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Facial paralysis treatment with eel

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Using traditional medicine to treat facial paralysis (cranial nerve VII paralysis) is always the best option and the most widely used one. But is facial paralysis treatment with ell is actually as effective as the rumors? How to prepare for this treatment? Let’s find out in the article below!

Is facial paralysis treatment with eel effective?

Nowadays, modern medicine has advanced so much that there are a variety of different treatments for facial palsy. However, many people still decided to have traditional medicine rather than modern ones, especially the facial paralysis treatment with eel.

When considering the efficiency, this method can surely bring about instant effectiveness for the patient in just 1 hour or 1 day. The signs of cranial nerve 7 paralysis on the person’s face will be completely gone, returning the original look for the individual.

The facial paralysis treatment with eel not only can bring about quick effectiveness but also cause no side effects like the Western ones. However, not everyone is suitable for this option as it can show no sign of positive results on some patients. This is also the only drawback of traditional medicine in general and the facial paralysis treatment with eel, in particular.

Whether if the method will be beneficial or not depends on a number of factors like the condition of the patient and the way the medicine is done. The latter is the biggest element to determine if the cranial nerve VII treatment is effective or not.

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Facial paralysis treatment with eel
Facial paralysis treatment with eel

How to have facial paralysis treatment with eel

Through the information above, you must have wondered how to have the most effective facial paralysis treatment with eel possible right? Follow our instructions below to find out.


You will need to prepare 1 fresh eel and 2g of Naphthalene. With just these 2 simple ingredients, you can easily proceed with your treatment.

How to do it

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You will only need the blood of the eel, not the whole for the facial paralysis treatment with eel. First, you will need to chop the head off and take the blood from there.

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Then you mash the Naphthalene fine to mix with the eel’s blood. Apply the mixture 3-finger away from the left ear. Use your fingers to press on the cheek while you open your mouth and chew. After that, find the most dented area and apply the mixture to it.

Do this for 30 minutes and you will see the result instantly. Try to smile and look at yourself in the mirror to see if your mouth is still crooked or not. If it has returned to normal, use a clean towel soaked in warm water and clean off the eel blood on the skin.

With these simple steps, you could easily improve your facial palsy condition quickly and effectively. However, this won’t be able to improve the condition of the eyes. If the problem also affects your eye, you should persistently massage the eye areas 3 – 4 times a day. After 2 weeks, your eye will return to normal.

Combine physiotherapy

The doctors will instruct the patient on how to perform the physiotherapy exercises and undergo acupuncture performed by an experienced technician. For mild cases, the family members can massage the face as the following:

  • Use the 2 thumbs and move them from the forehead to the 2 sides of the nose. Keep rubbing from the medial eyes to the eyebrows. Do this 2 times a day.
  • Move your fingers from the eyebrows to the temples. Do this 10 times.
  • Massage around the eyes and the lip 5 – 10 times.
  • Massage the 2 cheeks 10 times.

Do the exercises above on your face for 20 – 30 minutes. This will impact the muscle, stimulate blood circulation, subside the symptoms, and support the healing process.

Take back the smile of a patient with over 7 years of having facial paralysis

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To her, luck is to managing to find her smile once again

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Having facial paralysis treatment at Gangwhoo

We have guided you on how to have facial paralysis with eel. We hope that you can successfully make good use of the knowledge that we have shared. If you still have any questions for us, feel free to visit our website at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital to receive the fastest and free consultations from us.

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