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The details about facial paralysis and its treatment

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Facial paralysis, or cranial nerve 7, is a common condition that can occur to all ages and genders nowadays. But what are facial paralysis and its treatment? Let’s all find out in the article below!

How is facial paralysis diagnosed?

Normally, a patient with cranial nerve 7 paralysis will have their face dropped and paralyzed. However, not all people with facial paralysis are due to the malfunction of the cranial nerve 7. The experts can identify a facial paralysis by checking:

  • If the normal facial position of the patient is severely asymmetrical, the wrinkles on the forehead are gone, the cheeks are soft and saggy or not. In addition, when breathing out, the cheeks will look inflated with disproportionate sides. The patient will also not be able to close their eyes.
  • In addition to the clinical judgments, the doctors can also run some related blood test to confirm the issue.
The details about facial paralysis and its treatment
The details about facial paralysis and its treatment

Is cranial nerve 7 paralysis dangerous?

Generally, the cranial nerve 7 paralysis doesn’t pose any threats to the patient’s health. However, without immediate treatment, it can cause some complications like:

  • Eyes complications are the first on the list as facial palsy will affect the eyes first. Some of the common complications are corneal ulcer, conjunctivitis, keratitis, turn-over eyelids, etc.
  • Involuntary muscle movement like the corner of the mouth being dragged along when closing the eyes.
  • Crocodile tears.

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The details about facial paralysis and its treatment

The doctors will appoint a different treatment depends on the severity of the condition for the best results. Nowadays, there are 2 main treatments for facial palsy with either internal or external medicine.

  • When the patient comes to Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital, the specialist will work along with the experts from Korea to inspect and diagnose the condition. The patient will have their medical history checked and clinical symptoms diagnosed to determine the causes of the problem.
  • Internal treatment is then applied for mild conditions. The doctors will prescribe medications to subside the swelling and expanse the blood vessels, along with massage, acupuncture, and frequent physiotherapy. For this treatment, the patient will need to be patient and follow the instruction given by doctors with a healthy diet to allow the condition to recover as soon as possible.
  • In contrast, external treatment is for more severe conditions. The doctors will appoint surgery for the “repair” of the cranial nerve 7 to prevent dangerous complications. You can visit Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital to have this surgery performed. We can assure that the result will be as best as possible.
  • The patient having cranial nerve 7 paralysis treatment at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital will be monitored by a well-trained and exceptional team of experts with years of experience. Moreover, the facility is also equipped with international standardized machinery to bring about precise and effective solutions.

After having facial paralysis treatment, the patient can take care of themselves following the instructions of the doctors. They should remember the following things:

  • Always cover and keep the face warm, away from direct contact with cold winds.
  • The mouth and the eyes must be carefully cleansed with saline or lotion.

This is all the information about facial paralysis and its treatments. We hope that the knowledge we provided can help you to comprehend facial palsy more. If you still have any questions, you can contact our fan page or leave a comment down below and we will try to answer them as soon as possible. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and loved ones to prepare themselves with useful knowledge! Thank you for your attention.

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