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What Is A High Nose? 4 Ways To Make Your Nose Higher

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A high nose makes the person looks more aesthetic and attractive, making many people desire this. In this article, Gangwhoo will help you know about a few ways to have a higher nose from your snub and ugly ones.

What is a high nose? How to make your nose higher?
What is a high nose? How to make your nose higher?

What is a high nose? The standard for both men and women

Aesthetically, a high nose that is straight and beautiful must include the following:

  • The dorsum of the nose: is 9 – 11mm high and 60 -75mm long.
  • The alar base: does not extend to the sides, creating a slim look to it.
  • The nose tip: is 22-24mm high.

These standards are only relative as the natural nose shape can hardly become so. Therefore, in fact, the beauty of a nose will be judged individually.

Front view:

The harmonious nose, when viewing, will have a visible and straight dorsum, dividing the face into 2 equal proportions. The peak of the nose is slender and round without exposing the nostrils.

Side view:

From a 30 – 40 degree angle, a naturally beautiful nose will have its tip and dorsum higher. The dorsum must be straight and flat, not humped or dented.

Down view:

The peak of the nose must be the higher point of the nose, creating the balanced letter A shape. The columella should be straight, dividing the 2 wings equally and perpendicular with the medium.

Although the definitions of a high could be quite similar, there might be a slight difference between men and women.

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What is a high nose and the nowadays standard
What is a high nose and the nowadays standard

What does a high nose represent?

Similar to other facial features, the structure of the nose can partly tell the characteristics and the fate of a person.

For men with a high nose

Self-powered and decisive

Most men with straight noses tend to be all-rounded and thoughtful in any matter. Therefore, they are trustworthy and reliable.


Their career could be very well-developed once they have reached their 30s. As they get older, their fortune also grows with them, allowing them to live without worrying about their livelihood.

Happy family

As someone who is thoughtful and well-financed, men with high noses will have a happy family and lasting marriage.

Tướng mũi cao nam
Men with high noses

Women with high noses

Smart and confident

Any woman with a high and slender nose can be considered to be creative, quick-to-learn, and hardworking in any matter.

Stable career

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Women with high noses are also very capable, allowing them to live a happy and rightful life.


Any man who marries a woman with a high nose will be helped in both life and work.

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Women with high noses

How to have a naturally high nose at home

How to have a naturally high nose at home? Many people have been gossiping about methods to straighten and elevate their noses at home, such as:

Massage the nose

As many have shared, doing simple and gentle massage can elevate the nose projection naturally at home. There are many different exercises to do this, but Gangwhoo will show you the most popular one:

How to do so:

  • Do this twice a day to feel the difference.
  • Place your pointy finger on the peak of the nose and push the nose upward.
  • Use the 2 thumbs and the remaining pointy finger to place onto the base of the nose. Gently push the nose higher.
  • Maintain this position for 3 – 5 seconds and let go to return the nose to its normal position.


This is an easy way to achieve a natural and beautiful nose shape for people with a low nose without needing any equipment or cost.


Many people have done this but it is not as effective as it is believed. The few cases in which this is applicable are when the person is still in puberty. by doing this massage from 1 – 3 months, they manage to see a slight improvement in their nose shapes.

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How to have a natural high nose shape without needing a surgery
How to have a natural high nose shape without needing a surgery


Makeup is also a way to make a high and straight nose that many women choose. Not only that it can make the nose higher but also can cover any flaw of the face.

How to do it:

  • Step 1: Cleanse all the sebaceous and dirt stuck on the skin.
  • Step 2: Use a big and a small round brush, as well as a dark concealer.
  • Step 3: Apply the concealer on the 2 areas next to the nose.
  • Step 4: Take a small size brush to draw straight lines on the 2 sides of the nose.
  • Step 5: Carefully spread the concealer to the sides.
  • Step 6: You can use a highlighter to make the dorsum more visible.


Bring about a straight and high look to the nose after just 10 – 15 minutes of makeup. The cost is also reasonable.


Require you to have some makeup skills. This is only a temporary method to deceive the eyes of the others. When removing the makeup, the nose will be short again. Therefore, this is not the optimal way in the long run.

Cách làm mũi cao và nhỏ tự nhiên nhờ trang điểm
Make the nose smaller and higher with makeup

Make the nose higher with a nose clipper

A nose clipper is a tool used to make the nose higher from China and Japan and is advertised as a real wonder.

How to do it:

  • Prepare 1 nose clipper and wash the nose area.
  • Clip the nose 10 – 15 minutes daily for a long period of time.


  • You can buy this clipper anywhere on online commercial platforms like Shopee, Tiki, Lazada, etc.
  • The cost is very low.
  • Can be done easily and brought along with you when needed.


  • This only creates the illusion that the nose is higher. The nose will return to normal after just a few minutes.
  • When done wrong can cause pain, difficult breathing, rash, inflammation, etc.
  • Low-quality products can cause allergies.

In conclusion, the ways to make naturally high noses at home is not as effective as you might think it is. You have to do these things every day, which is very time-consuming, without having much improvement. The nose will soon return to its old shape afterward.

You should know that the majority of Oriental people with short noses are genetic. Therefore, if you wish to have a higher nose, the structure of the nose and the bone must be altered with cosmetic surgery.

Cách làm mũi cao tự nhiên hiệu quả không cần phẫu thuật
How to make a naturally high nose

How to have the stylish S Line/ L Line nose shape

According to the words from the cosmetic surgeons at Gangwhoo Plastic Surgery Center, all the cases with short and snubbed noses can be changed via cosmetic surgery.

The surgeons will use biological cartilage (approved by the FDA) to lift the dorsum and the tip of the nose so that it is balanced and matched the golden ratio.

The Korean structural rhinoplasty technology applied at Gangwhoo not only helps the dorsum of the nose to be lifted but also reshapes the entire nose.

Even the most troublesome cases, with the nose being deformed or damaged, can still regain the slim and lasting nose shape.

The nose, after having the augmentation, will still remain high and straight. In addition, the columella will also be lifted with autologous cartilage to ensure the natural look of the nose.

At Gangwhoo plastic surgery center, the clients are checked, diagnosed, and have the nose CT scanned before undergoing the final step.

The plastic surgeons will give the final decision based on the need of the client.

Cách làm mũi cao và thon gọn tự nhiên dễ dàng nhất
How to make the nose high and straight easily

The cost for a case of rhinoplasty is relatively high as it can go up to millions of VND. However, this is fairly reasonable considering how long it can retain.

You can also check out the discounts and promotions at Gangwhoo to receive the best offers.

We hope the information above can help you to choose the nose shape that you desired. If you still have any questions, contact 0901.666.879 to consult a team of customer services at Gangwhoo right now!

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