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Harms Of Tartar Removal You May Not Know

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What are the harms of taking tartar removal? Does it cause the teeth to bleed and become weak and loose like rumor? Let’s find out through the article below!

What is tartar removal?

First, before learning about the harm of tartar removal (also known as scaling), we need to understand what tartar is and why we need to remove it from our teeth.

Tartar is plaque and stains that contain harmful bacteria to the teeth. Tartar adheres firmly to the surface of the teeth, on the gums, and even under the gums. Usually, it is milky white, yellow, blue, dark black… depending on the bacterial system.

And tartar can be seen with the naked eye, but if the tartar is under the gums, it will not be visible, you must go to the clinic to check it out.

Harms Of Tartar Removal You May Not Know
Harms Of Tartar Removal You May Not Know

Here are the steps of tartar removal at the dental clinic:

  • Disinfect the mouth with a specialized disinfectant solution: This is necessary because it minimizes the risk of spreading bacteria from the oral environment to surrounding objects.
  • Anesthesia (if needed): In some cases, the dentist may numb the area to reduce discomfort and pain.
  • Perform tartar removal by using modern ultrasonic devices or hand tools.

Hand tools: the doctor will use hand force to remove the tartar layer.

Ultrasonic scaler: the doctor will use body-friendly ultrasonic waves to create moderate vibration, break or gradually peel off tartar.

=> Nowadays, ultrasonic devices are used to remove tartar.

  • After the procedure is done, the dentist will use polishing powder and a brush to polish the tooth surface. This is to reduce the risks of tartar reaccumulation.
  • Apply antibiotic agents (if needed): If you have serious dental diseases, your doctor may put antibiotic agents in your gums. Antibiotics prevent and destroy bacteria in the gum tissue, enhancing the healing process after removing tartar from the tooth surface.
Harms Of Tartar Removal
Harms Of Tartar Removal

Harms Of Tartar Removal You Should Know

Make your teeth become loose

In fact, tartar removal helps promote the health of bone tissue and gums around teeth.

If you have tartar removal with an ultrasonic scaler, the tip of the scaler almost only touches the tooth surface at one point for a few short seconds. Therefore, this technique shall not make the teeth become loose.

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If you feel that your teeth are loose, it is because the tartar has become too thick and clung to the surface of the teeth. Over time, the gums will gradually separate from the tooth surface.

After removing the tartar layer, you will suddenly find that the surrounding teeth are quite empty, the tooth feels like it is loose because the gums have not yet hugged the tooth surface.

After a few weeks, your gums will gradually heal and adhere to the tooth surface. Only then will you feel your teeth become as strong as before.

Make your teeth bleed

Having tartar removal (scaling) only causes the teeth to bleed only when too much tartar accumulation for a long time, so when they are removed from the gums, it will cause the gum tissue to bleed. For cases with a mild condition of tartar, it will not cause bleeding.

Make your teeth become sensitive

Experts say that having tartar removal (scaling) does not make teeth sensitive, it will help prevent tooth sensitivity when receding gums and gingivitis occur.

In fact, tartar is like a coat you wear over your teeth. When the coat is removed, the temperature difference will make you sensitive. Similarly, when scaling the tartar layer, the crown will be exposed to the external environment, which will make the teeth sensitive in a short time. It will gradually decrease and disappear completely from a few hours to a few days.

However, if the applied technique of tartar removal is not correct, the use of improper scaling tools can also damage the teeth. Therefore, choosing a reputable dental clinic or facility for treatment is also very essential.

Harms Of Tartar Removal
Harms Of Tartar Removal

Hurt your teeth

Tartar removal techniques nowadays can completely ensure no pain thanks to their gentle implementation. Sometimes during the procedure, you may feel a little sensitive to the vibration and sound of the tool gliding over the tooth surface.

Widen the space between the teeth

In fact, tartar removal (scaling) helps prevent periodontal diseases that cause bone loss and gum recession. Therefore, it also prevents the loss of gum papilla that widens the interdental spaces.

Having tartar removal (scaling) with modern ultrasonic technology does not move or damage the teeth, does not destroy the enamel surface. So it cannot create space between the teeth.

The space after having tartar removal (scaling) that you notice is inherently there. However, it is covered by accumulated tartar. When tartar is removed, the gap reappears.

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We hope you’ve had enough useful information about the harms of having tartar removal. If you have any further questions or concerns, please leave a comment or contact Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital or our Hotline: 0901.666.879 for the most thoughtful advice and guidance!

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