals. Some fruits like strawberry, grapes, blueberry, kiwi, cherry, orange, tangerine, avocado, etc., and dark green vegetables should be taken more.

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Finally, you should take your medications as prescribed. If you need to use any different medications, you must consult the doctors first, not using it before having approval from the physicians.

A hospital for the lasting rhinoplasty results

The most important factor in determining the ability to twist the nose normally, the aesthetic aspect, and the safety of the nose is the technique used. In other words, rhinoplasty must be done by a team of great surgeons at a facility that meets all of the safety qualifications.

Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is proud to be a place for the best rhinoplasty in HCMC. The hospital is up to Korean 5-star standard and is licensed by the Ministry of Health to operate.

We have a team of experienced doctors with fundamental training and study in foreign countries. Among them is Dr. Phung Manh Cuong, the man who is renowned as a rhinoplasty and nose revision expert.

Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital has successfully applied the modern technique of using Surgiform and autologous cartilage. Surgiform is the best artificial cartilage that is approved by the FDA.

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Moreover, all of the rhinoplasty done at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital make use of modern anesthesia technology, removing all the pain and irritation during the surgery and offering comfort to the customers for the entire duration.

Rhinoplasty results at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital

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nang mui surgiform

nang mui nanoform

nang mui nanoform 1 2

nang mui nanoform 2 1

nang mui 2

nang mui bvtm gangwhoo 8

Final words

The article above just gives the answer to the question “how long after rhinoplasty can you twist your nose?”. We hope that the information will become useful to you.

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