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Failed Rhinoplasty: Symptoms, Causes, And Treatments

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An unsatisfied or failed rhinoplasty with complications is something that nobody wants to come accross. However, this problem happens quite frequently in many different forms. So how can you identify a failed rhinoplasty, what are the causes and how to treat it?

Failed rhinoplasty: causes and treatments
Failed rhinoplasty: causes and treatments

How to identify a failed rhinoplasty?

Nose redness

The redness around the tip of the nose is a common sign of failed rhinoplasty. Its symptoms are abnormally swollen redness that is very inaesthetic and irritated pain. When touched, the protruding rhinoplasty cartilage can be felt.

Deviated nasal dorsum

The state of crooked dorsal can easily be recognized when complications occur as the nose is abnormally curved to one side. If this issue shows up after rhinoplasty, it means that the rhinoplasty has failed.

Dorsum exposure

Another symptom of a bad rhinoplasty is that the dorsal is exposed. In other words, the rhinoplasty cartilage punctures the skin and reveals itself.

Common of failed rhinoplasty cases

Persistent swelling

Swelling is a very normal thing to happens everything there is an open wound. However, if this condition prolongs for many days without any sign of subsiding then that means your rhinoplasty has failed.

Dark and smelly fluid from the nose

For severe cases of failed rhinoplasty that lead to infection, the nose will start creating fluid with black color and bad smell. This problem, if not cured immediately, can lead to more severe complications, or even necrosis.

Cosmetic threads exposure

Normally, after rhinoplasty, the cosmetic threads will not be visible. Therefore, this is the proof that the rhinoplasty has gone bad.

Filler leaking

This is the sign of a nose filler gone bad. You will notice that your filler starts leaking out from the injection area.

Reasons behind a failed rhinoplasty

Although a rhinoplasty will help to elevate the appearance quickly, it can also destroy the beauty of the face if done incorrectly. There are 4 causes of a failed rhinoplasty:

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Unqualified surgeon

Although rhinoplasty is not a complex surgery, it still requires dexterity, experience, and expertise from the surgeons. The majority of failed rhinoplasty cases come from the low skill set of the doctor.

Many disreputable facilities with unlicensed and inexperienced surgeons are the culprits behind the rhinoplasty failures.

Therefore, before having rhinoplasty, you must do your research carefully to find yourself a place with reputation, quality, and an exceptional team of surgeons with high expertise and much experience to have your surgery performed, raising the chance of having a beautiful nose shape.

Low-quality rhinoplasty cartilage

Asides from the uncertified surgeons, under quality cartilage is also the reason that causes failed rhinoplasty.

Many facilities advertise themselves as having cheap rhinoplasty. Although this may sound attractive at first, you will soon find these prices risky as many costs that guarantee your safety were cut down to come out with the “wonderful” offer. Among those costs is the cartilage quality.

Undergoing cheap rhinoplasty also means that you are willing to accept the risk of using low-quality cartilage with terrible compatibility. After some time, the implanted cartilage will surely create a rejection reaction, or even more severe complications like nose redness, dorsal exposure, and cartilage allergy and infection.

Uncertified disinfecting procedure

Wound and equipment sterilization is a very important step. However, at “underground” facilities, this part of the process is not up to standard.
This causes the client to face a higher risk of having an infection. This complication is a rare thing to happen in reputable facilities but is a very common issue in low-quality facilities. This is a very dangerous problem and can cause many long-term negative effects on the patient’s nose.

Improper post-operative care

Dedicated post-operative care will allow the nose to recover much faster and more stable, allowing the nose to be in shape quickly. However, by doing this wrong, the nose is at a higher risk of having problems.

After the rhinoplasty, you must clean the wound carefully without touching the nose. In addition, the patient must not lie sideways, use make-up, and have to take medications as prescribed.

How to treat a failed rhinoplasty?

If you are having the symptoms above, you must remain calm and seek a reputable facility to let the doctor diagnose the causes and provide suitable solutions.

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How to find a reputable place for rhinoplasty revision?

The facility must have done many nose revision

A reputable facility is a place that has performed multiple rhinoplasty revisions with before and after images of their own customers as proof, not using fake photos or pictures from other places.

Real images are the most powerful evidence of a place’s ability to correct failed rhinoplasty.

The clinic must have a team of exceptional doctors

Comparing to a regular rhinoplasty, a nose revision is a much more complicated procedure that requires the surgeon to be equipped with great expertise, years of experience, and work dedication to handle the problem correctly.

Therefore, when choosing a place for rhinoplasty revision, you must check the facility carefully to see if they have a team of good surgeons or not.

The top rhinoplasty revision in Ho Chi Minh City

Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is recommended by many customers to be the best place for nose revision in Ho Chi Minh City at the moment. The hospital is “armed” with sterile operation rooms and advanced equipment to assist the failed rhinoplasty revision as much as possible.

Bác sĩ Phùng Mạnh Cường - chuyên gia sửa mũi hỏng sau phẫu thuật
Regain your beauty after a nose revision with Doctor Phung Manh Cuong

More importantly, Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital also has Dr. Phung Manh Cuong, an expert in rhinoplasty revision trusted by many customers. He has performed thousands of nose revisions, returning the normal-looking nose to his clients.

Rhinoplasty revision video at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital

A problematic failed rhinoplasty revision

Actor Au Thanh Cat and his rhinoplasty at Gangwhoo

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The journey of fixing the nose flaws to wipe away all the securities

Gangwhoo Customers with contracted and deformed nose got treated at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital

Correct a snub and flat nose after a failed rhinoplasty at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital

Images of customers having nose revisions at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital


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Khách hàng sửa mũi hỏng

Khách hàng sửa mũi hỏng

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What needs to be remembered when having nose revision

The recovery time of a nose revision

For simple failed rhinoplasty, the surgeon can perform rhinoplasty revision right after removing the old cartilage. However, for severe cases, you will have to wait 6 months to allow the nose to become stable after the previous surgery.

How to care for the nose

  • Do not take off the splint without the doctor’s approval
  • Keep the wound dry by avoiding contact with water and dirt
  • Clean the wound 2 – 3 times a day with saline
  • Avoid touching or twisting the nose
  • Avoid doing intense activities, swimming, or lifting heavy objects
  • Do not go to a sauna or doing makeup
  • Take medications as prescribed
  • Limit the consumption of beef, chicken, seafood, fish, etc.
  • Consume more vegetables, fruits, and water (2 -4 liters per day)
  • Attend follow-up appointments as scheduled

The cost of a nose revision

Compare to traditional rhinoplasty, a nose revision comes with a much higher price; therefore, you must prepare your money before having one.

Final words

Through this article, you get to know the failed rhinoplasty conditions and understand the causes and treatments for this problem. We hope that the information provided in the reading will be proven useful to you. Thank you for your time.

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