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Facial Palsy During Pregnancy – How to Treat It?

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Being a mother must be the best thing that could ever happen to a woman. However, when bearing the fetus, the mother has to encounter many difficulties, with one of them being facial palsy during pregnancy. In this article, Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital will help you to understand this problem better!

What is facial paralysis?

7th cranial nerve palsy is a condition that is less life-threatening but causes patients to suffer many complications in the long run. It occurs when the nerve that controls the facial muscles becomes inflamed and compressed.

According to research, pregnant women will be 3 times more likely to have facial palsy than normal women. It usually occurs in the last 3 months of pregnancy or in the early postpartum period. The condition can occur at any age with many different manifestations.

The signs of facial palsy during pregnancy

The main area that is controlled by the 7th nerve is the face. Therefore, when pregnant women have 7th nerve paralysis, they will often have abnormal changes in their faces.

Mothers can see their mouth distorted, their eyes slanted, their philtrum deviated, etc. after only 1 night when looking in the mirror. More specifically, the salivary glands may lose control, causing discomfort and sometimes even loss of taste at the tip of the tongue.

When sleeping, pregnant women will not be able to close their mouth as well as their eyes. More importantly, the mother’s drool and tears will flow uncontrollably. This can also affect the sleep of pregnant mothers.

Facial palsy during pregnancy can also cause mothers to lose appetite, anxiety, and heavy stress.

Facial Palsy During Pregnancy - How to Treat It?
Facial Palsy During Pregnancy – How to Treat It?

The causes of facial palsy during pregnancy

Facial palsy during pregnancy has different causes. However, in some recent studies, the main causes are as below:

Cold Nerves

Nerve infection is the number one culprit of the condition. As the 7th nerve is inside the canal of the petrous bone and isn’t surrounded by any muscle, making it easy to get cold. Therefore, blood vessels are often constricted, leading to a lack of blood needed to nourish and warm nerves. When the nerve is cold, it will swell and compress the joints. This leads to paralysis of the 7th nerve.

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Complications from head trauma or any other body parts can lead to facial palsy during pregnancy. Sometimes, even the smallest mistake can lead to other regions being affected.

Viral infection

When pregnant, the woman will be more likely to have flu or shingles, leading to facial palsy during pregnancy. All pregnant mothers should be aware of the problem to avoid dangers for both the mother and the baby.

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Treatments for facial palsy during pregnancy

Being pregnant is a great responsibility of a woman, but it is bad to have 7th nerve palsy, isn’t it? As soon as there are signs of the condition, pregnant women are not allowed to self-medicate but must go to the doctor immediately for timely treatment. Besides, mothers can also apply Eastern or Western medicine methods under the supervision of a doctor.


Acupuncture is a renowned technique in Chinese medicine. They have the ability to stimulate certain acupuncture points on the body. According to many experts, acupuncture can help revive and repair the 7th nerve extremely effectively. You should perform acupuncture at the following points:

  • Earth Granary (ST-4): On both sides of the corners of the mouth
  • Welcome Perfume (LI-20): Located 0.9 cm away from the alar base, on the grooves of the nose and cheeks.
  • Big Welcome (ST-5): Below the ear, at the tip of the jawbone, and in the depression anteriorly.
  • Receiving Fluid (CV-24): Determined by leaning the head back and opening the mouth. The acupuncture point is in the depression between the lower lip.
  • Receiving Tears (ST-1): On the side of the intersection between the lower border of the orbital bone and the longitudinal line in the middle of the eye.
  • Middle of Person (GV-26): Located right between the lips and nose.
  • Eyes Bright (B-1): Right at the eye, on the upper eyelid, and right next to the nose.

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Thread embedding acupuncture (TEA)

Thread embedding acupuncture (TEA) is decent in treating the condition without having to use medications because it involves medical techniques like thread cutting, thread burying, etc. This method will make insert Catgut thread into the acupuncture points, increasing the proteins, carbohydrates, and the ability to transfer nutrients into the face. This technique can help to improve the condition of facial palsy during pregnancy and is chosen by many soon-to-be-mother.

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Fluid transfusion

Intravenous infusion is used to allow the needed substances to enter the body and improves the paralysis condition of the 7th nerve. In addition, aside from healing, infusion also helps to remove toxins and increase resistance for pregnant women.

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Facial palsy during pregnancy is a fairly common condition today. Mothers should not be too worried to avoid affecting the health of both mother and baby. After giving birth, mothers need a lot of time to treat and overcome the problem if they have the symptoms.

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You should not use any medications on your own. Instead, seek medical attention from a doctor immediately for effective treatment. Don’t forget to leave a message at Gangwhoo Cosmetic Hospital if you are wondering about anything and wish to have some supports. Gangwhoo will help you to take back your once beauty in no time.

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