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Top 3 hospitals for facial palsy treatment in HCMC

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Cranial nerve 7 paralysis treatment at the moment cannot be provided by any doctors. This article will list you some hospitals for facial palsy treatment in HCMC for you to take back your smile and confidence in your life!

Top 3 hospitals for facial palsy treatment in HCMC
Top 3 hospitals for facial palsy treatment in HCMC

Facial paralysis (peripheral facial palsy) is a common condition of the nervous system. People with weak immune systems and lack of exercise, or pregnant women have a higher chance of having the problem. The facial muscles are controlled by the cranial nerve 7. Therefore, if this cranial nerve is damaged, the face will be paralyzed. Some symptoms of the problem are the asymmetrical mouth, difficulty eating, or the inability to mouth one side of the mouth. This can also greatly diminish your appearance and mental health.

Get treatment as soon as possible

Crooked mouth, the inability to close one eye, and difficulty eating are the first signs of cranial nerve 7 paralysis. You should not underestimate the condition as the longer it persists, the harder it is for the treatment to be effective.

If facial palsy gets identified early, physiotherapy is the first prioritized treatment. After that, acupuncture will stimulate the circulation of the blood vessels to nurture the facial muscles. If physiotherapy is not effective, the doctors will have to intervene with surgery.

Facial paralysis is a tough-to-deal-with condition. Aside from needing a surgeon with expertise and experience in microsurgery, the technology and equipment used to support the surgery also play crucial roles in the operation. Here are the 3 reputable hospitals for facial palsy treatment in HCMC that you should keep in mind if you or your loved ones are having the problem.

Top 3 best hospitals for facial palsy treatment in HCMC

Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital

Being a 5-star Korean hospital, Gangwhoo is always leading in the plastic surgery industry. All the equipment and technology involved in the operation are imported from America, France, Korea, and European countries, ensuring the safety of the customers. Our operation promises no pain, no complications, no scars, and not a waste of time.

Prof – Dr. Park Sung Yong explained the condition of facial paralysis

With a team of Korean – Vietnamese experts of over 15 years of experience, Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital offers over 900 makeover services with each floor of the hospital to be made for a specialized department, guaranteeing to satisfy even the toughest customers. Being among the few hospitals for facial palsy treatment in HCMC to treat cranial nerve 7 entirely with a distinguished and updated technique, along with modern infrastructure, Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is definitely the number one choice for any of your with facial paralysis.

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The facial paralysis treatment at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is studied and developed by Korean experts to bring about astonishing results with the recovery of up to 90%. All the cases of facial palsy at Gangwhoo are thoroughly discussed and diagnosed to determine the causes and the best treatment possible.

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The appearance of Ms. Loan after just 40 minutes of facial paralysis treatment

Before the operation can begin, the doctors will anesthetize the patient using a special technology at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital. This is highly evaluated and appreciated by international experts during the 38th conference of the Internation Aesthetic Surgery Society in Korea.

When performing the facial palsy treatment with the help of an endoscope, the surgeon will only make a small incision from 1 – 2mm to ensure a scarless feeling and the perfect aesthetic results. For cranial nerve 7 paralysis due to trauma or surgery, Dr. Cuong will reattach the nerves or attach the nerve XII to restore nerve VII.

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Ms. Phuong before and after the surgery

For severe cases of 2-3 years facial paralysis due to nervous deterioration, brain tumor, or plastic surgery, etc. Dr. Phung Manh Cuong will take the muscle from the patient’s thigh as a material to adjust the sagginess of the face, the mouth corner, the nose, and the cheek muscles. During the operation, the patient will be completely awake to cooperate with the doctor. After the surgery, the facial appearance will reach 70% and go up to 90% after some physiotherapy.

Neurotology Department – Cho Ray Hospital

Being one of the biggest central hospitals in the countries and the workplace of many exceptional doctors in the field, the hospital is always crowded with patients.

The neurotology department of Cho Ray is what made it to be in the top 3 hospitals for facial palsy treatment in HCMC. Moreover, it is also famous for its ability to treat any condition and disease related to the brain and nerves.

With its equipment and technology being the best in the country, having a facial paralysis treatment done at Cho Ray hospital is the best choice that you could ever make.

Neurotology Department, Hospital of University of Medicine and Pharmacy at HCMC

This is not only the biggest hospital in the country but is also a place renowned for the neurotology department. The faculty is filled with experienced and skillful doctors with support from the best equipment and technology for diagnosing.

One of the biggest strengths of the department is its ability to treat facial paralysis. In addition, it is also divided into many branches with coordination and communication to hasten the procedure while maintaining exceptional results.

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These are the top 3 hospitals for facial palsy treatment in HCMC. We hope that the information that we shared to you can help the patient with cranial nerve 7 paralysis to regain the beauty and happiness as soon as possible.

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