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Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital Offers Free Covid Testing for Poor People in Need

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Months of quarantine have caused many people in Ho Chi Minh City to lose their jobs. The only income is gone, along with many bills to pay made the life of the poor workers become so much more difficult.

To return is to save yourselves

When curfew is lifted off, thousands of people have to return to where they came from as they can no longer hold out in Ho Chi Minh City because of the pandemic.

Ms. T., a 28-year-old woman from Gia Lai, came to Ho Chi Minh City to become a worker and is about the have a baby. Because of the pandemic that she has lost her job for over 3 months, making the financial situation of her family become much more difficult. Returning home is the only option that she has.

The story of Ms. T – a worker who lost her job because of the pandemic

According to the rules of the city, anyone who wishes to leave the city must have a negative result for COVID-19 testing. This is an understandable thing to do to contain the spread of the pandemic. However, it has caused some difficulty to many people due to the price of the test.

“I am very happy that Ganghwoo cosmetic hospital is giving out free COVID testing for poor people in need. I have lost my job for over 3 months and my baby is coming soon, making my family financial situation so miserable.” – Ms. T. shared.

“I wish to thank Gangwhoo hospital for helping me and other people in need just like me during this tough time.”

The exposition of a worker who has lost his job for 4 months

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Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital offers free COVID testing for poor people in need

The story of Ms. T is just one of the few thousands of people who are affected by the pandemic.

Ho Chi Minh City originally was the dream city of many. Now, it is the place that many are trying to get out; because if they don’t, they won’t have the money to hold on to this place anymore.

In order to make their trip home less costly, Gangwhoo has been offering free COVID testing for:

The condition needed to receive the free testing:

  • Has received one shot of vaccine for more than 14 days.
  • Has employee card or can prove themselves having difficult living conditions.
Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital giving out free COVID testing for poor people in need.
Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital giving out free COVID testing for poor people in need.

Although the curfew is slowly being lifted off, the situation of the pandemic is still unpredictable. For poor people, returning to their homes is the only way to save themselves.

If you are needing a free COVID test to leave the city, head to Gangwhoo immediately. We hope that our deed will help many people to make it through this pandemic!

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