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Endoscopic Buccal Fat Removal – Say goodbye to your chubby face

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Endoscopic buccal fat removal is the technique used to get rid of the fat cheek quickly, bringing you the best look possible. To understand more about this highly recommended procedure, let’s take a look at the article below!

What is endoscopic buccal fat removal?

Cheek fat is considered to be a soft tissue that forms deep under the cheek, between the mouth corners and the nose. This cheek fat will make you look rather hospitable and friendly. However, when it gets too big, it can make the overall appearance of the face to be less symmetrical and unaesthetic.

Therefore, endoscopic buccal fat removal is the perfect option to help you achieve your slimmer look and elegant contour.

You should also know that endoscopic buccal fat removal is different from traditional buccal fat removal. This technique possesses lots of benefits. In addition, it is the way to take the fat, not the entire buccal fat pad.

The advantages of endoscopic buccal fat removal

  • The technique will correct all the conditions of saggy, round, and chubby cheeks.
  • This technology ensures no scar or pin will be caused during endoscopic buccal fat removal.
  • The average operation time is rather quick (between 30 to 45 minutes) not to affect the patient’s life.
  • The procedure involves specialized dissolvable sutures to ensure both the aesthetic aspect and the chewing function.
  • The result will be lasting as the fat taken away cannot be reproduced.
  • You can get back to your daily work and life after just 3 days of having endoscopic buccal fat removal.

The international endoscopic buccal fat removal procedure

  • Step 1: Consultation

The doctor will inspect and diagnose the condition of the person’s face. After receiving the wishes of the patient, they will give out the most optimal technique for the cheeks.

  • Step 2: General health assessment

To ensure that the surgery happens smoothly and safely, the doctors will check on the patient’s health. If the patient is not qualified for the operation, the procedure will be ceased immediately.

  • Step 3: Collecting facial measurements

To achieve the best aesthetic result, measurements of the face must be obtained beforehand. The doctors will determine the cheek ratio to the face and calculate the final result to give out the best and most harmonious outcome.

  • Step 4: Sterilization, anesthetization, and surgery

With the anesthesia technology of the hospital, you will not feel any pain or discomfort during the entire endoscopic buccal fat removal. In addition, the surgeons will use an endoscope to retrieve the cheek fat to achieve the best result.

  • Step 5: Aftercare

The surgeon will check on your vital and the condition of the 2 cheeks after the surgery to see if they are qualified or not. Before letting you leave the hospital, the doctors will instruct you about the diet and routines, as well as schedule the follow-up appointment for you.

Fat removal/reduction price list at Gangwhoo

Buccal fat removal 20,000,000
Endoscopic buccal fat removal 23,000,000
Lazer double chin Lipo 15 – 17,000,000
RF double chin Lipo 25,000,000
Nasolabial fold fat injection 15,000,000
Temple fat injection 20,000,000
Forehead fat injection 20,000,000
Facial rejuvenation with fat 50,000,000
Facial rejuvenation and facelift with fat 70,000,000
Lipo 3D – Arms 18,000,000
Lipo 3D – Things 25,000,000
Lipo 3D – Abdomen 20 – 40,000,000
Tummy tuck 55,000,000
Calves reduction 35,000,000
Excess skin removal 70,000,000

Images of our customers before and after having endoscopic buccal fat removal

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Endoscopic buccal fat removal

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Why should you choose to have endoscopic buccal fat removal at Gangwhoo?

There are plenty of cosmetic facilities established every day, creating difficulty in making the final decision for the patient. If you are looking for a prestigious place, you can check out Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital – a place that is licensed by the Ministry of Health for its quality.

In addition to having a team of dedicated and dexterous doctors and nurses, all the equipment used at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is transferred from Korea – the country that is renowned for plastic surgery. Therefore, you should not be too worry when having your services done at the place.

Moreover, the service’s price at Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital is always considered to be worth every penny by each of our customers. All of the equipment and machinery at the hospital are at the 5-star standard, satisfying even the toughest customer.

Gangwhoo cosmetic hospital promises to bring you all of the 3 factors: Quality – Safety – Beauty. This is the perfect place for all clients to try out and experience Koren beauty.

Come to Gangwhoo and let us discuss with you further about the endoscopic buccal fat removal today!

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