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Does Filler For Pitted Scars Work?

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Filler for pitted scars is widely chosen to be a method to get rid of them. However, many have tried and got disappointed with the result of this technique. In this article, Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital will help you to understand filler for pitted scars more so you can choose to undergo this procedure or not.

What is filler for pitted scars?

Before we get to the main event, let’s take a look at this procedure to see if you should have it performed or not.

Injecting filler for pitted scars means that the injection will be made into the dermis and the hypodermis to elevate the skin surface and lift the tissues under the skin, resulting in the pitted scars being filled.

The doctor will use a needle to punch deep into the skin regions with pitted scars. The filler will then be injected into the scars surfaces to fill up the available tissues inside the skin cells.

Knowing the procedure, you must wonder what is the filler that the physician injects into the scars made from?

Filler for pitted scars is usually in liquid or gel state. They usually are autologous fat, collagen, or Restylane with the main ingredient being HA (hyaluronic acid), which naturally exists inside the human body.

Filler for pitted scars
Filler for pitted scars

The effectiveness of filler for pitted scars

We can see that using filler for pitted scars is widely applied and advertised in many cosmetic facilities, drawing the attention of a majority of customers. However, experts and dermatologists state that there is no scientific proof that fillers can treat pitted scars 100%.

In fact, when injected into the body, these substances will attach to each other, filling up the areas with scars. This makes a lot of people falsely believe that the scars are filled and the therapy is a major success but it is not.

These fillers, after being injected into the body, will only last for a short period of time. During this time frame, they will elevate the surface of the skin and will return to normal once they dissolve. After that, the scars will appear on the face again. For this reason, fillers will not be able to wipe out all the pitted scars like what is said in the advertisements.

The longevity of the fillers can be from 6 – 18 months depending on the brand, the body condition, and the skincare routines of the patient. Experts suggest that you should not undergo filler injection to treat pitted scars but rather should consider it as internal medicine for rejuvenation.

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Some effective therapies for pitted scars

Filler for pitted scars not only cannot provide a lasting result but also contains a lot of risks of complication. Therefore, Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital would like to provide you with some effective pitted scars therapies like micro-needling, skin resurfacing, laser treatment, and subcision.

The most noticeable one among them all is the new generation CO2 laser application, which can treat pitted scars effectively, safely, and quickly. The CO2 Laser technique works based on the high-energy wavelength that can screen and affect the regions with scars precisely without causing any invasion or damages to the surrounding healthy tissues.

  • CO2 Laser can stimulate the tissues to generate collagen to fill up the pitted scars areas efficiently.
  • CO2 Laser can also improve other skin conditions by making it tighter, reducing the dark spots and wrinkles, and minimizing the pores.
  • CO2 Laser can aid the healing process of the skin, making the skin younger and smoother while preventing skin deterioration from within.
  • The recovery period of this procedure will also be shorter than the other skin therapies.

The wavelength of the laser will be chosen to not damaging the skin. The procedure, therefore, will not cause any pain and limit the amount of redness and irritation afterward. This pitted scars therapy is certified by the FDA for its effectiveness and is widely applied in skin makeovers.

However, not all locations are reputable and skillful enough to offer such high-quality procedure. For this reason, to ensure the effectiveness and safety of the scars therapy, you should only seek prestigious cosmetic facilities.

A reputable facility for pitted scars therapy 

Regardless of the technique you choose to have, the first requirement will always be the expertise and the skill of dermatologists. Customers should follow the exact guidance and attend all the sessions of the procedure to maximize the result.

At Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital, we do not perform filler injection like other facilities. Each customer will be diagnosed by the doctor and have a personalized treatment plan for themselves. Keep in mind that if your scar type is permanent, the effectiveness might not be up to 100%.

If you want us to recommend you the procedure that you should undergo, then come to Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital for the most detailed advice!

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