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Gummy Smile – The Causes and Treatments According to Dr. Phung Manh Cuong

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A charming smile contributes to the attractiveness of the face. But for those who experience gummy smile, every smile is a “torture” because this feature makes the smile less charming. So what is a gummy smile? How to deal with this problem? Dr. Phung Manh Cuong, who is working at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital will answer this question in the article below. Stay tuned!

Dr. Phung Manh Cuong explains the causes and treatments of gummy smile

What is gummy smile?

Gummy smile is a condition in which the gum of the upper jaw is overexposed when smiling. This can affect the aesthetics and plunge the confidence of the person!

The causes of gummy smile

There are 3 causes of gummy smile:
  • Hyperactive upper lip
  • Teeth are too short
  • Upper jaw bone too long

Effective treatments for gummy smile

Depending on the cause, the doctor will recommend different treatment methods for gummy smile.
  • For a gummy smile due to a hyperactive upper lip, the doctor will proceed to weaken the lip levator muscle.
  • For a gummy smile due to too short teeth roots, the doctor will conduct a gingival cutting technique.
  • For a gummy smile caused by the upper jaw bone is too long, the doctor conducts a technique to shorten the upper jaw bone.

The techniques to overcome gummy smiles being applied at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital are highly safe, completely painless, bring high aesthetic efficiency, and do not affect the health of the patient.

Note: To achieve the best gummy smile fix results, you should do your research to find yourself a hospital with enough expertise to handle it to ensure the best safety and effectiveness.

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